Beat Man Boobs And Coronavirus At The Same Time

It seems the whole world is in a panic over this coronavirus, and it doesn't quite feel right for me to write about how to lose man boobs.

But funny thing is, a lot of the advice I give you on how to lose man boobs, may actually protect you against coronavirus.

See, conventional medical drugs do one specific thing in isolation (e.g. antibiotics kill bacteria. They don't kill viruses or fungi, they don't have an anti-oxidant effect, they don't boost your immune system, or have any other additional benefits).

NATURAL remedies on the other hand, have a multitude of different actions (e.g. turmeric helps shrink man boobs, but it also has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant actions, it boosts your immune system, is a potent anti-inflammatory, reduces pain, helps fight cancer, blocks estrogen, and so much more).

The reason we need medical drugs, is because they can be far more potent than natural remedies at doing that one thing.

If you've got a raging bacterial lung infection, then turmeric will only do so much, antibiotics will be much more effective and helpful (though you may recover much faster if you took BOTH).

But what happens when conventional medicine HAS NO CURE for a condition?

Conventional medicine has no cure for viral infections like the cold, flu, and coronavirus.

Yet mother nature is FULL of antiviral substances that not only help protect us from contracting viral illness, but also help reduce the burden of the virus if we do catch it, and boost our health in countless other ways.

There's turmeric, coconut oil, chlorella, elderberry, echinacea, garlic, green tea, liqorice, olive leaf, St John's Wort, and countless others.

(Out of all of these, turmeric is special when it comes to antiviral activity, you'll see why from the results of one of the studies I mention below).

There's a HUGE flaw in the medical establishment, in that it doesn't recognize natural remedies as being effective against ANYTHING, unless there have been multiple peer-reviewed randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials to prove their effectiveness.

But of course, these trials have never been done because they cost too much money and no one can profit from them, because nobody can patent a natural substance in its natural form.

Curcumin from turmeric is perhaps the most thoroughly studied natural substance on its effectiveness against disease, yet even for curcumin we still don't have those big trials needed for doctors to start recommending people to take turmeric to protect them against a virus like coronavirus.

Yet there are plenty of small studies that suggest turmeric could help in the fight against coronavirus.

The results from these small studies suggest that if a big study WAS done, it would also show that turmeric helps in a big way against viral illness.

In a 2016 in-vitro study published in the journal, Molecules, 18 different phytochemicals were tested for their antiviral effects against norovirus (the “winter vomiting bug”).

Researchers selected famous natural substances that are widely known for their antiviral activities and powerful health-boosting properties – the likes of gingerol (from ginger), resveratrol, cinnamic acid (from cinnamon), capsaicin, quercetin, and of course, curcumin (from turmeric).

Of this big superhero line-up of natural remedies, the researchers discovered that, “curcumin (CCM) was the most potent anti-noroviral phytochemical, followed by resveratrol (RVT)“.

Sure, this study wasn't on coronavirus, and nobody has yet done a study on turmeric's effects on coronavirus, but seeing as curcumin from turmeric has shown antiviral activity against every virus studied

I'm confident enough about turmeric's potential ability to fight coronavirus, to double or quadruple my intake of turmeric while this virus is wreaking havoc around the world.

In a 2014 review published in the scientific journal, BioMed Research International, researchers concluded on the antiviral effect of curcumin:

“The extensive antiviral effects of curcumin against different viral pathogens nominate this compound as an antiviral drug candidate to develop new antivirals from natural resources against sensitive viruses”.

Oh, and let's not forget that turmeric is also a powerful anti-estrogen and can help you lose man boobs. So you kill 2 birds with one stone.

So my advice to you – take turmeric dude.

Take as much of it as you can.

Take it in as many different forms as you can.

Get the fresh stuff from the supermarkets, grate it into your food, have it with raw milk, cook it, have it fresh.

Get it in powdered form if the fresh stuff isn't available (studies suggest the powder can in some ways be more effective than fresh turmeric, but fresh turmeric has its own additional benefits, so take both!).

Most importantly, take a regular turmeric supplement that contains natural bioavailability enhancers like black pepper extract and/or ginger. Here's one that fits the bill:

Or search “Hewis turmeric” on Amazon.

Why is it so important to take a turmeric capsule?

Because there's only so much turmeric you can add to your food, it doesn't have a great flavor, and capsules are an effortless way to take a big enough dose to make a difference.

Side notes:

Prevention is better than cure. Sure, turmeric can help prevent viral infections by priming your immune system, but make sure you maintain good hand hygiene to keep your airways from coming into contact with the virus in the first place.

Wash your hands when you come home from outside, keep a pocket hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly when you're out (3% hydrogen peroxide kills viruses and it's natural), don't touch your face when you're out, wash your hands thoroughly with soap before doing so.

Do NOT neglect your diet and training, optimize your sleep and reduce stress in your life. All of these things not only help boost testosterone to help get rid of man boobs, they also boost your immune system and strengthen your body in a way that protects you from viral illness.

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