Could Rubbing Olive Oil Over Your Man Boobs Help Them SHRINK?

One thing I'm doing lately that I'm pretty sure will help in your battle against man boobs, is I'm using olive oil.

This is something nobody will ever tell you about losing man boobs, you'll never read anything about this online, but I really think it makes a difference.

I'm not only taking extra virgin olive oil internally (i.e. drinking it), I'm also applying it topically over two key areas of my body.

Olive oil is one of few oils/fats that every expert unanimously agrees is good for you.

Olive oil has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory medicinal food. Today's science is showing that consuming olive oil can benefit every system in your body, including your heart, brain, metabolism, vascular system, reproductive health, immune system, lungs, and gut.

The more I learn about man boobs, the more I realize that it has more to do with overall health than being just an isolated testosterone or estrogen problem. So anything that benefits your overall health the way olive oil does, can help you on your journey to losing man boobs.

But overall health aside, ingesting olive oil has been shown in scientific studies to help boost testosterone levels.

If you haven't started yet, then get yourself a good extra virgin olive oil and start taking it TODAY! And for the rest of your life. I heard natural health expert, Steven Gundry, mention that many of the longest-lived people in the world take upwards of 14 tablespoon's worth of extra virgin olive oil a day.

But I don't want this article to be about ingesting olive oil, you'll find countless other resources online extolling the benefits of ingesting olive oil. In this article I want to tell you about…

Another Powerful Use of Olive Oil That's Much Less Talked About…

Another powerful use of olive oil that's much less talked about, is its use topically – by applying it over your skin.

The potential for topical application of olive oil helping to reduce man boobs, is something I came across from my interest in osteoarthritis.

Having broken my leg in my teens, I suffered from severe osteoarthritis in that same leg by my early twenties, which I cured using natural methods (much the same way I shrunk my man boobs using natural methods).

In my research on osteoarthritis, I came across a study where the researchers found that when people with arthritis apply olive oil over their arthritic joints, the olive oil reduces their symptoms over time by penetrating their skin, and exerting its anti-inflammatory effects inside the joint. Not only that, the olive oil also gets absorbed into the bloodstream and gets spread throughout the whole body, thereby exerting a whole-body anti-inflammatory effect!

Now, if this was a website about osteoarthritis, I would advise you to 1. drink olive oil, 2. apply olive oil over your affected joints, and 3. apply olive oil all over your body.

But this isn't a website about osteoarthritis, this is a website about losing man boobs. And unfortunately, as problematic as man boobs are for us guys who have them, man boobs aren't given nearly the same attention as are diseases like osteoarthritis. Nobody has done a study to see if applying olive oil on your man boobs will help to shrink them.

Since the direct studies haven't been done on what natural methods can help shrink man boobs (and probably will not be done in our lifetimes), we have to resort to using indirect evidence to come up with a theory, and try it out for ourselves to see if it works.

When I read that extra virgin olive oil penetrates human skin and has both a local and whole-body anti-inflammatory effect, I figured that if I apply extra virgin olive oil over my man boobs, then it would have a local anti-inflammatory effect on my man boobs that could potentially help to shrink them!

This is most likely to be helpful within the first 2-3 years of developing man boobs when you have tender breast glands and have periductal inflammation.

However, there's still a chance that topical olive oil can help if you've had man boobs for several years or longer. If you have enlarged breast glands, after the first 2-3 years, they undergo a process called fibrosis, where they stop being tender, and become less responsive to medical therapy.

Doctors and surgeons have always said that the only way to remove fibrosed breast glands is via surgery. But that's the same shit doctors have always said about osteoarthritis – that all you can do is take painkillers and joint replacement surgery. Doctors always tell their patients that their diet has nothing to do with their osteoarthritis, and yet I cured my osteoarthritis by changing my diet.

Studies have shown that persistent pubertal gynecomastia (where breast glands are fibrosed) does respond to medical therapy with anti-estrogenic drugs like tamoxifen and raloxifene. What this tells me is that the picture of fibrosed breast glands being permanently fixed dead tissue that can only be removed via surgery, is untrue.

