Is Your Morning Milk Stopping You From Losing Your Man Boobs?

Milk And Man Boobs

Growing up, I used to love drinking milk.

Milk gave you stronger bones, and I wanted to be strong.

I would have milk with my cereal in the morning.

The milk would make my bones stronger, and the cereal boxes had big prominent displays of multiple vitamins that would help me grow and become superhuman.

I would down a glass of milk every night before bed, it was the secret to a strong, healthy body.

… or was it?

I was always fat growing up as a kid, and I had some serious asthma. Then at puberty I developed man boobs, and later when I broke my leg in a road accident, it never healed properly, despite my downing more milk then ever, because the doc told me it would help my bones heal faster.

When I matured enough to do my own research however, I learned two things:

1. That most doctors give stupid nutritional advice.
2. That television ads and cereal boxes give stupid nutritional advice.

I learned that…

  • Milk doesn't give you stronger bones

Why else would evidence collected over the last 20 years show that osteoporotic bone fracture rates are highest in countries that consume the most milk?

  • Regular grocery store cow's milk is not good for you

The latest evidence shows that consuming milk may contribute to the risk of prostate and ovarian cancers, autoimmune diseases, and childhood ailments like asthma.

If you want strong bones, eat lots of dark green vegetables. They contain more calcium and a much better micronutrient profile than milk for helping to make your bones stronger.

If You Want To Lose Your Man Boobs, You've Gotta Stop Drinking This Stuff

Ever since I stopped drinking milk COMPLETELY, I noticed that my asthma got better, and it got easier to lose my man boobs and lose my excess body fat.

In a 2009 study published in the journal, Pediatrics International, seven men were each made to drink around 4 glasses of cow's milk in 10 minutes. After drinking cow's milk, serum estrogen levels in these men significantly increased, while testosterone significantly decreased.

These unfavorable — man boob promoting — hormonal shifts were still there 4 hours after milk consumption!

Keeping in mind that high estrogen and low testosterone is the perfect signal for your body to GROW man boobs, drinking regular grocery store cow's milk is NOT something you want to be doing.

If you drink a lot of milk (or even just a little), and all you do is stop drinking milk completely, it can have a BIG effect on both boosting your health, and helping to get rid of your man boobs or your weight problem.

See, natural animal estrogens are up to 100,000 times more potent than their environmental counterparts, such as estrogen-like particles in pesticides, plastics and food additives.

And according to Harvard environmental health physician, Ganmaa Davaasambuu, dairy accounts for 60 to 80% of estrogens consumed.

Why Is Grocery Store Cow's Milk So Bad For Your Chest?

There are many problems with drinking cow's milk, which explains why so many different groups are against it.

Here are two of the biggest problems:

Cow's Milk Problem #1:

Modern genetically modified dairy cows continue to lactate throughout almost the entire pregnancy, and it's a well-known fact that pregnant cows produce milk with far higher levels of estrogen than non-pregnant cows.

Just to give you an idea of how MUCH more, milk from a cow in the late stages of pregnancy contains up to 33 times as much estrogen as milk from a non-pregnant cow!

Like in humans, pregnancy in cows lasts for 9 months. They are artificially impregnated again 3 months after each birth. Since cows lactate for up to 10 months after giving birth, that means that for 7 months, cows are milked while they are pregnant, and for 3 months they are milked while they are not pregnant.

That means there's a 70% chance that the milk you are drinking is highly estrogenic milk from a pregnant cow.

Cow's Milk Problem #2:

The milk you get from the grocery store is pasteurized. Pasteurization is a process where milk is heated to kill any bacteria that may be in the milk.

Pasteurization kills many of the natural health benefits of milk. It denatures milk proteins, damages milk enzymes your body needs to digest the milk, and reduces milks' natural vitamin and mineral content.

What Type Of Milk CAN You Drink?

Old time classic bodybuilders, the likes of Vince Gironda, were strong advocates of drinking *raw milk* for muscle growth.

Raw milk is milk that is not pasteurized. It's milk straight from the cow's udder.

If you drink raw milk from an organic, grass-fed, non-pregnant cow (like they do in Mongolia), chances are it would BOOST your testosterone levels, thanks to the presence of saturated fats and a good micronutrient content.

Raw Milk

If nature intended for you to have milk, then it intended for you to have raw milk – straight from the cow's udder

But raw milk is hard to get hold of in the West, because it's banned in most U.S. states and in most Western countries.

This is because of the risk of bacterial contamination in raw milk, which could land you in hospital. This risk is 150 times more likely with raw milk than with pasteurized milk.

However, the risk is still VERY small — around 1 in 94,000. And you can further reduce your risk by getting your raw milk supply from a reputable dairy farmer with a super-clean milking facility.

So though raw milk from non-pregnant cows might help you boost testosterone, boost muscle mass, and boost your health, there is that small risk of bacterial infection, so the decision to drink it is up to you.

