Does Milk Shrink Or Grow Man Boobs?

I used to be hell bent against all forms of milk when it comes to losing man boobs.

I myself saw my man boobs grow when I was drinking lots of milk.

I've heard and read about plenty of women complaining about how their breasts feel full and tender when they drink milk.

And sure enough, when I looked into it, I found that the studies show drinking standard store-bought milk raises estrogen levels and suppresses testosterone levels in men1.

I later learned that the problem was the TYPE of milk you get at the grocery store.

Here are some of the problems with standard store-bought milk:

  • It's from cows that are pumped with hormones to produce extra milk. This is common practice in the USA, it's banned in Europe, but who knows what farmers are still using it.
  • The cows are artificially inseminated and milked during pregnancy (milk from pregnant cows contains 33 times as much estrogen as milk from non-pregnant cows)
  • The cows are fed a nutrient-depleted unnatural diet of genetically modified and pesticide-infested grains (no good micronutrients in the cow's diet means no good micronutrients in its milk).
  • The cows are pumped full of antibiotics and other drugs to prevent them from catching disease because of the disgusting conditions they live in (too many cows in too small a space to save on costs).
  • The milk itself is pasteurized, which kills/destroys any healthy bacteria or beneficial enzymes that may still be in the milk.
  • The milk is homogenized, and studies show that homogenized milk is more likely to cause heart disease.

The bottom line is that store-bought milk, even the organic stuff, is seriously messed up.

So what's the solution?

Well, one solution is to drink one of the many different alternatives to dairy milk.

But the healthiest form of milk is the right TYPE of dairy milk:

Organic raw milk from grass-fed cows.

Even better is organic raw milk from grass/plant-fed camels, sheep, or goats – in that order (camels are best).

Here's why each characteristic is crucial:


If the milk is certified organic, it means it’s from cows that are not treated with hormones, not given antibiotics, and not fed genetically modified or pesticide infested food.

You’ll find organic milk in most grocery stores nowadays, but organic on its own is not enough. You also need the milk to be…


Raw means unpasteurized, which means the milk has not been heat-treated, and you are drinking it as though you had squeezed it from the cow’s udder yourself and drank the stuff straight, just the way you were meant to.

Raw milk contains proteins in their natural undenatured (non-damaged) state, including beneficial probiotic bacteria, and functioning enzymes that help you digest the milk.

With raw milk, it’s also far more likely that the standards under which the cow is raised are much more humane and hygienic. Raw milk producers wouldn’t be in business for very long if they had the slightest lapse in their hygiene standards.

But be sure to look into this yourself. Wherever you are getting your milk from, check out their website or better, visit their farm, and see how the animals are kept, fed, and treated.

If the farmers care for their animals (and it’s my experience that providers of raw milk generally do care very much about the wellbeing of their cows), then they won’t over-milk them or milk them during pregnancy.

But raw alone is not enough in my opinion.

I avoid a LOT of popular raw milk providers because their cows are not…

Grass Fed

Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are a crucial part of your diet. People are obsessed about calories and macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbs), but nobody ever talks about micronutrients, which are just as important.

If the cow is fed a diet of micronutrient deficient grains, then how in the world is the cow supposed to produce MILK that contains micronutrients?

We need micronutrients to boost testosterone, we need them to grow muscle, we need them to burn fat, we need them to fight disease, we need them to delay aging, we need them to boost our health.

What makes meat and milk from grass fed cows potentially more healthy than eating vegetables, is that a cow’s digestive system is designed to digest those veggies better than we ever can. Its job is to digest those veggies and make their nutrients available to us through its meat and its milk.

There’s little or no testosterone present in milk. It’s the micronutrients in milk that the body uses to boost its own testosterone production.


When you drink standard store-bought milk, you’re getting a whole load of bad from all those estrogens, and none of the good, none of the probiotics, none of the digestive enzymes, none of the micronutrients, just a bunch of damaged denatured protein, hormone-laden fat, and intolerable carbs (lactose intolerance anyone?).

That’s why the legendary Vince Gironda advised us to drink RAW milk.

When he said that milk was the number two best protein source (after raw fertile eggs), better than meat, fish, and poultry, he wasn’t talking about grocery store milk.

If you want to beef up them muscles, if you want to drink milk that boost testosterone instead of estrogen, if you want to drink milk that shrinks instead of grows your man boobs, then get online and find yourself a reliable raw milk supplier.

Here’s A Special Added Bonus To Drinking RAW Milk

There are lots of studies online that show standard store-bought milk contains high levels of estrogen. The study I referenced above, where drinking store-bought milk boosted estrogen levels and suppressed testosterone levels in men, is enough to make me want to run the other way from standard store-bought milk.

But how are the hormone levels in RAW milk any different?

Well, the simple act of pasteurizing milk may destroy the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in milk, but it doesn’t have an effect on the hormone levels in milk.

But the hormone levels in raw milk ARE vastly different from the hormone levels in pasteurized milk, not because of pasteurization, but because of the different methods via which providers of raw milk care for and milk their cows.

One 2017 study found no detectable estrogen levels in 195 different samples of raw milk in China2. The only hormones they detected were cortisol and progesterone.

And testosterone isn’t the only hormone you need in your fight against man boobs, progesterone is perhaps just as important.

So drinking the right source of raw milk will not only boost your testosterone levels, it’s also a good source of progesterone, and both testosterone and progesterone are powerful health boosting and man boob shrinking hormones.

Sadly though, much of the progesterone you ingest is deactivated by the liver. So if you want to enjoy the full benefit of progesterone, drink raw milk, and combine this with a good progesterone cream.

When you apply a natural bioidentical progesterone cream like this one on your skin, it bypasses your liver and is absorbed directly into your blood, from which it can get to work at helping to shrink down your man boobs.

You can learn more about the best progesterone cream for losing man boobs here:


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