What’s The Best Protein Powder For Losing Man Boobs?

Studies show that drinking a pre and post-workout protein shake can help boost muscle growth. The trouble is, the best protein powders are based on milk, and as I discuss in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, milk can cause you to grow man boobs.

According to the legendary Vince Gironda, milk is one of the best muscle builders around. But unfortunately for us guys with man boobs, milk not only causes growth in muscle tissue, the hormones in milk also encourage growth in breast tissue.

I recently received an email from Elvis, an enthusiastic follower of my methods for losing man boobs. Elvis asked me to help clarify the controversy behind beans and legumes when it comes to losing man boobs, and also which protein powder he should take.

Below you'll find Elvis' questions followed by my answers.


Questions By Elvis:

Hi Garry,

I would first and foremost like to THANK YOU so very much for putting together the How to lose Man Boobs book. Although I've always had them from adolescence, I have beginning to notice them more recently. Not that they have grown to my knowledge but that I have shrunk. I am 6'3″ 225 lbs from 305lbs. Lots of candy apple challenges , Little Caesars pizzas and double cheeseburgers in the past, haha! Anyway I'm an extremely active hiker, cyclist, fun haver and that was the case even when I was at 300lbs. I love to have manly labor intensive work, lift “heavy ass weight” but, I still have Titties!!!! AHHHHH haha

Moving forward in the weight loss I'm seeing that the man boobs were doing exactly (what you explain in your book) were going to do. Go NOWHERE! I looked at every miracle push-up cable cross pec workout and got nowhere on burning off these damn boobs! I'm sure this is the same shit you hear from every client so here we go.

I read the book overnight and LOVED EVERY WORD!!! I have now changed my diet, started exercising correctly, and implementing the other lifestyle changes you mention in the book.

A co-worker of mine who is 42 and in great health has heard my ranting for days now and he is changing everything in his life as well, just cause it just all makes sense!!! We are doing the workout routine together with no questions. Strictly following your plan!

As far as the diet goes if you have the time I would love for you to field a few questions for me.

I'm not sure if I'm just jumbling all the different information from cross-referencing your material with other sources but I can't seem to find a good answer to the beans, legumes situation. Some say high estrogen others say good sources of vitamin D, plant based protein and fiber. Even with the phytoestrogens are they a NO-GO by your beliefs?

– We eat a lot of middle eastern cuisine and WE LOVE HUMMUS!!! we put it on everything and like to make as much of our own prepared foods ourselves as possible to avoid all the CRAP that come with. Chickpeas seem to get very mixed opinions from people so I'd love to hear what you have to say if anything.

– The other is black beans, I eat tons of them.

We both are the (poor piggies :-( sad for animal life and death of large factory farming regardless of Organic or not type people.) So besides the Venison that I'm low on until hunting season I get most of my protein from Organic Local Farm Raised eggs and some fish as well so I would love to get as much PLANT PROTEIN as possible to supplement the lack of beef until I can find a local place that I can get Wild Hunted Venison, Elk, Moose, Bison etc.

Also I lift heavy and with all I've got. I've stopped my protein powder because of the milk and soy products. Do you have any thoughts on a HEMP or other PLANT protein that I can mix Cocoa powder with that you know of and recommend?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Also, I am keeping record of my journey through this as well as pictures so that I may be able to give my feedback on what I'm sure will be an amazing journey! I will be militant on my diet, lifestyle and weight training. I cant wait to see the results!!! You have opened my eyes to way more about health than just man boobs. I want to live as strong as possible for as long as I can and I'm certain this lifestyle will defend against CANCER. I feel like Jim Carrey in The Number 23, everything comes back to Estrogen!!!

Thank you again for writing this GREAT book and I'm eager to hear from you.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


Answers By Me, Garry

Hi Elvis. Thank you for your compliments, I'm glad to see you enjoyed reading my book, and even more glad that you have seen my program for what it's really meant to be – something to propel you to better overall health and longevity.

Regarding your questions…

Can Legumes Help You Lose Man Boobs, Or Should You Avoid Them?

Beans and legumes are a grey area. They are very carbohydrate dense (which is bad), yet have a good amount of protein and a high micronutrient content (which is good). Studies show that legumes also help your body to excrete estrogen (another good thing).

Despite their high micronutrient content and ability to help excrete estrogens, being carb dense is a big problem, for reasons I discuss in this article.

If you are overweight and have man boobs, I would advise you avoid legumes altogether, since there are plenty of other good sources of protein, micronutrients, and fiber, that don't have a high carb load. If legumes are important to you though, the least you should do is minimize your intake. Later, when you have lost your man boobs and reached your desired weight, you can then increase your intake and see how your body responds.

Same applies to chickpeas in hummus, and black beans. Have you tried almond hummus? It's an excellent alternative to standard hummus. Here's a rather strange guy showing you how to make it:


The Best Protein Powders For Losing Man Boobs

Regarding protein powders, whey protein isolate is a good option, as it contains very little milk residue. Branched chain amino acids are a good choice too. Vegetarian protein powders aren't nearly as good as animal-based ones, because vegetable proteins aren't absorbed as efficiently by our digestive system, as are animal proteins.

