Health First or Weight Loss First?

Health Or Weight Loss First?

I listen to this podcast called the Model Health Show by a Sean Stephenson, it's packed full of science based info on what's good for your health, I highly recommend all guys with man boobs to listen to it.

One thing Sean mentions from time to time, something I mention to you quite a bit, is that the cells in your body are constantly being replaced.

The raw material for those new cells – liver cells, lung cells, skin cells, blood cells, immune cells, eye cells, kidney cells, fat cells, fat cells and glands in your man boobs – aren't materialized from thin air, nor are they constructed purely from energy (calories).

Instead, they come from the food that you eat.

You literally ARE what you eat.

In one podcast episode, Sean mentioned that a lot of people in America are living on Cheetos, and he drilled home the point that they then have Cheeto immune cells – so no wonder they get sick!

If you want a STRONG and RESILIENT body that looks great, do you think you'll get there by drinking sodas, eating artificial junk food, fattening grains, and starchy potatoes? Or would you be better off if your body was built from things that are proven to give you strength, resilience, and great looks – micronutrient packed foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, raw organic dairy, nuts, and seeds?

Some people find that when they switch to eating the right foods for their health, all their excess body fats melt away, they lose their man boobs, and look great.

For most people however, if all they do is switch to eating healthier food, they lose SOME of the excess fat, but not all of it.

That's what happened to me.

When I switched from eating rice to eating cauliflower rice, I lost a LOT of body fat, my man boobs shrank quite a bit, and everybody started to comment on how much weight I had lost.

But that switch alone didn't get me abs or a perfectly flat manly chest.

But it did do something far more important.

Making the switch to eating the RIGHT foods got rid of my asthma, reversed arthritis in my previously injured knee, improved my sleep, boosted my energy levels, helped me gain control over my appetite, improved my mood, and reduced my back pain (also from a previous injury).

It's far more important to boost your health first, and THEN go on and chase that perfect body you've always wanted.

When you focus ONLY on boosting your health, you'll lose a GOOD DEAL of your excess body fat AND man boobs along the way.

If by focusing on your health, you don't lose ALL of your excess fat and ALL of your man boobs, then with your boosted health and higher energy levels and better control over your appetite, you'll be in a much better position to do the other things you need to do to get the results that you want.

But 99% of people today have got their priorities all mixed up.

They're trying to lose weight to get better health, when they should be focused on getting better health to lose weight.

The same applies to man boobs.

Too many guys are trying to do push ups, cardio, or calorie restricted diets to try to lose man boobs.

What they don't realize is that man boobs are a sign of bad health.

It's far more important to optimize your health first, and THEN do specific things to try and get rid of man boobs.

In my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I show you the changes you need to make to both optimize your health, AND help you lose your man boobs.

When you're ready to start losing your man boobs, you can get this program here.

One of the things I always advise all guys with man boobs to do, is to take turmeric. Turmeric helps shrink man boobs via so many different mechanisms, that it's nuts not to take some form of turmeric if you've got man boobs. More on how turmeric can help you here.

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