How To Get My Favorite Man Boob Busting Supplements Anywhere In The World

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My two favorite man boob busting supplements are turmeric, which I wrote about here and progesterone, which I wrote about here.

Both supplements work very well together, because they reduce estrogen and boost testosterone via completely different mechanisms, so I suggest you use both. Start with one of course, use it for 3 months, then add the other for added effect.

Unfortunately, due to different supplement regulations in different countries, Amazon will only ship these supplements to the USA. But that doesn't mean you can't get them if you live outside the USA.

One thing you can do is use a service like MyUs.

MyUs will give you a physical address in the U.S. for free. There are no monthly charges. You can ship the turmeric or progesterone to that address, then have MyUs ship the cream to wherever you are in the world.

I travel quite a bit and I've tried a range of different services, including NyBox and Viabox. Both of these are somewhat scammy. I know that Viabox charges extortionate shipping fees, and NyBox is full of fake 5 star reviews and lots of complaints from REAL customers. MyUS however, is very reliable with good genuine reviews and reasonable shipping prices.

I've previously also hired people on to send me stuff from the U.S. when I'm abroad, but I've found MyUs to be cheaper.

There are tons of other parcel forwarding services you can try. If you do try some others, please let us know how you get on with them in the comments section below.

Meanwhile though, I'll be sticking to the one company that has thus far served me well. You can sign up with them here:

Click here to sign up with MyUS for FREE

For no monthly fees, be sure to sign up to the “Single Package”. If you're going to be ordering things from the USA regularly, then you'll save money by signing up for the premium service with a small monthly fee.

You can get my favorite turmeric supplement here:

And my favorite men's progesterone cream here:

And if MyUS isn't an option for you, because face it, international shipping is bloody expensive, then the following article will help you find a suitable alternative in your country:

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