Dr. Stella Immanuel – “There’s A Cure For Covid”

Dr. Stella Immanuel: We Don't Need to Die. There Are Treatments for COVID.

Dr. Immanuel speaks a lot of truth here. The medical establishment turns a blind eye to anything that hasn't been tested by peer reviewed double blind randomized placebo controlled clinical trials.

Even if millions of people around the world are screaming from the rooftops about the benefit of a particular form of treatment, the medical establishment and its puppet doctors will simply say, “It's just anecdotal evidence”, and conclude that, “There's no evidence it works, hence it must not work”.

I don't know about hydroxychloroquine, I'm no medical doctor, but if I got infected with coronavirus, or if the infection rate where I'm living gets really high, you can bet I'll be taking zinc and reading up on hydroxychloroquine.

I can totally relate with Dr Immanuel though. When it comes to man boobs, there are a lot of things I've known to work well for myself and for my clients, yet doctors continue to tell their patients that the only thing that ever works for getting rid of man boobs is surgery.

Take coconut oil for example. Countless people online are raving about how it helps them to lose weight. I've personally seen how coconut oil can help you lose weight in a way that shrinks your belly and man boobs at the same time–because it helps burn fat and boost testosterone levels at the same time.

But most doctors will never recommend their patients take coconut oil for weight loss, and especially not for losing man boobs, because there haven't been any double blind randomized placebo controlled studies on it.

But it works, I've seen it work, millions of people around the world are raving about it, and you can see for yourself that it works. Just take a teaspoon's worth of coconut oil from a jar (or pop a coconut oil capsule) before every meal, do it for a month, and see what a difference it makes.

Oh, and coconut oil contains lauric acid, which can help protect you against coronavirus. How cool is that? Two birds with one stone.

You'll get the best results from organic virgin coconut oil.

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