Why Your Body Won’t Give Up The Fat

There's a solid reason why your body refuses to give up the fat, making it near impossible for you to lose man boobs or to build the body you want.

Today I want to tell you how you can program your body so it WANTS to burn fat, WANTS to get rid of those man boobs, and WANTS to grow muscle.

There is a little-known way to make your body see burning fat and growing muscle as a GOOD thing. When you can do this, fat loss and muscle growth become EASY, and it's only a matter of time before you can look great in that tight t-shirt in the summer.

Why Your Body Won't Give Up The Fat

If despite all your efforts, your body isn't very willing to give up the fat, then it means your body is a long-term survivalist.

Your body is adapted to hold onto fat as a survival mechanism. If there was a famine in the future, then those fat stores can save your life.

If you simply eat less and exercise more, then this reinforces your body's belief that you are in a state of deprivation, so it does everything it can to conserve energy:

  • It slows down your metabolism, so you use up less energy at rest.
  • It prioritizes burning muscle tissue over burning fat, because muscle is more metabolically active, and uses up a lot of energy.
  • It prevents muscle growth, because muscle growth and maintenance is metabolically costly.
  • It up-regulates hormones that are involved in fat storage, so you get better at storing fat whenever you do eat something.
  • It down-regulates fat burning hormones, so you save your best source of energy (i.e. fat) for last–for when you are totally starved and your body really needs it.

How To Make Your Body WANT To Give Up The Fat

Your body loves storing fat as a survival mechanism in case of famine. But if it sees there is more of a need for you to move fast to hunt, fight, and get away from danger, then it will happily build muscle and shed the excess fat to make sure you survive in the present, at the possible expense of your survival in case of famine in the future.

Getting ready for a famine (by storing fat and burning muscle) will keep you alive in the long-run. But your body is clever enough to realize that if you can't survive in the SHORT-RUN, then there's no point in surviving in the long-run. Your body will always give priority to IMMEDIATE survival over LONG-TERM survival.

So here's the key.

If you can convince your body that your SHORT-TERM SURVIVAL IS AT STAKE, then it will happily burn that fat and grow those muscles – because surviving RIGHT NOW, is more important than surviving over the next few months.

The secret is to change your body from a long-term survivalist to a SHORT-TERM SURVIVALIST.

To convince your body to give up the fat, you have to convince your body that you are regularly in IMMEDIATE DANGER. I know that sounds weird, so let me explain.

Here are two common things that can kill you quickly:

Quick Killer #1. COMPLETE starvation

Low calorie diets don't work very well, because you can survive indefinitely on fewer calories. What WILL kill you in the short-run, is COMPLETE starvation. This is why I recommend intermittent fasting:


If your body thinks you regularly face COMPLETE starvation, it makes you both leaner and stronger, so you get better at procuring food through hunting.

And the science proves this is so.

Studies show that COMPLETE starvation through fasting, stimulates fat-burning hormones like growth hormone, while a low calorie diet does no such thing.

Studies also show that we are both stronger, and better poised for muscle-growth in the fasted state than in the fed state (notice how you perform better when you train on an empty stomach).

Regular intermittent fasting makes you adapt to become a better hunter. A good hunter has a sharp mind, and is lean and strong.

Quick Killer #2: Being attacked by someone or something

Long duration cardio is no way to convince your body that you are in danger. There is no situation in nature that calls for you to move at a steady pace for an hour in order to save your life.

When you are chased by a ferocious bear, or attacked by a rival human, you need to move FAST, you need to SPRINT, or ATTACK hard and fast.

When you do short bursts of high intensity exercise, your body doesn't know you are exercising to lose weight. Your body thinks you are running away from or attacking a wild animal or rival human, in order to SURVIVE.

If you regularly simulate survival-type movements by doing short bursts of high intensity training, then you convince your body that your short-term survival is at stake.

When you do short bursts of intense exercise, you reinforce to your body that you need to MOVE, that movement and performance are more important than surviving a famine.

This then OVERRIDES your body's programming to store fat and burn muscle. It instead, programs your body to BURN THE FAT (so you are lighter and can move faster) and grow more muscle (so you are stronger and faster).

And there are no shortage of studies that show high intensity interval training causes far better fat loss than long duration cardio. Studies also show that HIIT causes muscle GROWTH, while long duration cardio causes muscle LOSS.

You'd get great results if you started following a basic HIIT protocol today – like one of the many HIIT protocols you'll find posted all over the internet. But you'd get even better and quicker results if you did HIIT in a way that closely simulates the movement patterns of our Paleolithic ancestors.

To learn how to do this, take a look at Paleolithic HIIT here:


If your body is a long-term survivalist today, then changing it into a short-term survivalist will make it SURPRISINGLY easy to lose those man boobs, to lose that excess body fat, and to grow muscle.

Remember, you're not trying to burn it all off every time you exercise. You only need to do enough to convince your body that your immediate survival is regularly at stake.

You need to SPRINT as fast as your legs can take you – whether you are running, cycling, or swimming. You need to get your heart THUMPING, and your lungs HEAVING for breath – to the extent you never reach when doing long distance cardio (a few short 25-second sprints can do it).

And you need to do it REGULARLY (3 days a week is plenty).

Like Paleolithic man did, make sure you get a day's rest in-between each workout.

To learn more, check out Paleolithic HIIT:


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