Why Calories Are Bunk

Calories Are Bunk

Everybody's always talking about calories in vs calories out, and it pisses me off.

Imagine you've got two guys who consume exactly the same number of calories and do exactly the same training.

One guy eats bagels, pasta, candy, and potato chips.

The other guy eats grass fed beef, pastured eggs, organic broccoli, and wild fish.

Which of these guys will have the better body?

And which will have better health and more energy?

Don't get me wrong, calories are still important – eat too much healthy food and you'll still get fat.

But if you get fat on healthy food, your metabolism won't be so deranged, and it will be much easier to turn things around.

I did an experiment recently where I drank way too much raw guernsey milk and cream and got fat on it (really healthy stuff, but cream being fat is chocked full of calories).

But despite getting fat, I did not get fat in the usual way I get fat when I eat UNhealthy…

  • My man boobs didn't go perky and pointy
  • My asthma and arthritic knee (from a previous injury) didn't get worse, both of which indicates no huge_increase in inflammation in my body
  • I didn't lose my energy levels
  • My exercise performance didn't take a hit
  • My libido did not go down

And best of all, it was EASY to dial back on my milk & cream intake and get back to being lean again.

So this could be something you experiment with:

Rather than focus on eating LESS like 99% of fitness and nutrition professionals will tell you, how about you forget about how MUCH you eat for now, and just focus on eating BETTER (i.e. eating higher QUALITY food).

So for now, feel free to STUFF YOUR FACE with high quality food.

If you're the kind of guy who can't stop eating until your belly is about to burst, and you continue to do that with healthy food, chances are you may lose SOME body fat when you switch over to eating the RIGHT foods, but you'll still be fat.

However, simply making the switch to the RIGHT foods will repair all that damage inside your body:–

  • Inflammation will go down
  • Your estrogen to testosterone ratio will go down to help shrink your man boobs
  • Your energy levels will increase
  • You'll reduce or eliminate your addiction to bad food
  • … and countless other health benefits I won't mention here.

When the damage is undone, you'll then find it much easier to dial back on how MUCH you eat, and you'll likely find you can do this without having to count calories.

So repair the damage first, and THEN dial back the calories to get shredded with ease.

But for this method to work, you have to know the right foods to eat to help you lose your man boobs.

Sure, you can try to figure it out for yourself, but that can take years.

Changing your diet is hard enough, but it's 10x harder when you don't know what the right foods are that can shrink your man boobs and your waistline.

In How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I tell you what the right foods are from my 22 years of experimenting on myself, and 12 years of helping other guys do the same.

So click here to pick up a copy of this program and get started on eating the RIGHT foods that can shrink your man boobs.

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