How often to micro-load and how much to micro-load?

I just received an email today from a Chest Sculpting Blueprint customer, and I thought you might find my reply helpful.


Here's the email I received

Hi Garry.

It's now the fifth week for me on the Chest Sculpting Beginners program. And it is going very good. I just wanted to know something on micro-loading. In micro-loading we add an amount of weight in progressive resistance. Should I use this weekly or through each phase of the Chest Sculpting Beginners program? And how much should I add in micro-loading?

Thank you



Here's my reply

Hi Suhayl

In the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, on page 169, I advise you to try and increase the weight on every workout. Don't worry if you can't though, sometimes you'll find you're stuck on the same weight for weeks. Just keep at it until you can increase the weight.

How much you micro-load depends on the exercise and on what fractional plates you are able to get a hold of. You can handle greater progressive resistance with large muscle group exercises like the squat and deadlift, and smaller progressions with exercises that use smaller muscle groups, like the shoulder press.

I would suggest getting some 1/4 lb plates, 1/2 lb plates, and 1 lb plates.

With the barbell front squat for example, you might consider using 2x 1 lb plates (one 1 lb plate on each side), so you are increasing the weight by 2 lb per workout. When this gets tough, try using 2x 1/2 lb plates.

With other exercises like the bench press, bent over barbell row, and shoulder press, I would suggest experimenting with adding 2x 1/2 lb plates, or 2x 1/4 lb plates.

Hope that helps.


If you don't have a set of fractional plates yet, then you're missing out on some serious potential body transformation.

When you use fractional plates, you're adding such a small amount of weight to the bar every workout, that you barely feel the difference. Yet week by week you're lifting a heavier and heavier weight.

It's when you're lifting those HEAVIER weights, that your body really starts responding to your workouts.

When you're doing 3 sets of 10 reps with very heavy weights, your body starts pushing those testosterone levels through the roof. You build muscle, burn fat, and your chest flattens out.

So get yourself a set of fractional plates and get micro-loading today.

Here's a good set with great reviews:

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