Shocking Video: Dangers Of Steroid Use & Supplements

I just watched a shocking video about the dangers of taking anabolic steroids, and also the dangers of taking legal supplements.

You can watch the video here:

Justin Rhys on Close Up NZ - Wish to get bigger comes at a cost
guy in that video, by the way, is only 34 years old!

I know it's tempting to want to take pills to help get rid of man boobs and build that dream physique. But the truth is, most legal supplements do very little if anything to help you, unless you are already eating and training well.

If you are already eating and training well, then you won't need any supplements to get you results.

Some natural supplements that CAN help, include whole-food supplements like turmeric and green tea. But even these won't do much if you aren't eating well and training well.

Illegal supplements like anabolic steroids and human growth hormone, can help you grow muscle and lose body fat without being too strict on your diet and training.

With illegal supplements, when you DO become strict with your training and diet, you can get some VERY impressive results in a short space of time.

Once you get started on the illegal stuff, it's hard to quit, because further results will totally depend on these drugs. Not only that, but if you just want to MAINTAIN what you already have, you still have to continue taking these drugs.

But then you have some horrible irreversible side-effects from taking these illegal drugs. They include heart attacks and strokes (even if you are younger than 30), irreversible heart damage and liver disease.

Watching the above video, if you put yourself in Justin Rys' place, would you not give up all your years of bodybuilding fame and glory, just to get your health and your life back? I know I would.

So, please stop looking for the next best supplement.

Drop any supplements you might be taking now (except maybe for some whole-food supplements like turmeric and green tea).

And don't even THINK about taking anabolic steroids.

If you are taking anabolic steroids, quit while you still can.

If you train right and eat right, you can still get an amazing physique that will blow anyone away when they see you topless.

The trouble with natural training though, is that it's easy to get it wrong. If you take steroids, you can train anyhow you want, and you will get results. But with natural training, most trainees usually end up overtraining and not releasing enough natural testosterone.

In my training programs, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, and Paleolithic HIIT, I show you how you can release enough testosterone as a natural trainee, and how you can grow muscle and lose body fat without overtraining.

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