How To Stay Motivated Forever

I recently received the following email from a customer of mine, we'll call him Paul. Here's what he said:

[Regarding losing man boobs] “I always start the process but give up can you give me some pointers on how to stay on track”

My reply:

Hi Paul

Tips on how to stay on track? Hmmmm…

How about, you stop looking at it as a process! Stop looking at it as something you do, and start looking at it as something you ARE.

Have you seen Rocky III? Right at the end, Apollo Creed says something that's profound! He tells Rocky, “You fight good, but I'm a good fighter”.

When I first heard that as a kid, I had no idea what the difference was between fighting good and being a good fighter. But having studied self-help and success for over 10 years, I now know that the difference is in the “identity”.

What Apollo means is that Rocky fights good, fighting is something he DOES, it's just an action, but it isn't part of who he is, he could easily one day just stop fighting and stop being good at it. Apollo on the other hand, IS a good fighter, fighting is in his IDENTITY, fighting is intertwined with his very being, it's a part of who he is, it's a part of his DNA. He couldn't stop being a fighter if he wanted to.

You need to change your definition of what a man is, and you need to be that man. We men naturally have greater muscle mass than women. We are stronger, faster, and naturally more lean than women are. Our bodies are designed to hunt, to fight and to defend. Our bodies are designed to be lean and muscular so we can protect and provide for our families.

Even in the modern day, when strength, brute force and fighting, aren't really needed to stay alive and to provide, it's still in our DNA for us to be that way. Every man in the modern day should be lean and muscular, with wide shoulders, who is able to fight and defend himself.

It is in your identity to live in a way that makes you lean, strong, athletic and agile. It is in your identity to eat the kind of foods that build muscle mass, vaporize body fat, and prevent disease.

Your body expects that you exercise regularly, it expects that you lift heavy things and sprint regularly. Your body expects that you eat a grain-free diet consisting of meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. It's in your DNA, it already IS a part of who you are. That's why when you DON'T exercise, when you DON'T eat right, you become deformed and unwell – you get fat, grow man boobs, develop diabetes, heart disease, and countless other illnesses.

Once you really get it in your mind that you are meant to exercise regularly, that your body is designed for it, and that you are meant to eat a grain-free diet, that's when things really start to change for you.

When you realize that exercising regularly and eating well is a part of your identity as a man, you'll find that you can't NOT exercise. Any time you miss a workout, you feel like CRAP, and can't WAIT to make up for it. Any time you eat something bad, you feel like crap, and can't WAIT to get back inline with the diet that's inline with your identity.

So, one of the biggest secrets to keeping on track with a healthy lifestyle, is to make that identity change. Lifting weights 3 days a week is a part of who you ARE, it's not just something you do. Avoiding those bad carbs and taking the time to prepare something healthy is a part of who you ARE, it's not just something you do to lose man boobs.

It's not a method, it's not a diet, it's not a technique, it's not an exercise plan, it's not anything but a part of WHO YOU ARE.

When it comes to training by the way, I spent a lot of time writing a detailed section on motivation in my training program, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

This is my favorite program for you, because I really took the time to not only give you the BEST step-by-step training protocol to follow, but I also give you all the motivation you need to get started and follow through with the program, not just for the few short weeks you need to get your ideal physique, but to follow through on it forever!

It's packed full of information about how your body is meant to eat and train, and will really help you to make that identity change, so you ALWAYS train like a man, always eat like a man, while never feeling deprived, never feeling overworked, and never feeling like you want to give up!

So if you haven't already, then go get yourself a copy right now, it WILL help you:

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