Destroy Man Boobs With “Performance Focused Physique Training”

Performance Focused Physique Training is a powerful method that can — all by itself — get rid of your man boobs and transform the way you look.

A client of mine, Rick, recently told me how Performance Focused Physique Training was the central key that helped change it all around for him.

Not only did this unique idea help Rick lose his man boobs, it also gave him the kind of body that makes him look great in anything he wears.

Rick's newfound physique now turns heads when he wears his tailored-fit white shirt to work each morning.

Rick started training with me last Spring. He was overweight with man boobs, but also had serious hay fever and asthma. The SLIGHTEST bit of exercise would get him totally out of breath.

I started Rick on a cardio routine, which involved running at a steady pace around his local park. With his hayfever and asthma, Rick could feel his eyes itching and his lungs giving up.

I could WALK faster than this guy could run. Rick looked like he was running at the bottom of the ocean.

What Is Performance Focused Physique Training?

I told Rick how at this stage, there was no point in putting ANY focus on trying to lose weight or lose man boobs.

The only thing Rick needed to worry about, was to be able to do more laps around the park, and do them faster.

Rick needed to focus on improving his PERFORMANCE.

To do this, he would have to come back to the park and train regularly, and he would have to fix up his diet to help with the asthma and hay fever (a low carb diet, by the way, works WONDERS with both of these ailments. If you don't have asthma and don't have hay fever, having a clean, healthy diet, still plays a crucial role in boosting exercise performance.)

Whenever Rick tried to clean up his diet in the past, he'd do it for a short while — a few weeks at best — then he would give up and go back to his old eating patterns.

It seems that whenever we try to exercise or fix up our diet, with the intention to change the way we LOOK (either to lose weight or lose man boobs), we can't seem to muster up the willpower needed to stick to the new diet or training regimen.

I have discovered — in myself and in my clients — that PERFORMANCE is a much more powerful motivating factor than PHYSIQUE.

Trying to get better at running, has a more powerful motivating force behind it than trying to lose weight or trying to lose man boobs.

More people succeed when they get up one day and decide they want to complete a marathon, than do people who get up one day and decide they want to lose weight.

This time round, Rick fixed up his diet because he wanted to overcome his asthma and hayfever, and because he wanted to get better at running — because he wanted to improve his performance. This time round, Rick stuck to his diet and exercise until he saw the results he wanted.

Three Reasons Why Focusing On Performance Will Get You A Flatter Chest And Tighter Midsection Than Focusing On The Way You Look

1. Performance changes are quicker than physique changes.

If you started exercising today, you would notice changes in your performance within the first week, often after the very first workout. You get faster or stronger, and less breathless.

So if you focus on performance, it's easy to go the distance, because you are improving with every workout.

On the other hand, physique changes like weight loss, muscle growth and breast reduction take time.

When you focus only on physique changes, it's easy to lose hope, get disenchanted and give up as you see little or no results in the beginning despite all your hard work.

2. Performance changes are more certain than physique changes.

Everyone knows that if you do a certain type of exercise regularly, you will get better at that exercise. You might stall in your progress every now and then, but you know you'll get past that plateau if you simply keep training.

With weight loss and losing man boobs on the other hand, we've all tried plenty of different training regimens that plain don't work no matter how hard we try.

So while you're waiting those long weeks or months it takes for your physique to change, you're also NOT SURE if any of this hard work will EVER pay off. Needless to say, this makes it yet MORE difficult to keep trying.

3. Performance changes are less affected by diet than physique changes.

Every now and then, we all lose control of our diet, we binge on food we shouldn't be eating, food that makes us fat.

If you're only focused on physique changes, then losing control of your diet can make you lose control of your training, you say, “What's the point in exercising if I'm eating like a pig?”

Though performance is greatly affected by your diet, it isn't nearly as affected as your physique is. If you are focused on boosting training performance, and you eat like a pig today, you haven't just sabotaged your training efforts, so there's no reason to avoid this evening's training session.

But There's A Difference Between “Performance Focused Physique Training” And Just “Performance Training”

Performance training involves training yourself to complete marathons, to do 10 laps around your local park, or to lift a certain weight with a barbell.

I explain in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, why training for marathons, doing laps around your local park, running for an hour on the treadmill, or lifting heavy weights, DON'T help you to lose man boobs.

Performance Focused Physique Training on the other hand, is about secretly transforming your physique, while you focus on performance.

With Performance Focused Physique Training, you keep your focus on getting better at doing a certain type of exercise.

