This “Power” Can Help You Lose Your Man Boobs

Today I want to tell you about a special power that can help you to lose your man boobs.

Unfortunately, it's not the kind of super-power the X-men have.

I'll tell you what this special power is, and how you can use it to lose your man boobs, in just a minute.

Before I do, I want to tell you something quickly about man boobs and body fat reduction.

I've done a LOT of research on the topic of man boobs and body fat reduction.

At the end of the day, here are a few facts that reign true.

  • Eating fat doesn't make you fat.
  • Your body needs fat to make testosterone, and testosterone helps you lose man boobs.
  • Eating carbs makes you fat.
  • Eating both carbs AND fat makes you even fatter. Because carbs release the biggest fat storage hormone in the body–insulin–and insulin gets you to store both the carbs AND the fat as body fat.
  • The worst forms of carbs are sugars and grain-based carbs (like rice, wheat, corn, and flour-based foods like pasta, cakes and bread).
  • The best forms of carbs, which don't make you fat and actually help you lose man boobs, are vegetables, except starchy vegetables like potatoes.

Now, going back to this special power that can help you lose your man boobs…

What is it?

It's the power of observation…

In 1825, an observant man called Brillat-Savarin, a lawyer whose true love was in food rather than in law, wrote what may be the single most famous book ever written about food, called The Physiology of Taste.

In his book, Savarin wrote that he had held more than five hundred conversations with dinner companions who were “threatened or afflicted with obesity,” one “fat man” after another, declaring their devotion to bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes.

Brillat-Savarin, after 30 years of observing fat people at the dinner table, concluded that what makes us fat is obvious–“the starches and flours which man uses as the base of his daily nourishment”.

He said “it is only because of grains and starches that fatty congestion can occur”.

What Brillat-Savarin wrote in 1825 has been repeated countless times since. Up until the 1960's, everyone knew that grains and starches make you fat.

But then the anti-fat and “calories in VS calories out” movements took hold and the advice of Brillat-Savarin and countless experts before and after him, were portrayed by the health authorities as faddish and dangerous.

This notion that dietary fat makes us fat and that fat in your diet is the root of obesity and heart disease, took hold in the 1960's, so strongly, that doctors started advising their overweight patients to “go on a low fat diet”.

And that's about the time when the obesity epidemic (and soaring rates of heart disease) began–around the time we all started to eat less fat and eat more carbs.

Coincidence? I think not.

So the authorities are telling us fat is bad, I'm telling you carbs are bad.

One thing you and I can definitely agree on, is there are a lot of conflicting ideas out there.

How do you know who's right and who's wrong?


Use the power of observation.

Starting today, I want you to start being aware of what people eat.

Using MY powers of observation, I've noticed that fat people and guys with man boobs LOVE eating starchy food, grains, sugary food like sodas, donuts and other starchy/sugary junk.

Of course, there's always the odd exception, but as a general rule, I've noticed–and I think you might notice too–that people who eat lots of carbs, especially grains, tend to be fat.

Super-fat people love both carbs AND fat.

My big brother's wife for example, is a fat girl. She loves her grains. She eats cereal and bread in the morning. Rice, pasta bakes, and spaghetti are a staple in her kitchen. She won't think twice before stuffing a donut down her throat.

Her sister is even bigger and she does exactly the same.

(And yeh, I'm damn well hoping they never read this).

To lose your man boobs and get lean, observe what fat people and guys with man boobs do, and do the opposite. Observe what lean people do and copy them.

The same applies to anything else you want to achieve in life. If you want to be successful, observe what successful people do and do what they do. Observe what losers do and do the opposite.

The power of observation alone will get you far in life.

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And a quick word before I let you go…

Autumn is here in full force and it's cold and dreary as hell where I'm at. But don't let this be a reason to put off your training.

Keep training, keep working hard on your diet.

Your hard work and effort now will pay off in spades in the summer.

Come summer time, you could be basking in the sun at the beach with your top off, the girls checking you out. You'll be looking back and feeling GLAD you trained hard and ate well in the preceding colder months.


You can be hiding around indoors in your thick sweater, hoping no-one will see your man boobs, looking back and wishing you had trained and watched your diet in the colder months…

If you always leave your diet and training till the sun starts shining and the babes come out, you'll always be too late to enjoy the summer with a great body.

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