How I Finally Cracked The Weight Loss Code

How I Cracked The Weight Loss Code

I've spent my whole life struggling with moobs and being overweight.

As I grew older, things just got worse.

In my early twenties, my weight started to spiral out of control. At 22, I weighed around 210 pounds. at 5'9″, that means my body mass index (BMI) was 31.

A BMI of 30 or over means you're obese.

So yes, I used to be obese.

I've spent my whole life doing everything I can to lose weight.

I tried dieting, counting calories and starving myself. I did various forms of exercise–jogging, cycling, martial arts like kickboxing, taekwondo and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

But nothing seemed to work. The only thing that did work was counting calories–but I couldn't keep it up for long, there was just too much effort involved, and I ended up gaining all my weight back.

Now however, I'm 40 and I'm down to 165 pounds.

I look great, I feel great, and the best thing about it is when I really started to lose weight and lose my moobs permanently, it didn't even feel like I was trying. And now I don't feel like I'm even trying when it comes to maintaining my lean physique.

Being lean, fit and healthy is now just a natural part of my lifestyle.

So How Did I Finally Crack The Weight Loss Code?

How did I go about finally changing things around and gaining control over my weight?

Well, I'm doing a few things, which I reveal to you in my programs, but the most important thing of all is what I want to tell you about today.

It's not sexy like a P90x or Insanity workout.

Sexy methods get people excited so they can take out their wallets. But I'm not writing this article because I want your money, I'm writing this article for people who are serious about losing weight and losing their moobs.

This method is the stepping-stone that will launch you into stratospheric success with your body.

I don't care if you're morbidly obese with over a hundred pounds to lose. This one method will help you lose your moobs, even get abs, and it will help you do it without it even feeling like you're trying.

The Reason Most Guys Fail At Losing Weight

The reason most guys fail at losing moobs, and also at losing weight, is because they're setting themselves up for failure from the start–they're playing the wrong GAME, the LOSER'S game, where the only possible outcome is LOSING.

See, chances are, like most guys, you want to lose weight or lose moobs because you hate the way you look in the mirror and you envision how great you would look if you could fit into those smaller size trousers or look good in a thin plain t-shirt in the summer.

The time when you are most motivated to lose your moobs is when you're at your heaviest, you hate the way you look, maybe you just got rejected by some hottie, and this motivates you to finally give up junk food and start watching your intake. It motivates you to join the gym and use the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

From here, there are two possible outcomes…

Outcome #1: You start reaching your goal

You lose several pounds, you fit into smaller size trousers, your moobs are a little smaller. You're not at your ideal weight yet, this would take longer, but you don't look nearly as bad as you did before.

So far so good, right?

Right, but unfortunately this also means that you lose your motivation to continue watching your diet and exercising every day.

Remember, you were motivated by how frustrated you were about being very overweight and having huge moobs. Now that you're only slightly overweight and your moobs aren't so big_anymore, that motivation to haul yourself to the gym and skip those tasty snacks is no longer there.

The more weight you lose, the less motivated you are to continue watching your diet and going to the gym.

So eventually you go back to your old habits and you gain all the weight back.

Outcome #2: You don't reach your goal–the weight doesn't come off as quickly as you expected.

This one's obvious, and it happens to most of us. Most weight loss methods don't work as fast as we'd like them to. We feel dejected, all our hard work seems like it's for nothing, and we give up.

Neither Outcome Is Ideal, So What's A Guy To Do?

The solution is to set yourself up to win from the START.

The above is a losing game, it's like in one of the Saw movies, where the female sidekick of the old villain makes her victims THINK they've got the choice of either death or a gruesome painful escape, but she ends up also killing those who manage to escape. So those poor bastards THINK they've got a choice, but the end result is always death.

It's like one of those old 1990's computer games with Micky Mouse or Donald Duck, where you're in a cart on tracks – you come to a fork, if you go right, the track is broken and you fall to your death, if you go left, you survive until the next fork, only the game is rigged and the track is broken whether you turn left or turn right.

