4 Powerful Tips to Lose Your Man Boobs Naturally

How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally

Most guys with man boobs have this hidden fear that at the end of the day, surgery, is the only way they’ll ever get rid of their man boobs.

This is because they’ve put a whole load of effort in all the WRONG TYPES OF EXERCISE!

They come out and say, “Hey, I’ve put in all this effort, I’ve been training 2 hours a day, 6 days a week for 2 years, and I’m STILL not seeing any results, what gives?”

A lot of guys also have the experience of the rest of their body slimming down while their chest stays the same.

See, when it comes to losing man boobs, it isn’t about how much exercise you do, how hard you push yourself, or how many training hours you put in. It’s all about training smart, and…

Knowing how to eat, exercise and live in a way that stimulates your body to burn more chest fat than it does fat on the rest of your body.

One big reason men grow moobs is because of high levels of the female hormone estrogen in the body, and/or low levels of the male hormone testosterone.

When your training, diet and lifestyle focuses on reducing estrogen and boosting testosterone in your body, that’s when big changes happen, that’s how you get rid of your man boobs naturally, and you can do it without having to train for hours on end every day, without having to starve yourself, and without having to avoid all your favorite foods.

You’ll lose your man boobs quickest if you combine the following 4 man boob busting methods:

#1: Lose Man Boobs With Weight Training

Weight training exercises help you to lose your man boobs in three different ways:

  1. Firstly, they help you to grow muscle, which can help reduce the appearance of man boobs.
  2. More importantly, resistance training (done the right way) is known to boost testosterone levels in your body.
  3. Having more muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which helps you to burn more fat at rest.

4 Weight Training Rules For Losing Man Boobs

Rule #1: Stick to a rep range that’s best at boosting testosterone

Believe it or not, it’s not about lifting the heaviest possible weights. Nor is it about feeling the “pump” by lifting a light weight through dozens of grueling reps.

The studies show that neither types of training stimulate much testosterone release, nor do they lead to much muscle growth or fat loss.

The reason pushups don’t work is because they don’t provide enough resistance. A better way to do pushups would be to to do them while wearing a backpack full of weights.

The studies suggest that you get the biggest testosterone boosts when you lift a weight that’s heavy enough to just let you do around 3-4 sets of 6-12 repetitions.

Rule #2: Train your back just as much as you train your chest.

You can use exercises like weighted pushups, dips, the guillotine press and incline pushups to train your chest. But for a guy with man boobs, it’s equally important to train your upper back.

If you only train your chest, your shoulders will be pulled forward, giving you a hunched appearance that can make your man boobs look bigger!

Training your upper back is the secret to developing a wide chest. Your upper back muscles hold your shoulders back, and play a bigger role in increasing the width of your upper body than the pectoralis major muscle of the chest.

Rule #3: Train the biggest muscles in your body for the biggest testosterone boosts.

In order to get the biggest testosterone boosts from weight training, it’s also important to train the biggest muscles in your body – the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals, which are found in your legs and butt.

Exercises which stimulate these muscles include barbell squats, leg presses and deadlifts.

Rule #4: Stick to one or two GOOD exercises per body part.

Don’t listen to all these guys who give you twenty different exercises for the chest – incline presses, decline presses, flat bench press, dumbbell flys, cable crossovers, and more… this leads to overtraining, which inhibits muscle growth.

The secret is to stick to one to two GOOD chest exercises, and even things out with one or two good upper back exercises and one good leg exercise.

#2: Blast Away Man Boobs With HIIT

Everywhere I look, people are going about cardio all wrong.

According to conventional wisdom, you have to run in the fat-burning “zone” for as long as possible to burn as much fat as possible. The longer you run, the more fat you lose. But here’s the problem…

Studies show that endurance athletes have lower testosterone levels than even the average couch potato who does no exercise at all.

The reason you lose weight with conventional cardio, yet don’t lose chest fat, is because cardio reduces your testosterone levels.

But what if you could do cardio in a way that not only boosts testosterone, but also programs your body to burn chest fat for many hours after the workout?

Well studies have found that high intensity interval training (HIIT) does just that.

Higher testosterone levels could very well be the reason sprinters are more muscular, ripped and shredded than endurance athletes.

I’ve come across a number of unpublished studies, particularly from Dr Al Sears, author of the renowned book, “P.A.C.E. The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution“, that suggest you can put in far less time and far less work into a HIIT protocol, and get more fat loss out of it than an endurance training protocol that takes an hour or more out of your day, 5-7 days a week.