This exercise, on the outside, is fun and interesting enough to make you want to get better at it (so you focus on performance), while secretly on the inside, it has a powerful effect on helping you get rid of man boobs and burn excess body fat.

When Rick first started training with me, he couldn't do a single lap around the park. His asthma and hayfever slowed him down a LOT.

It was a few weeks before Rick was able to do just one lap, and a good few more weeks before he could do 2 laps. But by then, thanks to a newfound commitment to his diet (and exercise), his hayfever and asthma had started to wear off. It wasn't long before Rick could do 3 laps, and then 4.

With each lap taking around 5 minutes, that's a total of 20 minutes of steady state cardio.

In my program, Paleolithic HIIT, I explain how the first thing you need to be able to do before you start doing high intensity interval training (HIIT), is develop a 20 minute endurance base, were you are able to run (or swim, cycle, etc) for 20 minutes at a steady state.

Developing a 20 minute endurance base will prime and prepare your body for doing HIIT, by strengthening exercise-specific muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments.

When Rick started doing HIIT, he discovered an entirely new form of performance he could focus on. He could now focus on becoming a faster sprinter.

But he wasn't just doing the sprint-training of an Olympic sprint athlete, he was doing a specialized form of sprint training that is designed to get rid of man boobs, a form of sprint training that is in fact, one of the best forms of training for losing man boobs…

But that's NOT what Rick had to focus on.

Regardless of how good Paleolithic HIIT is at getting rid of man boobs, you're not going to see changes in your chest after every workout. No exercise can do that for you.

On the other hand, by focusing on the performance side of things, Rick became ADDICTED to being able to sprint faster and faster after every workout, he became addicted to how good his workouts made him feel, how fast, strong, light-footed and athletic he was becoming.

By becoming addicted to these quick and certain performance gains, Rick made sure he didn't miss a single workout, no matter how sad and dejected he felt about his man boobs and weight problem, no matter how bad the weather was, no matter how busy his life was.

Rick found it easy to keep training to the point where he lost his man boobs, lost all his excess pounds, grew some impressive muscle, and started looking so good that he was turning heads with a shirt on at the workplace.

I always tell you how Paleolithic HIIT doesn't take over your life — you train 3 days a week, for 10 minutes to an hour at a time — but that doesn't mean it isn't tough — those short intense bursts can be very tough and very intense (you didn't think you could lose your man boobs by jogging for a few minutes a day did you? :p  ).

With anything that's tough, it helps to have some CERTAIN and IMMEDIATE benefits you can focus on.

In Paleolithic HIIT, I show you how to focus on PERFORMANCE, while losing weight and losing man boobs on the side. I show you how to have fun becoming a faster sprinter (whether you choose to sprint-run, sprint-swim, sprint-cycle, sprint on the elliptical machine, sprint with a jump rope, or do any of the other five sprint-exercises I reveal in the program).

I show you how to take an exercise and turn it into a HOBBY, something you enjoy doing, something you enjoy getting better at, while beneath all the fun and enjoyment of performing better, you are actually doing something that is scientifically designed to burn fat and destroy man boobs faster than any other exercise around.

A Hobby That Gets Rid Of Your Man Boobs??

Think about your favorite hobby – something you like doing in your spare time, something you like to get better at.

Now imagine a world where doing this hobby would help you lose weight and lose your man boobs.

Wouldn't that be a great world to live in?

I love watching movies (I'm watching the TV series, Daredevil at the moment, by the way, and I love it! Way better than the movie with Ben Affleck, I hate that guy), but unfortunately, in this world, watching movies isn't a hobby that can help me lose weight or lose man boobs.

Thankfully though, if you don't already have a hobby that can help you lose your man boobs, you can develop one.

Paleolithic HIIT is designed to become a hobby for you, something you enjoy doing, something you enjoy getting better at.

But unlike watching movies or fishing, this is one hobby that — as experienced by Rick — has one hell of a powerful effect on helping you to blast away body fat, grow muscle, and destroy those man boobs, so you can look great wearing a tailored white shirt to work, thin tight t-shirt to a party, or wearing nothing at all at the beach (save a pair of shorts I hope).

If you haven't already started, then you can learn more about Paleolithic HIIT, and get started right away, right here:

I can't guarantee that Paleolithic HIIT will be as fun a hobby for you as going to the movies or fishing, but I can guarantee that it will be more fulfilling, more rewarding, more transformational.

