Chemicals That Shrink Man Boobs

You know, I'm realizing more and more lately, that losing man boobs, getting lean, building muscle, and shaping and building the body you want, is more about CHEMICALS than anything else.

But the whole world is obsessed with CALORIES instead.

All the so-called “experts” out there are telling us we need to burn more calories than we consume, so we need to eat less and exercise more.


  • When you exercise, it makes you hungry so you want to eat more.
  • When you eat less, you don't have the energy to exercise.

The “experts” have been telling us to eat less and exercise more since the 1980's, and the world is only getting fatter, so that's obviously not the solution.

I recently rediscovered the power of body chemistry and CHEMICALS when it comes to getting the body you want (it's FAR more important than calories).

Here's what happened.

A few weeks ago I injured my upper back/neck doing explosive pull-ups outdoors in the freezing cold without warming up.

I then decided to continue my usual training when I felt a little better, and my neck got 10x worse.

So I then decided to stop training altogether.

And you know what?

2 weeks of NO exercise, and I'm leaner than ever!

I'm burning fat like crazy, and it's easier than ever, and you know WHY this is happening?

Because not exercising gives you more control over your appetite, and more control over WHAT you eat.

The type and quality of the FOOD you put in your body has a far greater impact on your body chemistry than exercise.

Stress and sleep also have a greater impact on your body chemistry than exercise.

It's chemicals chemicals chemicals, your body CHEMISTRY is what decides what you look like.

Your body CHEMISTRY is what controls your appetite. Fix your body chemistry and you will naturally WANT to eat less.

You've got to stop trying to FORCE yourself to eat less, because if your body CHEMISTRY is out of whack, then forcing yourself to eat less will only make you hungry and miserable, and any fat loss you get from it will be short-lived.

Put the right CHEMICALS in your body, and your man boobs will shrink.

There are (natural) chemicals in certain foods and herbs that signal your body to burn fat.

It's far more effective to put these chemicals in your body, than it is to try and burn fat by eating less. The right chemicals will reduce your appetite, so you naturally WANT to eat less.

One of those chemicals that can help you lose man boobs is turmeric, and I was surprised to learn recently that… 

Curcumin from turmeric can control your body chemistry better than some of the hormones your own body produces!

See, in this 2019 study, researchers studied the effects of both melatonin and curcumin on nerve regeneration in rats.

Melatonin and curcumin are both known for their powerful anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective and antioxidant properties.

Melatonin is a sleep hormone we naturally produce in our sleep.

Interestingly in this study, the researchers discovered that giving rats melatonin at night, resulted in better recovery of their injured sciatic nerve than when melatonin was given during the day.

Curcumin on the other hand, resulted in the same benefit whether given at day or at night. But get this – curcumin did a significantly better job at stimulating nerve regeneration than both day and night melatonin groups.

So in this case, curcumin may be better at fixing your body than your body's own hormones!

So turmeric is powerful stuff, it truly is a gift from nature, and we'd be FOOLS not to use it.

Curcumin from turmeric is known to influence every cell in your body, not just nerve cells.

If anything is out of balance (e.g. overweight, man boobs, disease), it helps put it into balance.

If anything is damaged (nerve injuries, back injuries, muscle injuries etc.), it helps to repair it.

If you are overweight or have man boobs, then this is a state of imbalance, and the studies show that turmeric helps to eliminate these two particular imbalances by reducing body fat and blocking estrogen so your man boobs shrink.

Multiple studies have shown that turmeric helps burn fat.

And with regards to man boobs, one of the most powerful properties of turmeric is it's an estrogen blocker (estrogen being the very hormone that CAUSES man boobs), and scientists are amazed at turmeric's ability to help treat estrogen dependent cancers like breast cancer.

So, this whole CHEMICAL angle is a powerful one, I think I'll talk more about chemicals from now on. In future emails I'll tell you about other changes you can make to the chemicals in your body to help you lose your man boobs.

But for now, know that turmeric is a super powerful man boob shrinking chemical. It's way more effective than going on a low calorie diet.

The more turmeric you have in your diet, the better.

Being a natural whole-food, there's no upper limit to how much turmeric you can take.

That's why I tell people to not just start using turmeric in their cooking, but to also take a good turmeric supplement.

Remember, it's all about the chemicals.

Put the right chemicals in your body, avoid the wrong ones, and you'll get the body you want.

Heck, here's a good way to look at it:

Your body is a chemistry experiment.

Your quest to lose man boobs is a chemistry experiment.

Everything you eat, everything you do, influences the chemicals in your body.

You've been conducting a chemical experiment on your body ever since you started telling your mum what you want for breakfast, and thus far that experiment has resulted in you having man boobs.

Now it's time to start TWEAKING those chemicals in a way that will SHRINK your man boobs and give you a great body.

One of the most powerful tweaks you can make, is to add the chemical TURMERIC to your diet.

This turmeric chemical is potentially more powerful than your body's OWN internal chemicals (e.g. hormones). But your body can't CREATE turmeric, you have to actively put it into your body.

And the more of this chemical you put into your body, the better.

But the trouble is, turmeric has a bitter flavor, and there's only so much you can add to your diet without ruining your food.

So add it to your diet AND take a supplement to maximize your intake.

Get the BEST turmeric supplement you can find to maximize the effect it has on your body. Here's one of the better ones:

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