5 Must-Have Criteria For A GREAT Turmeric Supplement

Not all turmeric supplements are created equal.

Many will give you no results at all.

Some will work mildly well.

Very few will bring exceptional results.

Also don’t forget, different people will get different results with turmeric. The only way you'll know how well turmeric will work for you, is if you give it a try. But the worst thing you can do is give a bad supplement a try and decide turmeric doesn't work for you.

Turmeric has the potential to change your life. Not just to get rid of your man boobs, but to help you burn fat, get lean, put on muscle, boost your health, boost your mood, and generally optimize your mind and body. So if you're going to give it a try, it helps to try a form of turmeric that has the best chance of working.

It's even better if you use the exact same turmeric supplement that others have used to gain the specific benefit you're looking for, i.e. to lose man boobs. If you live in the U.S., then I can recommend a supplement that has worked for me and has been working for my clients for some years now, you'll find a link to this supplement at the end of this article.

If you're not based in the U.S., then you can use the following guidance to find a great turmeric supplement where you live.

A great turmeric supplement meets ALL of the following 5 criteria:

Criteria #1: Contains 95% Standardized Curcuminoids

The vast majority of clinical studies on turmeric haven’t used turmeric powder, but have instead used curcumin, a constituent of turmeric. Curcumin is thought to be the most active constituent of turmeric, and responsible for most of the benefits of turmeric.

The thing is, curcumin comprises only 3% of the weight of turmeric powder, so you’d have to take a whole load of turmeric powder to benefit from the effects of curcumin.

With 95% standardized curcuminoids, the curcumin has been extracted from turmeric to form a powder that's 95% curcumin, so a small amount of this powder goes a long way.

Since you can only fit a tiny amount of powder in a capsule, it's important to have a good dose of 95% standardized curcuminoids inside. This is the only way that two small capsules can be just as effective as a whole tablespoon’s worth of turmeric.

Criteria #2: Contains Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)

Turmeric is broken down in the gut wall and in the liver by a process called glucuronidation. Piperine from black pepper is a known inhibitor of glucuronidation, and studies show it enhances the bioavailability of curcumin in turmeric by 2,000%.

This is yet another way to maximize the effects you get from such a small amount of powder inside a capsule.

Criteria #3: Contains Turmeric Root Extract (Turmeric Powder)

Although curcumin is the most widely KNOWN beneficial component of turmeric, turmeric also contains thousands of other components that science has and has not yet discovered. These components work alongside curcumin, and on their own, to bring to life all of turmeric’s benefits.

Only a handful of studies have been done to compare the effects of isolated curcumin vs turmeric, and they've all found turmeric to be more effective than isolated curcumin.

The trouble though, is these are all small animal studies, and most have used a bigger dose of turmeric than curcumin, which isn't a fair comparison. One study used the same amount of turmeric and isolated curcumin, and found turmeric to be more effective.

Maybe in the future, when there are multiple randomized controlled human trials comparing the same dose of turmeric vs isolated curcumin, we'll know whether or not to ditch the 95% curcuminoids in our turmeric supplements.

But for now, 99% of the research points to isolated curcumin as bringing all those man boob busting, fat busting, and health boosting benefits. So ideally, you want a bit of both isolated curcumin and turmeric root extract in your turmeric supplement.

There are many supplements that only contain turmeric, and others that only contain 95% standardized curcuminoids. In my opinion, the best supplements are the ones that have a good ratio of BOTH, ideally with a small dose of 95% curcuminoids (isolated curcumin) and a much larger dose of turmeric root extract.

Criteria #4: Has The Perfect Ratio Of The Above

It’s important to have just the right amount of turmeric, just the right amount of 95% curcuminoids, and just the right amount of Bioperine.

There should be a LOT more turmeric than 95% curcuminoids, and the amount of Bioperine should be much smaller in comparison, but not too small.

The supplement I'm currently using (details at the end of this article), uses 1,200 mg turmeric, 100 mg 95% curcuminoids, and 5 mg Bioperine, which I consider to be the perfect ratio.

Criteria #5: Has No Artificial Ingredients

The vast majority of turmeric supplements come with artificial binders and fillers like magnesium stearate and microcrystalline cellulose.