The good thing about HIIT is you can put in just a few minutes of effort 3 days a week, and get some tremendous results, both in terms of fat loss and man-boob reduction.

It’s all about the quality of the exercise, not the quantity. And thank God for that, because I don’t know about you, but I’m a busy guy and I really don’t have the time to take 2 hours a day for exercise.

4 Steps For Losing Man Boobs With HIIT

Step #1: Use a cardiovascular exercise like running, swimming, or cycling.

HIIT boosts testosterone via a different (albeit overlapping) mechanism to weight training. Where weight training relies more on muscle microtrauma to boost testosterone, HIIT relies more on lactate accumulation.

Studies show that the greater the lactate accumulation during HIIT, the greater the testosterone boost after exercise.

Cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, and cycling, are the best exercises for whole-body lactate accumulation.

Step #2: Push yourself at a fast pace for 20-60 seconds.

The key is to go at an anabolic pace, where you feel your thighs burning due to lactate accumulation. The discomfort of your thighs burning isn’t pleasant, but I know that the more my thighs burn, the greater the testosterone boost I’ll be getting after my workout, so I’ve grown to enjoy the feeling.

How fast should you go?

Well, your top maximal speed is not something you can maintain for very long. You can reach and maintain a higher top speed during a 10 second sprint than you can during a 20 second sprint.

If you try to reach your top speed during a 30 second sprint, you’ll quickly slow down and finish most of that sprint at an aerobic pace, which is useless.

With practice, you need to figure out the highest speed you can maintain throughout a certain length sprint. By nature, the speed you maintain during a 60 second sprint will be lower than that during a 30 second sprint.

Step #3: Then rest or go slow for 2-4 minutes.

Rest is important. If you don’t rest for long enough, your subsequent sprints will be more aerobic in nature than anaerobic, so you won’t get the full benefit of maximal testosterone release and man boob reduction.

Rest too long on the other hand, and you won’t benefit from cumulative lactate build-up. Studies show that multiple sprints with short rest intervals result in more lactate accumulation than multiple sprints with long rest intervals.

I would suggest resting long enough to be able to get your breath back so you can do another fast sprint at an anaerobic pace, but not to rest so long that you feel fully recovered. Start your next sprint just before you start to feel back to normal again.

Step #4: Repeat for 3 to 7 sets.

Studies show that 3 sets are all you need for near-maximal lactate build-up. As you get better at this type of training, you’ll find you can do more sets. But I wouldn’t suggest you do more than 7 sets, as you’ll risk overtraining, which can reduce your testosterone levels.

#3: Eat Your Way To A Man Boob-Free Chest

Ok, I’m mentioning diet last because most people are bored by diet. But seriously, if your diet isn’t in the right place, no amount of exercise will help you.

Stick to these 4 diet rules for losing man boobs, and you’ll be well on your way to a flat chest.

4 Diet Rules For Losing Man Boobs

Rule #1: Avoid both sugars and grain-based carbs like rice, pasta, and anything containing flour – e.g. pasta, cakes, cookies, and bread.

We know that sugars and grain-based carbs cause a spike in the hormone insulin.

Insulin is the #1 most important fat storage hormone in your body.

Your body CAN NOT store fat without insulin. The more insulin in your body, the better your body is at storing fat.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, when there’s lots of insulin in your system, your body is unable to burn any fat–because insulin inhibits fat burning enzymes in your body. Your body ends up breaking up your muscle tissue for energy instead.

It’s no wonder then that most serious bodybuilders are on a strict low carbohydrate diet. Heck, these guys won’t even take a stick of chewing gum unless it’s sugar-free.

Another problem with sugars and grain-based carbs is studies show they reduce testosterone levels.

It’s common knowledge that men with type II diabetes have low testosterone levels. This is because their cells become resistant to insulin, so their pancreas secretes more insulin to try and force the cells to respond. All that extra insulin floating around not only makes them fat, but it also kills their testosterone levels.

So, one excellent dietary rule of thumb to follow for all man-boob sufferers, is to go on a low carbohydrate diet. Avoid both sugars and grain-based carbs like rice, pasta, and anything containing flour – cakes, cookies, breads, breakfast cereals and more.

The only carbs you really should be eating are fruits and vegetables.

Rule #2: Eat plenty vegetables, and fruit in moderation.

Sure, most vegetables are mostly comprised of carbohydrate, but this is a good form of carbohydrate that does not spike your insulin levels, thanks to all the fiber that comes with it.

