Why Do We Get Fat And Grow Man Boobs?

Why We Get Fat

Here's The Secret To Losing Man Boobs And Ending The Relentless Cycle Of Weight Loss And Weight Gain

Do you ever wonder why we get fat?

By getting to the bottom of this question, you will be taking a great leap toward finally getting rid of your man boobs and getting that slim, masculine frame you crave.

If you've ever felt like the weight loss game is rigged against you, where losing man boobs seems impossible and you seem to find it more difficult to lose weight than others around you, then the answer to this question could really be the one thing that changes things around for you.

So let's get to it. Why do we get fat?

Most people say we get fat because we eat too much and exercise too little — the calories we consume are more than the calories we expend.

But what if we compared the human body being filled with fat, with say, a restaurant being filled with people?

What if you asked me why a particular restaurant gets crowded?

If I told you it's because more people enter the restaurant than leave, you'd think I was trying to be some kind of wise guy.

To say that a restaurant gets crowded because more people enter the restaurant than leave, is redundant, it's saying the same thing, and it doesn't answer the question.

Saying that we get fat because we consume more calories than we expend, is like saying a restaurant gets crowded because more people enter than leave.

What you need to answer, is WHY are more people entering than leaving?

It could be that the food is great, or there's a special half off discount on today, or that it’s raining outside.

In the same way with the question of why we get fat, it isn't enough to just say, “It’s because the calories we consume are more than the calories we use up”. It isn’t enough to say “It’s because we eat too much and exercise too little”.

Why do fat people eat too much and exercise too little?

Most people think it's because fat people lack willpower. Fat people are commonly called “fat pigs” because they are seen as being greedy, gluttonous and lazy.

But this is a totally misguided perception.

In this article, I’m going to tell you why we eat too much and exercise too little, and I’m going to tell you the truth about why we get fat.

The answers to these questions hold the KEY to transforming your body forever. When I got this, it's like a switch was flipped in my mind, and losing weight and losing man boobs became a walk in the park compared to all the conventional methods I had tried before.

With this knowledge, now that I have a great body, maintaining my physique is one of the easiest things I've ever done.

Question #1: Why Do We Eat Too Much And Exercise Too Little?

Here’s what conventional wisdom will have you believe:

Greed & Gluttony --> Overeating --> Becoming Overweight

Just before the Second World War, European medical researchers were really getting close to the truth behind why we get fat. Unfortunately, the European medical research community barely survived the Second World War. Much of their research was completely disregarded until recently.

Prior to the Second World War, European medical researchers had come to accept that it is absurd to think about obesity as caused by overeating. This is because anything that makes people grow – whether in height, weight, muscle or fat – will make them overeat.

Children for example, don’t grow taller because they overeat and consume more calories than they expend.

It’s the other way round.

Children overeat because they are genetically programmed to grow. Every time a child has a growth spurt, it’s accompanied by a voracious appetite. The appetite is driven by the growth, not vice versa.

Similarly, pregnant women don’t get bigger because they are overeating. They overeat because they are pregnant.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women eat more and get bigger, does that mean they're gluttonous pigs?

Cachectic cancer patients get thinner and under-eat, but they don't get thin because they are under-eating. The families of end-stage cancer patients usually assume their loved one is getting thinner because the cancer is reducing their appetite. But what's really happening, is the cancer is making them lose muscle and fat mass via other mechanisms. The cancer makes them thin, and getting thin makes them eat less.

So the signal to grow comes first, THEN we overeat to feed that growth.

The same applies to getting lean.

The signal to get lean comes first, THEN we under-eat and exercise more to compensate.

  • You wouldn’t look at a child and say he’s getting taller because he’s eating so much.
  • You wouldn’t look at a pregnant woman and say she’s putting on weight because she’s eating so much.
  • A doctor wouldn’t look at a cachectic cancer patient and say he’s getting slimmer because he’s eating so little.

In the same way, you shouldn’t look at a fat person and say he’s getting fatter because he’s eating too much. What’s REALLY happening is he’s eating too much because he’s getting fatter.

Now I’m not telling you this to make you feel less guilty about being overweight. By knowing this, you SHOULD feel less guilty about being overweight, but the purpose of this article is to give you the key — the secret — to permanent fat loss — to losing that belly and those man boobs, and keeping them off for good!