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  1. It’s pretty nice, but you a found of being over detailed in elaborating your stories, which makes me lose out.
    I mean, make point (main reason) distinct from a crowd of words.
    Thank you ?

  2. Hey Garry , I hope you are doing well! Chest dips have been remarkable when comes to reduce man boobs. After going through today’s newsletter there is something I wish to ask, a friend of mine injured his ankle severely as he took on intense sprinting to loose extra pounds. This is demotivating, should I take on jogging along with weight training or sprinting along with weight training to lose overall body fat and thus cutting man boobs?

    • Hi Ranjan

      Sorry to hear about your friend’s injury.

      People get injured all the time. A cousin of mine injured his lower back quite severely 2 days ago, while doing deadlifts (he didn’t warm up properly). Most professional bodybuilders and athletes experience injuries at some point in their careers.

      However, not wanting to get injured is no reason to avoid exercise. You should always minimize chances of injury by warming up properly, using gradual progression, and using proper form.

      In Paleolithic HIIT, I advise you to develop a 20-minute endurance base before you start sprinting. This helps strengthen your joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, so you are less likely to injure yourself when you sprint. So please don’t start sprinting with unless you can do at least 20 minutes of steady-state cardio in the same exercise.

      I would always advise doing sprinting with weight training, because these two forms of training complement one another very well.

      Weight training and steady state cardio on the other hand, work against one another. Weight training (done correctly) increases testosterone and boosts muscle growth, while steady state cardio decreases testosterone and reduces muscle mass.

  3. Hi Garry ,
    i have started doing dips , deadlifts and squats and incline dumbell press as you said on your news letter . While doing squats i got injured. ..i m new in squats….i have pain on back side of my neck from barebell….i hope its not a severe injury….maybe just a muscle sore. and i have seen changes on man boobs. i m from india. i use turmeric also as u said….i take it with water ( put a teaspoon of turmeric n heat with water for 5 mins ) . its just 14 days i have seen some chnages on chest. still worried if i will be able to get rid of man boobs or not…because my upper chest is going good but my lower chest or middle chest still have boobs. I eat 1 cup of cabbage (raw) and 1 cup of cauliflower (raw) everyday.

    • Hi Arjun

      Sorry to hear about your injury buddy. You gotta be careful with those squats and deadlifts. It’s best to get a personal trainer to show you how to do them with good form when you’re starting out. Also, always start with a light weight, one that you find almost too easy, then use micro-progressive loading to increase the weight.

      Please do go and see a doctor about your injury. Meanwhile, if your lower back is OK, then you might consider doing bodyweight squats, since these can boost your testosterone too. Just make sure to put in the extra volume to compensate for the lighter load.

      Good job with the turmeric, cabbage and cauliflower. It’s good if you have it raw, but if anyone else is reading this, you can cook your cabbage and cauliflower, just make sure you don’t cook it till it goes totally soft and soggy, this will help leave the man boob reducing micronutrients intact.

      Don’t forget to eat some testosterone boosting food like full fat red meat and avocados, and be sure to avoid sugar and grains.

      You can learn more about what to eat to lose man boobs in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:

      And more on how to use a barbell to boost your testosterone levels and blast away man boobs, in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint:

  4. Hi Garry im Sundar I don’t have money to get your books or cds so plzz tell me how to reduce send me to my email id plzzz same story in my life help me to reduce my chest.

  5. Thanks a lot for this article…??
    It’s very helpful…I started my journey towards weight loss two weeks ago and I am able to run continuously for 30 minutes everyday…
    Your articles are inspiring to read and implement…
    Thanks again!!!

    • Hey Sid, glad to hear it buddy! Keep up the good work. With enough persistence and perseverance, there’s no goal you can’t reach! Just don’t make the same mistake I made when I first got into the whole cardio business. I was so excited to be able to do 30 minutes, I pushed myself into doing 40 minutes, then 50, then 60, till I was running 1.5 hours a day, every day!

      That’s when I got a stress fracture in my leg, and couldn’t walk without pain for a good few weeks.

      I didn’t lose much weight either by running so much.

      After some time, your body just adapts to this form of training, and you stop losing any weight.

      If you really want to transform your body, then you should start doing HIIT, or better, Paleolithic HIIT. This will seriously take your results into overdrive.

      Since you can do 30 minutes of steady state cardio, you can skip Phase 1 and go straight to Phase 2. This means you’ll get results from this program super-fast!

      You can learn more about Paleolithic HIIT here:


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