Cold Water Therapy As Recommended By This Legend From 1897

I was doing some research on the father of modern bodybuilding, Eugene Sandow. Sandow is the guy who's statue they give to winners of today's major bodybuilding contests.

I was going through one of his books, called “Strength & How To Obtain It”, written in 1897, and was surprised to see a section on cold baths.

Now if you're one of my older members, you'll know that I wrote a detailed on the magic of cold baths here:

If you've read my article, then I'm sure you'll find Sandow's take on cold baths quite interesting. You can read the section in his book here:

Go to Chapter II, page 17, “The Secret of the Cold Bath”

I like how he mentions you should start having cold baths in the summer, then continue with them through the winter. I personally started in the winter, and it was freezing as hell! Those cold showers were a nightmare (I really think cold showers are MUCH more difficult than cold baths), and the only thing that kept me going was all the research I did to convince me it was actually good for me!

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