Raw milk is also hard to get a hold of in the West, and if you can find it, it's likely to be expensive.

In my opinion, one fact stands more true than everything else in this whole milk debate:- you don't NEED milk in your diet to be healthy.

Raw milk may have some added health benefits, but it's nothing you can't get from a good diet with lots of dark green veggies, and organic meat, fish and eggs.

But hey, some of us ENJOY drinking milk. It tastes good, and it mixes better with tea than an egg does.

So if you can't get raw milk, or don't want to risk the chance of infection, here's another excellent milk alternative:

A Dairy Milk Alternative That Can Boost Testosterone?

I've recently been experimenting with nut milks, and the results have blown me away!

You can get nut milks like almond milk from your local supermarket, but it's hard to find nut milks that don't contain a fistful of artificial (or otherwise unhealthy) additives like sweeteners, thickeners and preservatives.

So what do I do? I make my own!

Previously, I wrote an article on how you can make Brazil nut milk.

Of all the nut milks I have tried, Brazil nut milk is by far the most creamy and delicious.

Brazil nuts are also known to be good testosterone boosters, seeing as they contain so much selenium.

Another good nut milk is almond milk, which also tastes great.

The trouble with both of these nut milks though, is they have an empowering taste when you add them to tea. I don't want my tea to taste like almonds or like Brazil nuts, I want my tea to taste like tea.

My New Favorite Nut Milk That Makes Tea Taste Just Like It Did With Dairy Milk

The good news is I have discovered a different nut milk altogether, that is not only good for you, but also makes an almost PERFECT replacement for milk in your tea!

I wasn't very impressed with this new nut milk at first, because it didn't taste that great by itself – it was kind of bland. But then, when I added it to my tea, I realized that being bland is exactly what it needs to be! That way, when you add it to your tea, there's no empowering taste, and you can barely tell the difference from traditional tea with dairy milk!

How awesome is that!!!

Wanna know what this special nut milk is?

Cashew milk!

Cashews are high in monounsaturated fat, which are great for boosting those testosterone levels.

A lot of people are afraid to eat nuts because they fear the fat content will make them fat.

But as I've told you before, eating fat doesn't make you fat, the body doesn't work that way.

In fact, a 28-month study with 8,865 participants, found that people who ate nuts regularly were 31% less likely to gain weight than people who almost never ate nuts.

The authors concluded, “Frequent nut consumption was associated with a reduced risk of weight gain (5 kg or more).”

So not only does eating nuts not make you fat, it helps you to lose fat!

And the testosterone boosting effect of the monounsaturated fats in cashews, will even help you to lose your man boobs!

The Secret To Losing Man Boobs…

In my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I tell you that the secret to losing man boobs doesn't lie in making one big change, like doing the right exercise, consuming lots of turmeric, or eating more saturated fat to boost testosterone…

The secret lies in making multiple small lifestyle changes that have a cumulative effect on shrinking your chest.

Most cases of man boobs are caused by multiple NEGATIVE environmental factors that have a cumulative effect on your body. No single lifestyle change on its own will be enough to counteract all of these negative environmental factors. No single lifestyle change on its own will be enough to totally wipe away your man boobs.

What CAN counteract these multiple negative environmental factors, and help you wipe away your man boobs, is the cumulative effect of multiple small POSITIVE lifestyle changes.

Multiple small lifestyle changes can really make the difference, and one such small lifestyle change involves switching up the dairy milk in your tea with testosterone-boosting cashew milk.

The Best Thing About It Is It's By Far The Easiest Nut Milk You Can Make!

Cashew milk is ten times easier to make than almond milk or Brazil nut milk, and you can make it in a fraction of the time. You also don't need to get your hands dirty with a cheese cloth, all you need is a blender and a glass jar to store your new T-boosting milk in.

I've gone ahead and put together a detailed write-up on how you can make your own great-tasting cashew milk at home.

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    • Hi Arjun

      Yogurt generally is better than milk, but it’s still dairy and I would caution you against consuming too much, at least until you’ve lost your man boobs.

      If the yogurt comes from buffalo milk that’s raw, free from processing, unpasteurized, full-fat, close to nature, and unsweetened, then go for it, just don’t have too much, since the effects on your body’s estrogen:testosterone balance aren’t that well established.

  1. Hello Garry,
    I want to change my diet to include less carbs and no milk, but my parents won’t let me. Anytime I indicate my desire to do so, they’ll tell me I’m going too far and spout the same conventional things said about how good milk and carbs are. I have lost weight while eating carbs however, so I’m not sure if carbs are something I need to cut out. Milk, on the other hand, is something that I probably will need to cut out. If you have any resources or advice that I can use to help me convince my parents, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards, Siddhant

    P.S., If you can link to any studies that say saturated fats do not cause heart issues, that would be great. Most of what I have seen has shown mixed results.


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