A New Ingredient For Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

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I’ve lately been playing around with this powerful new ingredient for losing man boobs.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different types of foods and supplements out there that can help you get rid of your man boobs.

I’m constantly on the lookout for the most powerful foods, ingredients and exercises that will help get rid of your man boobs.

I’m pretty sure I’ve come across one that’ll totally blow you away.

In the near future I’ll do a detailed write-up about this ingredient for you to read on my website. But for now, seeing as you are a valuable member of my newsletter, I’m going to let you in on this ingredient before I tell everyone else about it.

It’s a special type of vinegar that has long been known to work WONDERS for weight-loss.

I’ve known for a while that vinegar in general, helps to boost testosterone levels by improving insulin sensitivity.

What I didn’t know until fairly recently, is how damn powerful this PARTICULAR type of vinegar is at boosting those T-levels.

Men of all age ranges – from their teens to their late sixties, have reported almost uncontrolled boosts in their libido after taking this type of vinegar regularly for several weeks.

They’ve also noticed harder erections, more energy and vitality, improved confidence, better mental focus, better sleep, and a HUGE list of other benefits – including both muscle growth and weight loss.

So I decided to give some of my clients a 6-week trial on this vinegar – including myself of course.

After 6 weeks, everyone, including me, noticed some remarkable benefits from consuming the vinegar. Most of us noticed significant body fat reduction and improved general health – more energy for exercise, improved libido, reduced susceptibility to coughs and colds, healthier hair, skin and nails, etc.

Around 60% of us noticed a powerful chest-tightening effect.

The 40% of guys who didn’t notice any chest-tightening, were all very much overweight.

Now here’s my take on why these bigger 40% of guys didn’t notice much change in their chests.

With the bigger guys, the vinegar is still having an effect, but since these guys have multiple layers of fat on their chests, their bellies and all over their bodies, the changes just aren’t as noticeable as in the smaller guys.

Think about it.

0.5 pounds of fat loss from a huge guy who has 4 pounds of fat on his chest, compared to 0.5 pounds of fat loss from a guy who has just 1 pound of fat on his chest. You’ll notice very little change in the first guy, while the second guy would be completely transformed.

Interestingly enough, all of the 40% of the bigger guys, reported notable reductions after 12 weeks.

So! What are you waiting for! Give this vinegar a whirl, and see how it works for you.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you what type of vinegar it is – it’s called apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Remember though, like all natural remedies, it takes time for the ingredient to really take effect. It has to get in there and change your body chemistry first – this can take several weeks.

Though there are some reports where guys have noticed a powerful chest-tightening effect, huge increases in libido, strength, muscle growth, and fat loss after their very first dose of ACV, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Most people will notice nothing at first, and wonder whether it’s all just a hoax. But trust me, the science confirms ACV is no hoax. Take it regularly for a few weeks, and you’re almost guaranteed to notice some major health benefits.

I should also warn you not to expect miracles.

The first time I tried ACV (years ago), it didn’t work. That’s because I was stuffing myself on a diet full of carbs. No supplement or single ingredient in the world can make up for a bad diet.

So if you want ACV to work, make sure you are eating right at the same time.

Just eating right itself will transform your physique, but adding ACV will accelerate the process.

I hope that makes sense.

How To Take ACV

I advise you mix 3 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this mixture 2-3 times per day – just before, during, or just after a meal.

Which Brand Of ACV Should You Get?

Whichever brand you go for, make sure that it’s organic, raw, unfiltered, and contains “the mother”.

The mother is made up of strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules with living nutrients and bacteria.

The mother may look horrible, but its presence shows that the best part of the vinegar has not been destroyed.

Vinegars that DON’T contain the mother, are usually overprocessed, and have been filtrated and overheated.

Here’s the ACV that I purchase myself. It has all the qualities mentioned above. The mother is invisible at first, but you see strands of it appearing and growing as the vinegar ages.


Right, so give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.

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9 thoughts on “A New Ingredient For Getting Rid Of Man Boobs”

  1. Hi Gary,

    I was wondering if any ACV supplements/pills could also work? If you travel a lot, carrying a big bottle if not more could be kind of hard. And if so, how many per day? And with food or before/after?


    • Hi David. None that I know of I’m afraid. When traveling, I transfer my ACV to a small glass jar or an empty ceramic cream container.

  2. I think using organic apple cider vinegar is great, thanks for sharing. I think this should work great for females too. I only have ACV from American Garden – it says natural but not organic. I guess the latter’s most effective huh?

    • Forgot to ask – any data on how taking ACV on a regular basis affects females since this particular vinegar boosts testosterone levels? Thanks.

    • Organic is generally better than non-organic, but non-organic isn’t a deal-breaker. Most of the studies out there extolling the benefits of fruits’n veggies, are based on non-organic produce. If you have non-organic ACV, use it. Organic is more important in animal produce, because hormones and chemicals accumulate in the animal over many months/years.

  3. Awesome Garry, Im definitely will try this out. I have heard a lot of good things of ACV in the past. And all of your suggestions have worked for me. I tried your Paleolithic HIT and have seen the results 😀 Just wondering if ACV has any kind of side effects…

    • Hey Mario. Being a natural whole-food, ACV has no known side-effects, as long as you don’t overdo it. Anything in excess can be harmful, even water.

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