What’s good about vegetables is they’re very nutrient-dense. The countless micronutrients in vegetables reduce oxidative stress in your body, which boosts testosterone levels. Vegetables also contain compounds that help reduce the effects of estrogen on your body.

Particularly powerful are dark green vegetables like romaine lettuce, spinache, kale, collard greens, and broccoli.

Fruit is good too, but they’re more sugary, so watch your intake. Stick to the less ripe variety, so green bananas instead of yellow, and tangy green apples instead of sweet red ones.

Rule #3: Eat nuts, avocados, oysters and fatty cuts of organic beef to boost testosterone.

Eating vegetables alone is not enough.

Studies show that people who eat a high fiber diet that’s low in fat, have low testosterone levels. One important reason is that the basic building-block of testosterone is dietary cholesterol, which comes from fat.

Cholesterol and saturated fat have both been demonized in modern society, and for all the wrong reasons. There’s a big movement today where the truth is finally being revealed–the fact that healthy sources of saturated fat and cholesterol are not at all bad for you.

Eating cholesterol does not raise the cholesterol levels in your blood. It does not lead you to an early grave.

It’s a medical fact that your liver produces 80% of the cholesterol that’s in your blood. A high cholesterol diet causes your liver to decrease its own production of cholesterol, so your blood cholesterol levels stay the same. What causes blood cholesterol to go up is an unhealthy diet with bad fats from junk food, and a diet full of sugars and grain-based carbs.

Also, eating saturated fat doesn’t make you fat. Farmers don’t feed their cattle fat to make them fat, they feed them grains to make them fat.

Carbs make you fat, not dietary fat.


Because dietary fat results in zero insulin secretion, and as we know, your body cannot store fat without insulin. It’s when you eat too many carbs that insulin is released and those carbs are converted to fat to be stored in your body.

Healthy sources of fat that boost testosterone include nuts, avocados, oysters, fatty fish, raw dairy from pasture-raised animals, free-range eggs and fatty cuts of organic beef.

Rule #4: Watch your alcohol intake, especially beer.

Studies show that drinking alcohol increases estrogenic activity in your body.

Your liver eliminates estrogens from your body. When your liver is busy processing alcohol, it can’t do the job of eliminating estrogens as well. This is true even if you drink a little bit of alcohol, and worse if you drink a lot.

Beer is especially bad because it contains hops, which are powerful phytoestrogens. Guys don’t just grow a beer belly, they also grow beer boobs!

#4: Take A Proven Man Boob Shrinking Supplement

There are a whole load of scammy “gynecomastia” pills on the internet that cost an arm and a leg in monthly fees. I tried them all and not a single one delivered on its promise.

In the end, what worked were a few inexpensive, all-natural supplements that are known to reduce the effects of the female hormone estrogen on the body. Of these, the most powerful I’ve discovered so far is the Indian spice turmeric.

4 Reasons Why Turmeric Can Help You Lose Man Boobs

Reason #1: It blocks estrogen on a cellular level.

Curcumin from turmeric has more evidence-based literature supporting its use against cancer than any other nutrient. One of the many ways it beats cancer is by blocking estrogen. In fact, studies show that turmeric is just as powerful as (if not more powerful than) the medical drug tamoxifen at blocking estrogen, and it does so without any toxic side-effects.

Tamoxifen is the number one medical drug for reducing male breasts, and it’s very effective. If turmeric is at least just as powerful as tamoxifen at blocking estrogen, then it’s a no-brainer that it will help you lose man boobs.

Reason #2: It makes your liver better at metabolizing and excreting estrogen from your body.

Your liver deactivates more than 50% of the estrogens in your body. Curcumin in turmeric reverses liver damage and maximizes liver health, making your liver better at removing estrogen from your body.

Reason #3: Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

You could lose your man boobs if all you did was focus on reducing chronic inflammation in your body. Inflammation is linked to a high estrogen to testosterone ratio, the very thing that causes man boobs.

Chronic inflammation will stop you from losing your man boobs.

Studies show that inflammation can reduce testosterone production both at the level of the brain (where you get that first signal for testosterone production) and at the level of the testes (where testosterone is actually produced).

Reason #4: Reduces insulin resistance.

If you are insulin resistant, then you have high levels of insulin floating around in your blood. Insulin and testosterone are created from the same building-blocks, which means when one of these hormones is high, the other is low. Studies show a direct link between insulin resistance and testosterone. The more insulin resistant you are, the lower your testosterone levels.