These artificial substances are used in minute small quantities and studies show they do no harm in such small amounts. But the trouble is there aren't any studies showing what the long-term effects are, since many artificial substances build up in your body over time.

The studies also show that many of these artificial substances are harmful in large doses. So what happens when you're taking multiple different supplements over a long period of time?

No-one knows.

But if you care for your health, it's best to avoid anything artificial in your food, in cosmetics, or in your supplements.

Natural binders and fillers on the other hand, are not a big deal, the likes of silicon dioxide and rice flour for example. Being natural and used in minute trace amounts, they have zero effect on the body.

What If You Can't Find A Turmeric Supplement With No Artificial Binders/Fillers?

Turmeric is powerful stuff it still works if your supplement contains artificial binders and fillers. The net effect will still be a positive one, so feel free to take it. Just make sure you're not taking too many other supplements that also contain artificial substances, and always be on the look-out for an all-natural version.

As time goes on, people are becoming more aware of the dangers of artificial substances, and the manufacturers in your country will act to meet the growing demand for all-natural supplements.

One Turmeric Supplement That Fits ALL Of The Above Criteria (Only Available In The U.S.)

One good supplement that fits all of the above criteria, is Hewis & Selby’s brand, which you can find here:


This particular supplement contains per serving:

  • 1500mg of turmeric root extract
  • 100mg of 95% curcuminoids
  • 10mg of Bioperine
  • 140mg ginger root extract
  • no artificial ingredients

I’ve found this to be the perfect ratio of ingredients that works well for me. I’ve recommended this brand to my clients, and they’ve had great results with it.

Now this isn’t the ONLY turmeric supplement that works, others can work too, you just have to try them out. I’ve tried a lot of them, and this one has worked well for me and I’m going to stick with it.

It’s only available in the US mind you (with a similar one in the UK). If you live elsewhere, you can always have the one in the US sent to you, or search for another turmeric supplement that meets the above criteria.

Turmeric has worked so well for so many of my clients, that I suggest every guy with man boobs take this supplement. It won’t work for everyone, but if it does work for YOU, then it’ll make losing man boobs SO MUCH easier.

Give it a go and see how you get on. Don’t just try it for a few days and quit, for some people it works after the very first dose, for others it can take up to 30 days to start seeing results.

Pick up a bottle today, down two capsules per day with a glass of water with a meal, and let me know how you get on.

You can get Hewis & Selby’s turmeric supplement here:

Click here to get it in the U.S.A.

Click here to get it in the U.K.

Click below if you want to get it from outside the U.S.A or U.K.:


4 thoughts on “5 Must-Have Criteria For A GREAT Turmeric Supplement”

  1. Hi Garry, as I live in Australia, I can’t get Hewis & Selby’s Turmeric. All that they really have readily available in my area is:

    Curcumin (by Bioglan):
    Ingredients in each tablet:

    Curcuma longa (turmeric) rhizone: 15,800mg

    95% curcuminoids: 600mg

    Piper Nigrum (black pepper – Bioprene): 102.5mg

    Do you think these quantities are too much?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Max. I checked out Bioglan’s website, and there seems to be no turmeric available with those doses. Are you sure you haven’t got those doses wrong? Because they’re 10x what they should be.

      Studies have shown that curcumin (the 95% standardized stuff) is tolerated well at as high as 8,000 mg per day, but these studies didn’t use a bioavailability enhancer like Bioperine. Turmeric being a whole-food, will likely be tolerated just fine at doses way above 8,000 mg per day, which is really just 2 tablespoon’s worth.

      I would advise you find something with a smaller dose for now. You can give those high doses a try, but do proceed with caution. I doubt anything would go wrong, but I can’t say for sure.

    • Hi Eric

      That’s an interesting combination, since DIM is an anti-estrogen supplement that I also recommend. Do give this supplement a try and see how you get on.

      My only complaint would be that it only contains 95% standardized curcumin, so you won’t be gaining benefit from the non-curcumin fractions of turmeric.

      You would theoretically benefit more from the above turmeric supplement plus a separate DIM supplement.


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