Study Shows Obese Men Lack This Important Hormone

Did you know that if you are fat with man boobs, you've probably got low levels of progesterone?

And that guy you wish you look like, that Jon Snow, Thor, Cap America, has likely got progesterone levels hitting the roof!

I found a 2006 study that confirms this.

In this study, published in the journal, Hormone and Metabolic Research1, researchers looked at progesterone levels in obese vs. lean men.

They concluded that,

“Plasma progesterone was negatively associated with markers of obesity such as BMI, waist circumference and subcutaneous adipocyte diameter in this sample of men”.

What this means is that…

  • the more body fat the subject had, the lower their progesterone levels,
  • the less body fat the subject had, the higher their progesterone levels.

So high progesterone = great looking body.

Progesterone isn't nearly as well studied as something popular like testosterone, so the researchers mentioned that they don't know whether low progesterone resulted in obesity, or obesity resulted in low progesterone in these men.

We know that with testosterone it works both ways:

  • Getting fat lowers your testosterone levels.
  • Boosting testosterone makes you burn fat.

We'll need further studies to know for SURE if low progesterone can make you fat, and more importantly, if boosting progesterone using a natural progesterone cream can make you lose fat and get lean.

However, if you know about the properties of progesterone, it's quite clear that…

Progesterone, much like testosterone, can help you get lean and banish man boobs.

Progesterone inhibits estrogen, it's a precursor for testosterone, it inhibits the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogen.

All of these properties mean that progesterone will not only help you lose weight, it will also help you to lose man boobs.

Not only that, but higher progesterone levels are associated with improved sleep, improved fertility, a stronger immune system, stronger bones, reduced heart disease risk, a better cholesterol profile, and protection against cancer.

So How Do You Boost Your Progesterone Levels?

Do the things that help you lose weight and lose man boobs, the stuff that I talk about in my articles, emails, and in my paid programs.

As you get leaner, your progesterone levels will go up.

But if you're finding it hard to lose weight and lose your man boobs, then you can cheat your way to higher progesterone levels by supplementing with progesterone.

If you raise your progesterone levels using a supplement, you'll find your body more easily sheds off the excess pounds, especially on those feminine areas like your man boobs, butt, hips, and thighs.

The trouble with taking progesterone as a pill, is that it is broken down by your liver. So the best way to take progesterone is as a cream you apply on your skin. This way the progesterone enters your blood directly, bypassing the liver.

It's important to only use a natural USP bioidentical progesterone like this one. The synthetic progestins most doctors prescribe have a long list of nasty side-effects.

Also, most progesterone creams on the market are made for women. Make sure you choose one that's specifically designed for men, since men generally need lower doses of progesterone than do women.

Here's a good men's progesterone cream with the right dose for men, containing natural USP bioidentical progesterone, and other ingredients in the right proportions to ensure the progesterone is absorbed through your skin, and has a positive effect on your body:

Here's what David Mills had to say about his experience with using progesterone:

Not only did I get rid of my man boobs, but I’m also in great physical shape, I’m full of energy, and at age 63, I feel better than I have in decades!

David Mills wrote an article on progesterone here, and you'll find my favorite progesterone cream for men here:


  1. Blanchette, S., Marceau, P., Biron, S., Brochu, G. & Tchernof, A. Circulating progesterone and obesity in men. Horm Metab Res 38, 330-335, doi:10.1055/s-2006-925392 (2006).

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