If an anti-estrogen drug like raloxifene can help shrink fibrosed breast glands, then there's a chance that applying extra virgin olive oil topically over your man boobs, can have a beneficial effect as well, with its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and other health promoting properties. This may not actively shrink your breast glands all by itself, but it may at least, change the environment inside your man boobs in a way that makes your man boobs respond better to all of the other stuff you are doing – such as eating healthy, exercising, avoiding chemicals, reducing whole body fat, naturally boosting testosterone levels, etc.

And breast glands aside, we know that man boobs are in most cases, comprised of both breast glands and excess adipose tissue (fat). We know that excess fat accumulation in any particular area of the body leads to local inflammation, so could it be that reducing inflammation with topical olive oil, could help break up those fat stores?

It would be much more effective of course, to stop the thing that is causing the local fat accumulation in the first place, which is likely to be a high carbohydrate diet and foods and chemicals that reduce testosterone levels and boost estrogen levels, all of which I describe in detail in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, but there's a possibility that directly attacking the inflammation could help too.

So, for a few years now, I've been applying extra virgin olive oil over my man boobs at least once a day, directly after every shower, and also sometimes at night before bed, but that's not the only place I apply it…

Another Important Part of Your Body To Apply Olive Oil On

The second place I recommend applying olive oil on, is on your scrotum.

Why? Because scrotal skin is thin and has high absorbability. Testosterone creams are known to work much better when applied directly over the scrotum.

Testosterone plays a vital role when it comes to losing man boobs and testosterone is produced by the testes, which are, well, you know where they are.

Testosterone production is killed by inflammation and oxidation, and in every study I remember where testosterone is boosted by some natural substance taken orally, it does so via an antioxidant effect on the testes. And guess what? Olive oil contains phenolic compounds that have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

So though I haven't seen a study where people applying olive oil on their scrotum enjoy elevated testosterone production, it seems highly likely that if you apply olive oil on your scrotum, it will penetrate your scrotum, make its way into your testes, where it will exert anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other health boosting effects, thereby elevating or at least protecting testosterone production.

So every time I jump out of the shower, I dry myself, put a teaspoon's worth of extra virgin olive oil on my palm, apply it on my scrotum, then I wash my hand, apply another teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil over both palms, and rub it over my chest.

Now, please don't expect immediate results from this. It is a long-term process. Please don't start applying olive oil over your man boobs 5 times a day and expect to see results in 2 weeks. You are unlikely to notice any changes even after 2 months.

Also, please don't expect this method to work all by itself. There are far more important methods for shrinking man boobs that I discuss on this website and in more detail in my paid products, if you are not using those methods as well, then topical and even oral olive oil will have no noticeable effect on your man boobs.

However, the good thing about this method is it requires no real effort. It's not like you are giving up your favorite foods, it's nothing like committing to a new tough workout routine.

Drinking and topically applying olive oil requires barely any time or effort. Both will definitely benefit your health. Drinking it will elevate your testosterone levels, which is likely to help shrink your man boobs. Applying it topically over your man boobs and scrotum could help shrink your man boobs.

I've been applying olive oil topically for a few years now, and I can tell you I've noticed a difference in the way my chest looks. Sure, I'm doing a whole bunch of other things to help shrink my man boobs, but I believe the topical olive oil has given me a further boost in my results. My chest looks more flat and I feel much more comfortable being topless.

In terms of which olive oils to buy, that's a detailed topic that requires a separate article. In short, ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • It must be extra virgin olive oil, not olive oil, or even virgin olive oil
  • Preferably organic
  • Free acidity level of less than 0.8% (the lower the better, premium ones have less than 0.3%). If the free acidity level isn't mentioned on the bottle or they don't provide a certificate where they sell it online, then don't buy it.
  • High phenolic content. One way to test for this is by drinking it and looking out for that stinging sensation in the back of your throat. The greater the stinging sensation, the more it makes you cough, the higher the phenolic content.
  • Recent harvest date.
  • Stored in a dark glass bottle.

So give this a try and let me know how you get on.

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