By reducing insulin resistance, turmeric reduces circulating insulin levels, which not only helps you to lose weight, but also helps boost testosterone, thereby helping you get rid of your man boobs.

You can learn more about how turmeric can help you lose your man boobs in this article:


If you want to start taking a turmeric supplement, here’s the one that’s currently my favorite for getting rid of man boobs and puffy nipples in my clients:


The Smart Approach To Losing Man Boobs

Getting rid of man boobs doesn’t have to be hard. I totally disagree with the whole “no pain no gain” theory. I’ve tried the no pain no gain approach, and believe me, it doesn’t work nearly as well as a smart approach. A smart approach is one that takes into account the way the body works, and stimulates it in ways that are known to get results

You can lose two inches of chest fat in just two weeks, if you focus only on boosting your testosterone levels and reducing estrogen. You do this by lifting weights, doing short bouts of high-intensity training, going low-carb, eating testosterone-boosting foods, and taking a good man boob shrinking supplement.

Did you know for example, that your testosterone levels would be better off if you sleep 2 extra hours a day, rather than spend those 2 hours doing cardio?

It’s the hormones & chemicals in your body that decide the way you look. You know how some guys are just naturally slimmer and more muscular than you? These guys just have better genes than the average guy with man boobs. Though you can’t change your genes, your genes exert their effect on your body through hormones, and the good news is you can change your hormones.

A guy who is naturally ripped, naturally produces lower levels of insulin, and probably has higher levels of baseline testosterone and lower levels of estrogen. With the right lifestyle changes, you can achieve the same effect on your body. Lower your insulin and estrogen levels, increase your testosterone levels, and your body will transform all by itself.

The Secret To Losing Man Boobs Is Simple, It’s This…

The secret to losing man boobs lies in fixing your hormones. Trust me, when you sort out your hormones, the transformation in your body will seem almost automatic.

To date I’ve had hundreds of replies from guys who have lost their man boobs using my methods. They’ve told me how their chest just suddenly started to flatten out, almost like it happened out of the blue.

Here are what some of my past clients have told me:

“As a kid I was always skinny and had man boobs, which was really embarrassing. You give me hope that there was a way to overcome this.

Thanks to your information (diet & exercise) I’m in a place where I feel confident walking shirtless.

I went from ‘hating’ my chest to ‘liking’ my chest”

…Ricky Bogema

“I’ve done everything in the losing man boobs naturally guide for about a week give or take a day and there’s already results. I’ve changed my diet to completely low carb between 50-100 carbs a day and eating mostly protein and vegetables. I can actually feel my testosterone effects I believe.”

…Chris Emberley

Sir I myself also have improvements on my man boobs since I’ve started taking up turmeric. Paired with high fat low carb diet it really works with just two months my man boobs is smaller compared to last two months. My peers and family noticed the results I’m much more confident today.

…Ernie John

Sometimes the secret is to cut back on your training and eat more, but more of the right foods. When you get the balance right, that’s when getting rid of your man boobs will suddenly be something that seems to happen all by itself.

Where Can You Learn More About Losing Man Boobs Naturally?

There’s so much more to losing man boobs than just the contents of this article. Over the years, as a personal trainer who specializes in helping guys lose man boobs, I have helped thousands of guys avoid the surgeon’s knife by getting rid of their man boobs using natural methods.

My old client John is a perfect example of how you can go from having big man boobs with puffy nipples, to being flat-chested in a matter of weeks, and how you can do this without starving yourself and without spending hours in the gym almost every day.

The best way for you to learn how to get rid of your man boobs, is to see how John did it here:

Click here to discover how John lost his man boobs in 67 days

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  1. hai man,i am in the age of 22 ,since from my childhood i doent even have manboobs.after joining in my college the way of my eating plan had been changed and there will be a availabilty of white breads all over the morning,as i was invloved in going to gym i have taken enough bread as my breakfast and there goes upon my manboobs result.my chest tends to become shaggy,form of a boobs.after that i just involved in doing lots and lots of gym workouts like benchpress,deadlift,squats.etc but none had shown any results,only the result is i have lost my fat throughout the body in hands,shoulders,belly,.i just gone totally depressed .i just felt ashamed to remove my shirt open and walk over my room ……..will u please please say me a dietary plan and what workout would be done to reduce my boobs.it will be very useful for me.i request uu

    • Hey Dustin

      You’ve got to avoid that bread! Carbs will give you man boobs and make you fat. For most people, if you’re on a high carb diet (especially one that’s full of grain-based carbs like bread, pasta, rice, etc), then no amount of exercise will help you lose your man boobs. Sort out the diet, and then you’ll start seeing results from your workouts.

