Why You Need Not Worry About Your Genetic Muscular Potential

When you get really good at something yourself, then spend 40 years helping others to achieve the same success, and do it better than anyone else, I think you get the right to call yourself an expert, perhaps even a LEGEND in that field.

Anything you say, people should take out their notepads and start writing.

When it comes to transforming your physique, Vince Gironda was such a guy. From 1948 to 1995, Vince trained more TV stars and champion bodybuilders than anyone of that era.

No-one could hold a candle to this guy back then, and no-one can hold a candle to him today.

Today, I was just re-reading his book, Unleashing the Wild Physique.

He said something really cool that I thought you'd like to hear.

He said that when it comes to bodybuilding, you can't construct a physique that's better than what your genetic muscular potential allows. It's impossible!

Yeh, this sucks. But it's not the good part. Here's the good part:

“…let me inform you that the genetic potential of a man or woman with robust health and of normal bone structure is sufficient physical real estate on which to build a truly magnificent body.”

Now ain't that something?

You may not have the genetic potential to be the best in the world, but everyone has the genetic potential to be truly magnificent. YOU have the genetic potential for building the kind of body that turns heads at the beach.

So stop blaming your genes. Start fixing your diet by eliminating those carbs as Vince always suggested, and fasting intermittently like Vince also suggested.

Start lifting weights, either by using advanced tactics, or more basic ones. Whatever you do, just get started, stay consistent, use good form, whole-body training, and progressive loading, and you WILL start to see good results.

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