Remember, the signal to grow comes first, THEN we overeat to feed that growth. We don’t get fat because we overeat, we overeat because we’re getting fat.

Animal studies shed a lot of light in this area.

Researchers have found that obesity-induced animals, when starved, end up with more body fat than their non-manipulated siblings who are allowed to eat as much as they like.

In the 1950's, Harvard Nutritionist, Jean Mayer, found that he could starve obese rodents to the point where they have the same weight as their normal lean siblings, but they'd “still contain more fat than the normal ones, while their muscles have melted away.” Other studies have shown that the organs of starved obese mice, including their brains and kidneys, waste away as well – just to preserve their fat mass.

Obese Rat

Obese mice, when starved, end up with more fat, yet smaller brains, smaller kidneys, and less muscle than their normal littermates who are allowed to eat as much as they like.

So the signal to store and preserve fat is so strong, that the bodies of these animals are willing to compromise their muscles and vital organs, just to preserve the fat.

What a sad picture this is, especially knowing that the same happens to humans. If you are programmed to be fat, restricting your calories and/or forcing yourself to exercise will deprive the rest of your body of energy, leaving your muscles to waste away and your vital organs to suffer.

Over eighty years of research on obese animals confirms — unconditionally — that obesity does not come about because of overeating from gluttony or lack of exercise. Obesity comes about from a change in the regulation of fat tissue.

The fat tissue of these animals isn’t reacting to how much these animals are eating, but to other forces making them accumulate fat.

So the answer to Question 1, “Why do we eat too much and exercise too little?” is this:

We eat too much and exercise too little because we’re getting fat.

So the logical thing to ask next, is why do we get fat?

Question #2: Why Do We Get Fat?

Make no mistake.

The secret to ending that continuous cycle of weight loss and weight gain, the secret to ending decades of endless weight loss failures, lies in the answer to this question.

And to grasp the answer, you have to let go of the conventional idea that fat tissue is just a garbage can where we dump whatever calories we don’t burn.

All the studies prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this notion is completely false.

What's really happening, is that fat storage and mobilization is carefully regulated by your body.

When your body’s fat regulation mechanisms go out of whack, you get fat.

Here’s how it works:

Disorder of Fat Regulation --> Become Overweight --> Overeating

Just like with growing children, overeating is a consequence of getting bigger:

Hormonal Changes --> Grow Taller --> Overeating

People accuse fat people of being greedy, gluttonous, lazy pigs with no self control. But we’ve already established that we don’t get fat because we eat too much, we eat too much because something ELSE is making us fat.

So what’s making us get fat?

We know that obesity tends to run in the family. We know that some people find it notoriously difficult to lose weight, while others stay lean forever without ever having to exercise or watch what they eat.

Some obesity researchers take facts like this and promote the idea of a body weight “set-point” that’s predetermined by your genes. They say there’s nothing you can do about how fat you are.

But if that were true, then why are obesity rates rising so SUDDENLY in the modern day? For adults, obesity rates have almost TRIPLED since the 1960’s.

Trends in obesity among adults aged 20-74 years: United States, 1960-2008Obesity Rates

An explosion in obesity rates since the 1960's suggests it isn't just our genes that make us fat. (Figure adapted from www.cdc.gov)

Same goes with man boobs.

People argue that excess chest fat and man boobs are genetically predetermined, and that there’s nothing you can do about it.

So why then has the number of gynecomastia surgeries — according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery — DOUBLED since 1997?

What I’m trying to tell you in this article, is you’re not fat because you lack the self control to eat less and exercise more. If you are overweight and/or have man boobs, it’s not because it’s hard-wired into your genes. Your genes play an important, but small role in the face of everything else.

The reason rates of man boobs and obesity have shot up in recent decades, is not because our genes are suddenly changing, but because of a change in our environment that has lead to a disorder — a metabolic disease — in our bodies. One that has screwed up our body’s ability to regulate fat.

This disorder of fat regulation is causing our bodies to store more fat, and with a lot of us men, causing our bodies to store more fat in a feminine distribution pattern – with more fat in our chests, thighs and butts.

When we eat, too many of the calories from our food are being stored in fat cells, leaving insufficient fuel for the rest of the body. Your body then increases its food intake and cuts down on its expenditure, to help provide for its other energy systems.

