Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The Home Master is different from most other reverse osmosis water filters. It's designed in a different way that makes it more expensive than usual, but also gives it the following advantages:

Faster flow rate

Standard reverse osmosis filters have a slow flow rate, which was thought to be the price you pay for ultra-filtered water. The Home Master, on the other hand, with oversized filters, larger fittings, tubing and high-flow components, is specifically designed to allow for faster flow.

If you wash a lot of vegetables for example, you'll often find that standard reverse osmosis systems can't keep up with how much water you need. A high flow rate is also important if you ever plan on connecting the system to your refrigerator for cool water and ice.

Hassle-free maintenance

With the (still excellent) iSpring reverse osmosis system, you need to change the 3 pre-filters and 1 post-filter every 6 months, and the reverse osmosis filter every 2 years. With the Home Master, you simply change every filter at the same time, once a year.

Filter changes are also easier.

With traditional reverse osmosis systems, the filter housing unit isn't disposable. You have to open the filter housing unit every filter change, and it's often sealed shut with limescale. With the Home Master, you throw away both the filter and filter housing unit each time, with easy push-in fittings.

Adds calcium and magnesium minerals back into the water

This isn't necessary, because you get plenty of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from a healthy diet. The amount of calcium and magnesium in water is negligible compared to how much you get in green leafy vegetables.

But hey, people say adding these trace minerals back improves the taste of the water.

Less water waste

The Home Master uses a special “permeate pump”, which is one reason for its increased flow rate. It also means less water is wasted, boasting an impressive 1:1 clean vs waste ratio.

Near-silent operation

Most reverse osmosis systems are quite loud. The Home Master makes a very quiet faint clicking noise every so often, but this can barely be heard.

Lasts longer, fewer leaks and fewer problems in general

With traditional reverse osmosis systems, since the filter housing units are never changed, a common problem you get is the filter housings break down and start to leak.

With the Home Master, the filter housings are disposable with the filters themselves, which  means the unit as a whole lasts longer. That's why these folks can get away with an unusually long, 5-year limited warranty.


The unique thing about this particular filtration system, is that you'll see in the reviews that a lot of people who have purchased multiple other reverse osmosis systems over many years, repeatedly state this one is the best, because of one or more of the above benefits.

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  1. There is another reason to add the calcium and magnesium. It changes the PH from slightly acidic to slightly base. This is very important because the water sits in a rubber lined storage tank that will leech rubber flavor into the water if the water is acidic. This results in the best tasting RO water I have ever tasted.


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