Can Coconut Oil Help You Lose Man Boobs?

Coconut Oil And Man Boobs

There's plenty of scientific evidence that shows coconut oil could boost your testosterone levels AND help you lose weight. Both are important changes for reducing man boobs.

There are also countless people making big claims online about how this new food is helping them lose tons of weight fast.

In fact, coconut oil is the second highest rated natural weight loss substance on Earth Clinic.

It's second only to apple cider vinegar (ACV), which I wrote about here:

If you go to the Earth Clinic weight loss page, you'll see the second highest rated natural weight loss substance is coconut oil.

Here are some of the crazy things people are saying about coconut oil:

“Extra virgin coconut oil is the only thing that cured my acid reflux. I tried everything including tums and apple cider vinegar. The only side effect is that you will drop about 10 pounds in a month and I think the majority of people might like that.”

…Vi from West Covina, CA

“I took a mere tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil for a week and lost about 5 pounds – with NO other remedies or treatments or meds going on. I was a little worried and couldn’t figure out why I was detoxing and losing weight (since I didn’t take the oil to lose weight, obviously) and I did a quick search online and found out that coconut oil does indeed help your overall health and wellness.”

…Caseyu from Mounds View, Mn, USA

“I honestly thought this wasn't going to do anything for me; however, I was wrong. I struggled to lose weight after gaining it months ago and i havent even been taking this a week and i went from 156 to 145.6 since Thursday.”

…Aubrie Evans

“I have been a carbohydrate binge eater most of my 39 years. It has been SO much worse in the last few years… So bad I have been considering therapy. I have taken 1 TB of coconut oil for the past 2 days…. It has 100% taken away all cravings. This is the only thing that has ever allowed me to make the healthy food choices consistently that I have wanted to do for so long. I will update shortly, but I feel I am ‘cured’”

…Cochamama from Denver, Co

Do keep in mind though, that the results in the testimonials above aren’t typical.

Not everyone loses weight or loses man boobs with coconut oil, and I personally have never seen anyone lose 10 pounds in a single month, just from taking coconut oil.

Like any natural substance, coconut oil works differently on different people, and the only way to truly know how it will work for you, is to give it a try.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking to my friends in the health space, to my clients, and reading online, learning about people’s experiences with coconut oil, and here’s what I learned.

What a lot of people are saying about coconut oil, is that it reduces their appetite, gives them more control over what they eat (so they get better at making healthy food choices), and it boosts their energy levels.

What this means is that coconut oil will help you the MOST, if you find you eat too much, can’t control yourself around sugary treats, can’t stop eating those bad carbs, and don’t have the energy or motivation to exercise as hard as you’d like.

And in case you’re asking,

If ACV is the #1 rated natural weightloss substance, why take coconut oil?

Because coconut oil helps you reduce body fat and boost testosterone via completely different mechanisms to ACV.

So ideally you would take BOTH.

Also, if you find ACV doesn’t work for you, then it’s possible coconut oil WILL work for you.

By being a fat, coconut oil helps your testes absorb cholesterol, which is a building-block of testosterone. It’s likely that coconut oil will raise your testosterone levels higher than ACV will, so it could potentially be better for losing man boobs than even ACV.

But hey, both are natural whole-food substances that don’t have any negative side effects, so why not take BOTH to maximize your results?

Also, coconut oil is the perfect adjunct to my favorite man boob shrinking substance, turmeric.

This is because curcumin, the active component in turmeric, is fat soluble. So not only will coconut oil increase the absorption of man boob shrinking curcumin into your blood, it will also have its own separate testosterone boosting and fat reducing effects on your body.

Now, the best form of coconut oil for losing man boobs, is organic virgin unrefined coconut oil.

I highly encourage you to COOK with coconut oil, as it’s the healthiest fat around, but if you want the best fat reduction and man boob shrinking effect, then you want to have it COLD and uncooked.

You can either take a tablespoon’s worth of pure coconut oil 1 to 3 times per day, or you can take coconut oil in capsule form.

If you can’t stand the strong taste and smell of unrefined coconut oil, then you’re better off taking it in capsule form.

Also, it’s much easier to stay consistent with the capsules, because capsules are easier to take, you don’t have to put up with the strong taste/smell of unrefined coconut oil, and it’s less messy.

Plus if you’re already taking turmeric capsules, it’s much easier to pop a couple extra coconut oil capsules, than it is to eat coconut oil from a jar.

Also, if you take coconut oil capsules and turmeric capsules together, the different capsules will dissolve TOGETHER in your stomach, releasing their contents into your stomach at the same time, so the coconut oil can mix in with the turmeric.

This makes it more likely the coconut oil will help improve the absorption of the curcumin from the turmeric capsules.

I suggest you at least start with the capsules, so you can get a consistent regimen going.

You won’t know if coconut oil works for reducing your man boobs unless you use it for at least a month, preferably 3 months, taking it consistently every day, though you're like to see the energy boosting, appetite suppressing, skin cleansing, and other benefits much sooner.

When choosing a good coconut oil capsule, make sure it has the following properties:

  • Organic (so you don’t have to worry about the estrogenic effects of pesticides).
  • Virgin/unrefined (so the healthful bioactive components have not been damaged/removed by a harsh chemical refinement process).
  • Cold-pressed (so that heat hasn’t destroyed the vitamins and antioxidants, which further help boost testosterone).
  • Contains no artificial ingredients (so you don’t have to worry about nasty long-term side-effects of unnatural ingredients).

Here’s a good coconut oil capsule from a company I trust, that meets all of the above criteria:

I advise you ALSO get pure coconut oil in a jar, to use in your cooking and on your skin. Here’s a good one:

Give it a whirl, and let me know how you get on.

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