Why All Gyms Suck

A few months before the pandemic hit, I remember going to my local gym for a workout.

Soon after, I got the nastiest flu I've probably ever had.

I had fever, muscle aches, and I was out for several days, almost a week.

I remember KNOWING that I got that damn bug from the gym.

There are a lot of very intelligent natural health gurus I know of who are cursing the government for closing gyms.

But I disagree.

Gyms are one of the most dangerous places when there's a pandemic, and they SHOULD stay shut, here's why:

  • Coronavirus spreads through your hands, and everybody at the gym is holding the same pieces of equipment with their hands.
  • You're breathing harder, so infected people are exhaling more viral particles, and uninfected people are inhaling more of those viral particles.
  • Any good workout momentarily weakens your immune system. This is good for the long-run, but not so good if you've just inhaled a respiratory bug.

Serious athletes and bodybuilders are always catching bugs from the gym, so when there's a  virus around that's potentially a LOT more harmful than the flu, then you should KEEP THE HELL OUT OF ALL GYMS, regardless of what uncle Sam says.

It just so happens that I've been telling people to train from home for YEARS.

Unless you've got time to burn, the gym is no place to build a great body, because…

  • It takes too much time to travel to the gym,
  • get changed when you're there,
  • have your workout,
  • then shower,
  • get changed again,
  • and then travel back home.

And F me, the most frustrating thing of all – waiting for other kunts to finish using the machine you want to use.

And all for the sake of what? — a bunch of fancy equipment that you don't need.

The greatest bodies in the world were built using the simplest pieces of equipment, or no equipment at all.

Fancy pieces of gym equipment are just a distraction.

All you need to build a great body with weight training is a barbell and a set of weight plates.

You can have these at home, and build the greatest body in the world without ever stepping inside a bug-infested gym, and without ever having to SHARE equipment.

I've actually got an entire section in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint that tells you why you should train from home and not at the gym.

The Chest Sculpting Blueprint is my main weight training system for losing man boobs, and it's designed for being used at HOME.

This makes it perfect for these uncertain times when you don't know when gyms will be open and when they'll be shut.

With this program, you can train totally unrestricted from home, so you can build that perfect body for next summer.

Just like last summer, lockdown will be eased next summer, because ultraviolet rays from the sun kill viruses.

So you won't be able to use lockdown as an excuse to stay indoors and hide your man boobs and flab.

I get the feeling that people will be out there in DROVES next summer, everyone you know will be DESPERATE to get out after lockdown, the beaches will be packed, there'll be more pool parties than in any summer you've ever seen before.

And if you're relying on your gym to get lean, then you'll be FATTER THAN EVER, meaning summer of 2021 could be your WORST SUMMER EVER, unless…

….you get an early start on building that great body from HOME.

So if you don't wanna be left next summer with huge man boobs and a huge belly to boot, because you were waiting for your gym to open, then pick up a copy of the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, and get started at shedding those man boobs and building that great body from where it was MEANT to be built – from the comfort of your own home:

Pick up the Chest Sculpting Blueprint here

And omg, it really did just hit me while I was writing this email – next summer's going to be seriously effed up for guys with man boobs.

It'll be like the whole world is coming out of prison. People are going to get OUT, your friends will DRAG you to the beach,  and…

…for you single guys out there, as my buddy Brad tells me, girls are gona want ACTION, you really don't want to be unsure of your body at a time like that, so best sort that body out right now.

Shed the man boobs, shed the flab, build some muscle, and do it from home with the Chest Sculpting Blueprint (so Uncle Sam isn't in control of your body by opening and shutting gyms as he pleases).

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