  2. Seriously, this is the trove of informationI was waiting for. You explain it so well it’s easy to carve out a plan to get back in shape. What do you think about eating potatoes? I sometimes eat them boiled or fried with or without salt. Are potatoes a hindrance to a lean moob-free chest?
    Thanks for your reply.

    • Hi Tibreus. I would suggest limiting your intake of white potatoes, since they are very carb dense and too much can easily make you fat. Sweet potatoes are a lot better, they have a lower GI index, and are more micronutrient dense.

  3. Hi Sir,

    How long do I have to take the turmeric supplement to witness the effect of my man boobs reducing in size? 🙁

    Thank you

    • Hey Nicholas.

      This totally depends on your own unique circumstances–the size of your man boobs, the particular environmental factors that are causing your man boobs in your own unique case, your genes, and a whole host of other factors. So the answer is it’s impossible to say. It may be a few short weeks, it may result in no visible change unless you combine turmeric with other methods.

  4. Hey I’m a skinny guy I’ve developed manboobs and I have tried everything to remove them. When I was 14 I used to eat a lot of sugary stuff ad at home my used to buy bread everyday so I ate it everyday. Now I’m nineteen and I have tried everything but I usually quit after two weeks or something because I don’t see the difference. I lift weights, tried to squeeze my manboobs and change my diet but I just get disappointed and depressed when I work hard but clearly see that there is no change. Please help me. It will mean a lot to me if you give me hope and a good strategy to get rid of my manboobs. (Now Im depressed I can’t even stand up for myself when people walk all over me I’m just down and it’s painful). Thank you God bless.

    • Hi Stanley.

      I think you’re taking the wrong approach to losing man boobs. If you join my email newsletter (using the form in the right sidebar of my site), you’ll see I talk about how losing man boobs isn’t something you “do” for a few weeks and then forget about. You can’t just exercise like crazy and starve yourself for a few weeks and expect your man boobs to both go away and stay away for the rest of your life.

      The best approach is where you slowly incorporate one or two different methods at a time. Only go at a pace that you find easy to maintain. If you try too hard from the outset, you’ll burn out and give up (the same applies to weight loss and making any other big meaningful change in your life). The changes you make have to feel easy enough for you to be able to pleasantly maintain them for the rest of your life.

      Now that may seem like a big commitment, but if you’re using the right methods, the kind I discuss in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, the changes you make to lose man boobs and keep them off for the rest of your life, aren’t really very difficult at all. After a short period of time, my clients tell me the lifestyle changes–the diet, exercise, and other strategies–just feel like a natural part of their lives.

      If you go in all-guns-blazing and think you’re going to train like crazy and eat real clean for a few weeks and then go back to your old ways, then you may get some small results at first, but long before your body is ready to start shedding your man boobs, you would have given up and gone back to your old ways. Even if you do get rid of your man boobs using this approach, if you go back to your old ways, your man boobs will start to grow back.

      The only way to lose man boobs and keep them off for good, is to change the way you eat, train, and live. The shape of your body (in terms of fat distribution, levels of body fat, and muscle mass) is a reflection of your diet, training and lifestyle for the past few months and years.

      It may sound kind of corny, but the way your body looks today is a reflection of who you are, “who you are” being defined partly by what you eat, how you train, and other things you do in your life that affects the appearance of your body.

  5. Hi sir!
    I want to get rid of my manboobs. Your method seems like a working one, but I have a problem. I have a difficult heart problem that limits my physical excercise only on pretty light weight training. Is there a way for me to get rif of these? Also, what do you suggest for breakfast instead of cereals or bread?

    • Hi Thomas

      I always tell my clients that diet is 85% of the game when it comes to losing man boobs or sculpting your body in general. This means you most certainly can lose your man boobs through diet and light exercise. If you told me you can exercise but you had some rare stomach condition that prevented you from fixing your diet, then you’d be in trouble 🙂 .

      Breakfast can seem quite restrictive when you first start to go grain-free, but the secret is to treat breakfast like any other meal. Allow yourself to eat salads, veggies, fish and meat. You may not feel in the mood for a full-blown fatty steak for breakfast, or a spicy curry, but how about something mild like thin slices of chicken or turkey breast?

      Over time, with experimentation, you’ll learn how to use mild simple flavors for cooking breakfast meals. Fish for example, goes really well in the morning with nothing but a few drops of soy sauce as a marinade and fried on a pan in grass-fed butter or coconut oil.