A good way to tell which protein powder is best, is to look at its “biological value”, which is a measure of it's usability by the body. The higher the biological value of a protein, the better it can be used by the body's cells. Higher biological values also indicate a greater amount of essential amino acids. Whey protein has a biological value of around 100-104, while milk is around 90, and beef around 80. Another newer and more accurate measure of how good a protein source is for us, is the “protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score” (PDCAAS). The best PDCAA score is 1.

Here are the biological values (BV) and PDCAAS of whey and some non milk-based proteins:

Whey protein: BV=100-104, PDCAAS=1.

The best protein powder. I would recommend whey protein isolate for man boobs sufferers, as it contains far less milk residue than whey protein concentrate. Here's a good whey protein isolate:


Egg white protein: BV=100, PDCAAS=1. 

A very good alternative to whey!! Here are two good ones that don't contain any artificial flavorings:



Pea protein: BV=65, PDCAAS=0.69

When it comes to vegan options, pea protein is much better than hemp protein. Here's a good one without artificial additives:


Rice protein: BV=83, PDCAAS=0.47

Not amazing, but still better than hemp protein. Here's a good one:


Hemp protein: BV=[lower than all the above, couldn't find exact value], PDCAAS=0.46

Here's one without any artificial additives:



The PDCAA score is much better than biological values, so go by the PDCAA score.

I always like to look at user reviews when I purchase from Amazon, but when it comes to protein powder, be careful about going by user ratings. If you read the negative one-star reviews of the above powders, you'll find that most people are complaining about the taste of the product, rather than how good it is at helping you build muscle.

All those delicious chocolate, vanilla, and banana flavored shakes have artificial flavorings that harm your health and lower your testosterone levels. I always advise my clients to get plain unflavored protein shakes. You can then flavor it yourself by putting it in a blender and throwing in a banana and some heavy cream.

Hope this helps.


As Elvis mentioned in his email, the diet and training in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally is totally different from everything he was trying before. As Elvis has experienced, when you start eating the right foods, and start training the right way, not only will your body start to shrink if you are overweight, but your man boobs will start to disappear too.

When you are using the wrong methods, nothing in your body will change no matter how hard you try. When you use the right methods, your body starts to transform at a pace you never knew was possible.

To start transforming your body today, start using the unique diet and training methods I reveal in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally here:


6 thoughts on “What’s The Best Protein Powder For Losing Man Boobs?”

    • Hi Yakubu, thanks for the question.

      A woman would reduce the size of her breasts the same why a man would go about losing his man boobs. Studies have found that women today have bigger breasts than their mothers and their grandmothers did when they were the same age. This is because today we have increased environmental exposure to the hormone estrogen, and chemicals that mimic the action of estrogen in the body (called “xenoestrogens”). When you use natural methods that reduce your exposure to estrogens and xenoestrogens, and use natural methods to boost testosterone, your breasts will shrink in size.

  1. Hello, I’m 22, female, want to gain muscle mass, since I’m really skinny. Also it’s so hard for me to gain weight.. However I don’t want to lose or wouldn’t want my boobs to get smaller. Which protein powder do you recommend for this situation?

    • Hi Sofia, thanks for getting in touch.

      In your case I would recommend taking a whey protein concentrate mixed with milk and a carbohydrate source, such as a banana mixed in there as well.

      Since this website is intended for men who want to lose man boobs, I generally advise my readers to avoid milk, since pasteurized milk from hormone-treated cows can have breast-enlarging properties. I generally advise women to avoid most modern forms of cow’s milk too, since women in the modern day are also suffering from the countless side-effects of excess estrogen — examples being breast cancer, fibroids, and PMS.

      But if you don’t have any symptoms of excess estrogen exposure, then milk is probably the biggest natural muscle building foods you can consume. Even pasteurized milk helps grow muscle, though raw milk would work better.

      When it comes to building muscle, I recommend doing a whole-body routine, where you use compound exercises to stimulate every major muscle group on each training day, and to do this every other day or three non-consecutive days a week.

      You’ll find more details on how to boost muscle growth through resistance training in my program, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint:


      Though it’s called the “Chest” Sculpting Blueprint, it’s really a whole-body weight training system that helps both men and women grow muscle. Since men respond to whole-body resistance training by releasing testosterone, this form of training helps them to get rid of man boobs. Women on the other hand, respond to whole-body resistance training by boosting growth hormone rather than testosterone. This means your breasts won’t get smaller, you’ll only lose lots of generalized body fat :).

    • Hi Tyler

      Yes, I think Quest bars contain whey protein isolate, so they should be OK. Do avoid the ones with sucralose though, since sucralose is an artificial sweetener. Go for the ones with erythritol and/or stevia.

      It’s also not a good idea to LIVE ON these, since they’re still a processed food, despite being made from all natural and low-carb or low GI ingredients. Being a processed food means they’re not as nutritious as whole-foods. There’s more nutrition in chicken, or a head of broccoli, for example.


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