Just Jumped Out Of This Life-Changing Thing

I just jumped out of a cold shower.

I put some progesterone cream on my scalp (since it helps with hair loss as well as help get rid of man boobs), and I started writing this email.

One of the best times to do anything that requires either mental or physical energy, is straight after a cold shower.

A cold shower forces blood INWARDS, deep into your brain and muscle. It energizes you both mentally and physically.

As much as I know about all the good things you can do to help you lose man boobs, I'm only human, and I often forget just how beneficial things like taking a cold shower can be in your road to losing man boobs.

That's why I'm blessed to have customers like Greg Chalmers, a 69 year old semi-retired teacher, who got in touch recently and told me how cold showering has changed his life.

Here's what Greg said:

“Cold showering has changed my life over the last three months, when I have been taking them twice a day.

Energised in the morning, relaxed at night – it is a no-brainer for me. At the start I was a little underweight – about 62 kg and 172 cm tall – so weight loss was not a motivating reason to try them.

Interestingly, I have gained a kg or two. Perhaps they are monitoring my metabolism in a positive way – i.e. I eat more to function better? It does feel like my body is balancing out and managing diet and exercise in a natural way.”

Just so you're not put off by the weight gain, I've pasted my response to Greg below:

“Great to hear it Greg. When you live the natural lifestyle your body is wired to respond to, those who are overweight will lose weight, and those who are underweight will gain wait. This applies to cold showers, eating a natural diet free of grains, doing high intensity exercise, etc.

Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to start having more regular cold showers, just having read your comment :p . In fact, I’m going to jump into one right now!”

Think about it.

Having cold showers is in our DNA.

Throughout 99.99% of human history, there was no hot water coming out of taps or shower heads. The only water we had access to was COLD – whether it was from rain, jumping into an icy cold river, an icy cold lake, or standing under an icy cold waterfall.

Over millions of years through natural selection, the only humans who survived were those whose bodies responded POSITIVELY to cold water exposure, and here we are today, with bodies designed to benefit from cold showers, and yet all we ever do is take HOT showers and baths.

Cold showers activate brown fat cells, which boost your metabolism and make your body better at burning fat.

They energize you by increasing blood-flow to your brain and muscles.

They heal your body by directing blood (with all its healing properties) deep into your tissues.

They improve your mood and help alleviate depression.

They boost exercise capacity and speed up recovery after exercise.

Get started on those cold showers, take them twice a day like Greg, or at least once a day, and let me know how you get on.

More in my cold shower article here:


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Oh, and one reason why I feel SUPER energized right now, is not only did I have a cold shower, but I had a 8.5 minute HIIT workout just before the shower.

Studies show that HIIT forces blood into your brain and muscles like no other type of workout.

Just doing HIIT by itself in the morning will boost your energy levels like crazy.

If you finish it off with a cold shower, then you're so alert and awake, it's like you're doing drugs.

The type of HIIT I show you in my program, Paleolithic HIIT, will help to boost testosterone levels, so you lose your man boobs FAST. You can check this program out here:


Imagine doing two quick activities in the morning, each lasting a mere few minutes, that will not only supercharge your body's man boob busting machinery, but will also double, triple, or even quadruple your energy levels.

Do you think leaning down and having more energy like that could change your life?

Well it did for Greg, and I hope his message gets into your head like it did mine, and makes you jump into an icy cold shower right now!

2 thoughts on “Just Jumped Out Of This Life-Changing Thing”

  1. Hi,
    You are advocating the benefits of cold showers quite well, but my question is “how to take a cold shower”?
    I’m asking because I’m afraid of catching colds or worse, the flu, if I cold shower.
    Do you wash your head and only the body?
    Do you warm yourself up quickly afterwards to avoid getting colds?

    • Hi Faisal.

      When you “catch a cold”, your body is infected with a virus.

      You don’t catch a cold only by being exposed to cold temperatures, you catch a cold when you are exposed to the cold VIRUS.

      People tend to catch colds in cold weather, because during the winter months, the cold virus is able to survive more due to a lack of ultraviolet rays from the sun (which easily kill the cold virus in the summer).

      What’s more, sudden exposure to cold temperatures can momentarily weaken your immune system, which when combined to increased exposure to the cold virus in the winter, can lead to you catching the cold.

      Exercise momentarily weakens your immune system too, and if you already have the cold virus in your ears, throat, or sinuses, the cold virus takes advantage of that moment of weakness and infects your body.

      But that’s no reason to avoid cold exposure or to avoid exercise.

      Both may weaken your immune system momentarily, but over time, as you do these activities regularly, your immune system strengthens, and your health in general improves, so you become far LESS likely to “catch a cold”.

      I hope that explains it :p


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