So eating too much and exercising too little is a symptom of obesity, not a cause of obesity.

You can tackle the problem by removing the symptom – eat less and exercise more. Or you can tackle the problem by addressing the root cause – your fat regulation disorder – the very thing that is causing your body to store more calories in your fat cells.

Which you prefer to do is up to you.

If you prefer to address the symptom by eating less and exercising more, then I can’t help you. I’m not very good at that, since I failed with that approach. I’m also not very fond of compromising my muscle tissue and my organs just to lose weight. I’m not too keen on living in hardship and restraint for the rest of my life.

On the other hand, if you prefer to attack the root cause, by curing your fat regulation disorder, by signaling your body to store less fat and burn more fat, so you automatically want to eat less and move more, then you’ll want to follow the guidance I've set out for you in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

This program is all about how you fix the root cause of obesity and man boobs, how you signal your body to store less fat in your chest, and store less fat in general.

I don’t show you how to burn fat, I show you how to program your body to get better at burning fat.

I don’t show you how to grow muscle, I show you how to program your body to get better at growing muscle.

So why are we getting fat?

In recent decades there has been an EXPLOSION in our use of artificial foods and preservatives. The average American diet is also extremely high in sugar, refined grains, and bad fats. Our growing and harvesting methods strip our food of its nutrients. Pollutants, pesticides, and dangerous chemicals are all around us.

Our modern lifestyles are also different from what our genetic destiny had in store for us. Where our bodies expect us to HUNT for our food, we simply need to pull the door of the fridge, or drive down to the nearest McDonald’s, and we can eat all we want.

In short, we have lost a good portion of healthy nutrients that signal our bodies to stay lean, while dramatically increasing our toxic load and stopping the kind of physical activities our bodies are designed to thrive on.

It’s these sudden changes in the modern lifestyle that are interfering with our body’s fat regulation mechanisms.

Question #3: What’s The Best Way To Get Lean?

Well it certainly isn’t by eating less and exercising more.

Getting lean and losing your man boobs isn’t about counting calories; it isn’t about being more physically active; it isn’t about avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs; it isn’t about walking instead of taking the bus, it isn’t about getting up every morning and burning that fat off through a grueling hour of cardio.

All of those methods end up with your body fighting back and resisting change.

You can lose some weight with these methods, like the starved obese rodents did, but you will sacrifice your muscle tissue, your organs, your health, and your energy levels and livelihood in the process.

We all know this approach doesn’t work for 98% of other people, and it's not likely to work for you.

Just like calorie restriction and forced physical labor doesn’t help obesity-induced lab rats burn fat and get lean while maintaining their health, it’s not likely to help YOU, because overweight/obesity and man boobs have been induced in YOU through a disorder of fat regulation.

The best way to get lean and lose man boobs without your body fighting back, the best way to transform your body and be able to maintain it in the long-run without enduring severe hardship and depravation for the rest of your life, is to cure your fat regulation disorder.

And that’s what How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally is all about. With the methods in this program, you can forget about how much you eat and how much you exercise, and focus purely on changing your body’s tendency to store fat on the chest, and everywhere else on your body.

Unlike what conventional wisdom tells you, it isn’t about HOW MUCH you eat or how much you exercise. It’s all about what TYPE of food you eat and what TYPE of exercise you do.

With the right TYPE of food, you can signal you body to store less fat, and your body will automatically reduce your appetite so you eat less. With the right TYPE of exercise, you can do a few minutes of exercise just 3 days a week, and it will program your body to burn more fat in every waking hour, and even in your SLEEP.

In How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I teach you not how to burn more fat or consume less food, but rather how to transform your body into a fat burning machine.

When you stop focusing on eating less and exercising more, and start focusing ONLY on making your body better at burning fat and better at growing muscle, your life will change for the better — because you'll find your body transforming without depriving yourself, without starving yourself, without having to feel hungry all the time, and without wasting hours of your time with useless forms of exercise.

Get started now, because the change won’t happen overnight.

It will take a good couple of weeks for your body’s fat burning machinery to kick into action. And when it does, your body’s transformation will become this much easier:— you’ll finally be on a more level playing field with all those people you’ve envied who were naturally lean from birth.

If you want this seemingly genetic advantage for getting lean, then get started on the How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally program today:

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