A Delicious Man Boob Busting Breakfast – Smoked Salmon, Eggs, Mushroom and Cheese

The right type of low carb diet can be all you need to get rid of man boobs and lose those extra pounds.

As I explain in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, carbohydrate dense foods like sugar, rice, potatoes, and flour-based products like bread and pasta, are not only the main cause of today's obesity crisis, but also one of the biggest causes of man boobs.

You'll be surprised how quickly your body shrinks and your chest flattens out when you give up foods like rice, bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits and potatoes.

But when I suggest to my clients to give up these foods, a common complaint I get is, “What the hell else do I eat???”

Breakfast is particularly troublesome, since we're so used to having bread, toast, cereals and milk, none of which are allowed if you want a flat chest.

But like I tell my clients, if you just make the effort to focus on the foods you are allowed to eat, you'll find you have plenty of variety to choose from, many of which are mouthwateringly delicious.

There really is a huge variety of food to choose from, and the reason I occasionally show you examples of what I eat, is to help open your eyes to this fact.

With such a huge variety of delicious foods to choose from, you don't have to try and lose weight or lose your man boobs through deprivation the way traditional low calorie dieting requires you to do.

When you minimize deprivation and hardship, you boost your chances of success significantly.

So What Kind Of Food Can You Eat?

As a general rule, stick to meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables (except potatoes) and fruit (in moderation).

To help give you some inspiration, I thought I'd show you what I had for breakfast today. I wasn't actually planning to share this with you, but as I bit into my food, it was so delicious, I just had to take a pic and show you.

Here it is:


My breakfast this morning: a couple of half-boiled eggs, gouda cheese, smoked salmon and sliced mushrooms fried in butter.

See how there's no bread? None of these ingredients contain any dense carbs that will spike my insulin levels, kill my testosterone, and put me in fat-storage mode for the rest of the day.

Except for the cheese, everything on that plate will help you lose man boobs and also help you lose weight.

Side note on cheese:

Cheese is a bit of a grey area–there are things about cheese that are good (protein and saturated fat–helps boost testosterone), and things that are not so good (a form of dairy, so most of the readily available grocery store cheeses are likely to contain estrogen).

With standard cheese you find at the grocery store, the good and the bad are likely to cancel one another out to an extent, but we don't know for sure whether the good or the bad will come out on top.

The occasional indulgence in cheese is not such a bad thing, but I wouldn't advise you to have most readily available grocery store cheeses every day.

There are of course, good forms of cheese, just like there are good forms of dairy milk, but I'll write on this topic in a future article.

You can use this one breakfast as a template for countless different breakfast variations.

Instead of the smoked salmon, you can have dozens of other types of fish. Or you could substitute it with chicken, turkey, beef, mutton or lamb.

Instead of mushrooms, you can have any other vegetable–carrots, broccoli, spinach, kale, or a salad dressed with pomegranate juice.

There are even different types of eggs you can try–duck, goose, or bird eggs. You can fry them, boil them, or poach them. You can scramble your eggs, or make a vegetable omelette.

New Discovery: A Powerful Man Boob Busting Ingredient I Wasn't Aware Of Until Recently.

The right low carb diet could be all you need to get rid of your man boobs, but as I explain in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, you'll do far better if you also add in foods that specifically help reduce man boobs.

These are foods that are particularly good at either boosting testosterone or lowering levels of the female hormone estrogen.

In today's breakfast (picture above), I included a special ingredient that I've recently discovered can play a HUGE role in helping to flatten out your chest.

The scientific evidence for the role this ingredient can play in helping to get rid of your man boobs is very strong.

I even had a client of mine write to me and tell me his hormone levels were notably different after he stopped consuming this food.

Eating this one food daily, could play a huge role in helping you to finally get rid of your man boobs.

So what I've done is I've gone ahead and written an in-depth article on this ingredient, and posted it in the Chest Sculpting Secrets Members Area, which you get FREE access to if you purchase How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally today.

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