The only way to win is to not play that game. Don't get caught in the first place by that bastard from Saw, don't jump into the cart in the Donald Duck game.

When it comes to losing moobs, the only way to win is to not play the game of wanting to lose moobs because you hate the way you look in the mirror. Don't play the game where you derive your motivation to lose weight from hating the way you look or from wanting to look better.

When you derive your motivation from hating the way you look, you are most motivated when you are at your fattest, and as soon as you start seeing results, your motivation fades.

The key is to play a DIFFERENT game, a game where you set yourself up to WIN from the start, a game where you…

Eat Clean And Work Out Because It's Part Of Who You Are

In this game, you eat clean and exercise because it's in your nature.

It's ingrained in your identity, you're a person who exercises and eats clean. You don't do it because you want to reach some goal in the future (e.g. to lose weight, lose moobs, or cure your diabetes), you do it for the sake of the present moment–not necessarily because you ENJOY it (heck, to this day I HATE exercise), but because you know you're MEANT to do it.

See, eating clean and exercising is something that's ingrained in our genes.

Our genes were formed in an era when man had to fight to survive. He had to physically exert himself to procure food, run away from predators and fight rival tribesmen.

During the prehistoric era, we also only had access to NATURAL food. There was no junk food and no artificial flavor enhancers, no preservatives, pesticides or hormones used in our food.

The studies all show that when we live in a way that emulates the prehistoric era, our health improves–i.e. when we exercise the way our bodies were designed to exercise and when we eat natural stuff our bodies were designed to eat.

So even though I personally hate the hardship of intense exercise, I still do it because I know that my body was designed for it. My body EXPECTS me to exercise regularly. Same goes with eating clean.

I eat clean and exercise regularly because it's good for my health. If I eat clean and exercise today, I feel good about myself today because I am being in line with my identity.

I feel good physically, but most importantly, I feel good psychologically.

I do it because it's part of who I am. I am a fit, strong and healthy person. The weight loss and body transformation is just a pleasant side-benefit.

Does that make sense?

The game you should be playing is the one where eating clean and exercising regularly makes you feel good psychologically because you've created an identity for yourself as an active, strong and healthy individual, and staying true to that identity makes you feel good.

I hate exercise more than anyone I know. Physical exertion is, by definition, a form of hardship. I hate the way my thighs burn when I'm doing squats, I hate the way it feels when I'm panting for breath while doing a set of sprints. I also hate exercising because it takes time out of my day and I've got so many other things to do.

But I still exercise regularly because it makes me feel good on a higher level. I feel good all day every day knowing that I'm exercising and fulfilling my identity as a fit strong guy who exercises and looks out for his health.

When I play the WINNER'S game, I feel good all day because I've done my workout for the day, so I've fulfilled a big part of my genetic identity for today.

When other guys play the LOSER'S game, they feel like SHIT all day, even if they've done their workout for the day, because their moobs are still there.

I hope this is making sense to you and that I'm not coming across as too esoteric.

The key is to train hard and eat well because that's who you are now (and who you will always be), rather than because of something you're trying to achieve in the future. But then there's also…

The Other Piece Of The Puzzle

Whether you're playing the WINNER'S game or LOSER'S game, you still have to use methods that actually STIMULATE your body to shrink moobs on a physiological level.

There's no point in playing the WINNER'S game using methods that don't work.

To lose moobs, you have to pay the WINNER'S game AND use the right methods.

I show you the right way to eat and the right way to train in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

The training system in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is inline with our genetic identity, which is why you see result so fast with this program.

The funny thing is, when you train in a way that's in line with your genetic identity, you also derive more psychological satisfaction from your workouts, making it easier for you to play the WINNER'S game with this style of training.

To help as many guys as possible to access this program, I'm holding a special Christmas half off sale for the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

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