      Yesterday I put 3 eggs on boil. I love half-boiled eggs, which are done in 7 minutes. I made a quick salad, then put the eggs on boil and chowed down the salad while the eggs were boiling. Then I sat down and enjoyed my eggs with a dash of salt.

      I also like to have liver for breakfast. Liver is a superfood which is chocked full of healthful micronutrients and cholesterol to help boost testosterone. I throw some liver into a food processor, add some salt and pepper or other flavorings (e.g. soy sauce, or Bragg’s Aminos), process for a few seconds, then I use a tablespoon to shape the liver into burger-sized portions and freeze them. For breakfast, I take one or two of these out and fry them on a pan.

      Update: you no longer have to miss out on bread when it comes to breakfast, since I have a new grain-free bread recipe in my latest book, 5 Grain Substitutes For Losing Man Boobs. Check it out here:


  6. Hi.
    I’ve been reading through various sites all morning . And I’ve decided yours seems the most postive and best explained . So I’ve decided today is the day I start your process . I’m going to eat fruit , meat and vegetables and cauliflower rice and loads of water . And do some HIIT training and my regular weights . It starts today , I am in pretty good shape . I just can’t seem to get rid of man boobs and it’s very annoying . i am paranoid wearing certain clothes and it needs to stop . I’m away on holidays the 2nd of November so hopefully ice enough time between now and then

  7. Sir.. my age is 18.. and since an year I’ve noticed an increase in my chest.. I couldn’t wear t shirt and I couldn’t share my problem.. does your trick work?? I lost my confidence and I feel shame to go out. help me please :'(

    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch. My methods have worked on many different clients, but I guess the only way you’ll truly believe is if you give them a try and see how it goes.

      What have you to lose? At the very least, you’ll boost your health, burn fat, put on some muscle, and look better than you do now.

      • I’ve found a work for myself.. it’s like a heavy work.. I’ve read somewhere that lifting weights boosts testosterone levels.. and they’ll decrease moobs.. but it’s been 2 months and I’ve not seen any decrease.. seems like only surgery is the way to gain back my confidence .. anyway sir.. thanks for replying me.. I actually liked this site and your post.. thanks for your help..

        • Hey Sadiq. Sure, heavy lifting helps boost testosterone, but there’s so much more at play when it comes to losing man boobs. You’ve got to watch your diet, avoid environmental estrogens, make other lifestyle changes to boost testosterone (e.g. stress reduction, better sleep), and train in the right way to maximize testosterone production.

          So don’t give up yet. Keep reading, keep learning, and keep making those positive man boob reducing lifestyle changes.

  8. I cant thank u enought for ur great advise. Since reading ur articles i have made great gains especially on my shoulders. Before this i was doing shoulder presses with 70kg for 3 sets of 10 reps and i started to hurt my shoulders despite proper form. I got in contact with former mr america and mr universe Doug Brignole who told me that shoulder press is a dangerous exercise so i quit it forever. So i started doing the raises. I did front raises, bent over raises and ur famous side raises using ur technique of back bells higher than the front. Now ive been using ur guillotine press and gironda dips along with other excercises to hit my entire body and met me tell u im probably more bigger than the guys u see in thd magasins. Ive developed 19 inch arms, 55 inch chest, 29 inch thighs, 30 inch waist and i look so good that ivd been recomended to take part in bodybuilding contests. So thank u Garry its because of u that i heard of vince gironda and larry scott and now im the king of the gym.

  9. I really don’t have anything to eat in the morning besides cereal. Is one cup a day in the morning fine if I don’t eat any carbs the rest of the day, or stick to eggs in the morning?

    • Hi Jim. Nope, maybe on a cheat day, but not every day. Stick to eggs, but you can add to that salads, veggies, meat and fish.

  10. Hi there,
    Just wanted to know what you think of using low intensity cardio e.g. hour walk each morning as opposed to traditional e.g. 30 minute jog and HIIT cardio? I’ve heard good things about low intensity cardio and want to implement it into my morning routine.
    Also, if one were to cut out grain-based carbs AND starchy carbs e.g. potatoes, how would one get enough carbs for energy? I always find that I can’t go as hard in the gym when I haven’t eaten enough carbs.

    • Hi Kane.

      Yes, low intensity exercise like walking is good for you. What’s bad for you is prolonged periods of moderate intensity exercise like jogging.

      You either go into ketosis (by going on a very low carb diet), where your body uses ketones for energy, or you increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables to help provide your body with more carbs.


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