Diet Rules For Losing Man Boobs

Diet Rules For Losing Man Boobs

If your diet isn't in the right place, no amount of exercise will help you.

Stick to these 4 diet rules for losing man boobs, and you'll be well on your way to a flat chest.

4 Diet Rules For Losing Man Boobs

Rule #1: Avoid both sugars and grain-based carbs like rice, pasta, and anything containing flour – e.g. pasta, cakes, cookies, and bread.

We know that sugars and grain-based carbs cause a spike in the hormone insulin.

Insulin is the #1 most important fat storage hormone in your body.

Your body CAN NOT store fat without insulin. The more insulin in your body, the better your body is at storing fat.

And if that wasn't bad enough, when there's lots of insulin in your system, your body is unable to burn any fat–because insulin inhibits fat burning enzymes in your body. Your body ends up breaking up your muscle tissue for energy instead.

It's no wonder then that most serious bodybuilders are on a strict low carbohydrate diet. Heck, these guys won't even take a stick of chewing gum unless it's sugar-free.

Another problem with sugars and grain-based carbs is studies show they reduce testosterone levels.

It's common knowledge that men with type II diabetes have low testosterone levels. This is because their cells become resistant to insulin, so their pancreas secretes more insulin to try and force the cells to respond. All that extra insulin floating around not only makes them fat, but it also kills their testosterone levels.

So, one excellent dietary rule of thumb to follow for all man-boob sufferers, is to go on a low carbohydrate diet. Avoid both sugars and grain-based carbs like rice, pasta, and anything containing flour – cakes, cookies, breads, breakfast cereals and more.

The only carbs you really should be eating are fruits and vegetables.

Rule #2: Eat plenty vegetables, and fruit in moderation.

Sure, most vegetables are mostly comprised of carbohydrate, but this is a good form of carbohydrate that does not spike your insulin levels, thanks to all the fiber that comes with it.

What's good about vegetables is they're very nutrient-dense. The countless micronutrients in vegetables reduce oxidative stress in your body, which boosts testosterone levels. Vegetables also contain compounds that help reduce the effects of estrogen on your body.

Particularly powerful are dark green vegetables like romaine lettuce, spinache, kale, collard greens, and broccoli.

Fruit is good too, but they're more sugary, so watch your intake. Stick to the less ripe variety, so green bananas instead of yellow, and tangy green apples instead of sweet red ones.

Rule #3: Eat nuts, avocados, oysters and fatty cuts of organic beef to boost testosterone.

Eating vegetables alone is not enough.

Studies show that people who eat a high fiber diet that's low in fat, have low testosterone levels. One important reason is that the basic building-block of testosterone is dietary cholesterol, which comes from fat.

Cholesterol and saturated fat have both been demonized in modern society, and for all the wrong reasons. There's a big movement today where the truth is finally being revealed–the fact that healthy sources of saturated fat and cholesterol are not at all bad for you.

Eating cholesterol does not raise the cholesterol levels in your blood. It does not lead you to an early grave.

It's a medical fact that your liver produces 80% of the cholesterol that's in your blood. A high cholesterol diet causes your liver to decrease its own production of cholesterol, so your blood cholesterol levels stay the same. What causes blood cholesterol to go up is an unhealthy diet with bad fats from junk food, and a diet full of sugars and grain-based carbs.

Also, eating saturated fat doesn't make you fat. Farmers don't feed their cattle fat to make them fat, they feed them grains to make them fat.

Carbs make you fat, not dietary fat.


Because dietary fat results in zero insulin secretion, and as we know, your body cannot store fat without insulin. It's when you eat too many carbs that insulin is released and those carbs are converted to fat to be stored in your body.

Healthy sources of fat that boost testosterone include nuts, avocados, oysters, fatty fish, raw dairy from pasture-raised animals, free-range eggs and fatty cuts of organic beef.

Rule #4: Watch your alcohol intake, especially beer.

Studies show that drinking alcohol increases estrogenic activity in your body.

Your liver eliminates estrogens from your body. When your liver is busy processing alcohol, it can't do the job of eliminating estrogens as well. This is true even if you drink a little bit of alcohol, and worse if you drink a lot.

Beer is especially bad because it contains hops, which are powerful phytoestrogens. Guys don't just grow a beer belly, they also grow beer boobs!

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  1. Hello,
    I need to convince my parents to let me change my eating habits to those of low in carbs, high in healthy fats, and nothing in milk (3 areas where I am experiencing resistance currently in terms of switching). I, and my parents, have always heard how carbs from grain are great at providing energy and nutrients, we’ve always heard how fat makes you fat (even though it’s been largely artificial sugar that has been responsible), and how milk is necessary for bone development (even though that connection is very much questionable if not false). If you could send links to any articles that reference scientific studies (preferably) that debunk these old myths, that would be greatly appreciated. If you know any other ways that I could convince them, that would be great as well. As a follow up question, eating those foods occasionally isn’t bad if I’m not mistaken? If you also know any place we could order organic food online (since we don’t want to venture out due to the height of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the US), that would be great as well. I know I just asked for a lot, but a good response that can help me convince my parents, and responses to some of the other questions, will really go a long way in helping me.

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