The Best Man Boob Busting Burger I Ever Had

Today I decided to go keto, because my usual low carb diet isn't working against the extremely high levels of pollen we're facing this year.

When I was making our usual burgers for dinner today, I decided to make the usual for my girlfriend, and a bunless burger for myself.

What shocked me, is how much tastier my bunless burger was than any bunned burger I've ever had!

It got me thinking, “What the heck do we need a bun for in a burger?”

Sure, you need the bun to hold it all together, but you could just have it with a knife and fork like I did today.

If you think about it, when you eat something like spaghetti bolognese, you can't just have the bolognese by itself, it's too strong – you need spaghetti to mellow it all out. Same goes for rice and curry, shepherds pie, etc. But with a burger, there's no strong flavor in the burger meat itself that needs mellowing out with a carb source like the bun.

Anyways, try this out and see how you like it. Be sure to make your own burger meat using minced meat and salt. Don't use the chemical laden crap from the shops. Those are not just unhealthy, they're also laden with spices and shit that needs mellowing out with a man boob growing bun.

Here's the one I had today:

My partly eaten (with a knife & fork) bunless burger: meat, organic cheddar slice, green pepper, cooked red onions, raw white onion, tomato.

This was so delicious, that I sporadically decided to take a picture of it and show you while I was half way through eating it.

And if you insist on having the bun, then you can always make the grain-free version I show you in 5 Grain Substitute Recipes For Losing Man Boobs here.

Oh, and why is this a man boob busting burger? Because it lacks any man boob GROWING grain-based carbs (i.e. the bun); it contains fatty red meat, which contains healthy cholesterol and helps boost manly testosterone; it also contains other healthful ingredients that help reduce estrogen and boost testosterone – cheese, onion, tomato, and green pepper.

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