I Grabbed His Arm To Stop Him But He Was Too Strong

So I went to a wedding yesterday. It was my girlfriend's first cousin's second wedding (first one was a divorce, I hear the guy was a douche).

Nice wedding, the food was great and they served tea at the end, which is always the best part of the wedding for me.

I was sitting on a table with my girlfriend's brother and a couple of his mates, my girlfriend's foster brother, and two guys who apparently owned the venue.

The desert was amazing, vanilla ice cream with a hot pastry of some sort. The hot and cold contrast was really spot on.

I gobbled down that desert and exclaimed, “Wow, I'm stuffed, but I could have another one of those”, at which point, my girlfriend's brother being the nice guy he is, got up and said, “I'll go get one for you”.

He'd been running around like a headless chicken all day helping out with the wedding, so I felt bad. I grabbed his arm to stop him, and told him I'd get it myself, but he insisted and broke free of my grip and carried on.

The moment I grabbed his arm, I noticed… this guy is built!

His forearm was rock hard, like it was made of marble. I couldn't get a grip on his arm because it was too big!

I looked at my own forearms and they're weak in comparison.

I'm stronger, have a more functional body and better looking physique, but my girlfriend's bro has more muscular forearms than me, and possibly more muscular calves as well.

Why am I telling you this?

Because in my programs, to lose man boobs, I advise you to do COMPOUND exercises only, where you hit multiple muscle groups with one exercise. An example being the bench press, where you hit your chest and triceps with one exercise.

I advise you to avoid ISOLATION exercises in the meantime, where you hit just one muscle group with one exercise. An example being dumbbell flys to hit just the chest, and the triceps extension to hit just the triceps.

This is because compound exercises, by hitting multiple muscle groups, lead to more overall muscle growth and bigger testosterone boosts, and we need that testosterone boost to help get rid of our man boobs, it's an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to losing man boobs.

The reason my girlfriend's bro has bigger forearms than me is because he spends an entire evening at the gym, 5 days a week, and spends much of that time, sitting down and doing forearm curls.

I don't have time for that shit.

Thankfully, to lose man boobs and build a great physique, you don't NEED to spend endless hours training like a bodybuilder and hitting every muscle group to failure.

Training to lose man boobs is not the same as training like a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilders train for endless hours, doing isolation exercises to hit every muscle from every angle.

You may need big forearms and big calves to win a bodybuilding competition, but you don't need them to lose man boobs and you don't need them to look great on the beach.

If you want to lose man boobs, here's what I advise you to do.

Work on the BIG muscles in your body – your legs, back and chest. These are the only muscle groups you need to train to lose your man boobs. Train them using COMPOUND exercises like the squat, pull-up and bench press, and you'll also be hitting your arms and forearms.

THEN, once you've LOST your man boobs, if you WANT big forearms and bigger arms and big diamond-shaped calves, THEN you can do isolation exercises to beef those parts up.

EMG studies show that, in most cases, any one particular muscle is stimulated most when it's hit with an isolation exercise.

Sure, a compound exercise like deadlifts will hit your forearms hard, but you'll get bigger more muscular forearms from doing forearm curls.

Bruce Lee was one of the most knowledgable people when it comes to building a great body, I'd say he was on par with the likes of Vince Gironda, both were true legends in physique enhancement. Lee was fond of having big forearms (because strong forearms are useful in a martial art where you defend with your arms), and he wrote about doing forearm curls while watching TV.

This is something I don't bother to do, because I don't need it and I don't have time for it.

If you are yet to lose your man boobs, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DOING FOREARM CURLS.

Focus on the big muscles, lose your man boobs with the big compound exercises, and then, if you have time for it, you can do forearm curls, biceps curls, triceps extensions, and calf raises to further beef up those peripheries (i.e. the small muscles on the fringes of your body).

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