Why You Should Stop Trying To Burn Fat

So there was this story about this king back in the day who had 2 sons.

He sent both sons out and told them to build a pyramid each.

Whoever built a pyramid first would inherit the kingdom.

So both sons went their separate ways.

The older son got started on building his pyramid straight away.

He started piling up block after block.

By the time his pyramid was a quarter built, he was finding it increasingly difficult to carry the blocks to the top.

But he's a persistent guy, so he kept at it, with each block taking longer and longer to place.

Several months went by and he got word that his younger brother hadn't even started building his pyramid.

The older brother was happy about this, he really wanted to be king, so he kept working harder and harder on his pyramid.

But at one point, the older brother got stuck.

He simply could not carry those blocks all the way up high enough to finish building the pyramid.

He was stuck half way.

Just as he got stuck, he heard his younger brother had just started to build his pyramid.

The older brother chuckled, thinking his younger brother is so far behind, he'll never catch up.

But then, within a couple of months, he got word that his younger brother had almost finished building his pyramid.

It couldn't be, he thought, there must be some mistake.

So he put on his shoes and ran over to where his younger brother's pyramid was, and lo and behold, there were all these cranes and contraptions in place, and his younger brother was near effortlessly pulling on a pulley to place the final block.

Later, the older brother learned that his younger brother wasn't being LAZY in those first few months.

He was in fact, working hard at inventing and building TOOLS that would help him build that pyramid FAST.

So rather than diving in heardfirst from the start and building as much of the pyramid as possible from the beginning, the younger brother sacrificed progress in those early days, in exchange for an IMPROVED ABILITY TO BUILD THE WHOLE PYRAMID.

So, when it comes to fat loss and losing man boobs, 99% of guys do what the older brother did.

They go on a restrictive diet and do fat burning cardio to try and burn as much fat as quickly as possible.

Sure, these traditional fat loss methods help you burn a lot of fat fast AT FIRST, but then your progress inevitably STALLS after the first couple of weeks.

This happens because these traditional weight-loss methods end up reducing your muscle mass and killing your metabolism.

By doing this you end up sacrificing your body's ABILITY TO BURN FAT.

But what if instead of trying to burn fat as quickly as possible in the first few weeks…

…you sacrificed that INITIAL fat loss in exchange for something far more valuable:


Just like that younger brother sacrificed progress in the early days so he could build MACHINERY that would help him build the pyramid fast…

…you can sacrifice fat burning progress in the early days so you can build your body's FAT BURNING MACHINERY to help you burn fat fast.

You do this by focusing on boosting fat burning hormones, boosting your metabolism, and building metabolism boosting muscle.

These methods won't burn fat all that fast in the first couple of weeks, but once you've built the internal machinery to maximize your fat burning ability, blasting away excess body fat will be a walk in the park.

With these methods, rather than experiencing fast fat loss at first that later slows down and stops; you start a little slower, but your results ACCELERATE over time instead.

So by week 2 your body is BETTER at burning fat than when you first started training.

Now I don't know about you, but I only care about a LONG-TERM approach to exercise, where I don't just burn fat for 2 weeks and stop, but keep on burning fat for weeks on end, and get BETTER at burning fat week after week, until I've finally got the physique I want, until I've finally lost those man boobs, lost that extra belly fat, lost those love handles, and got that body I can be proud to show off at the beach.

This is the secret key to ending that cycle of constant failures, where you always give up long before you've reached your goals.

When you stop focusing just on burning fat, and start focusing on CONDITIONING YOUR BODY to get BETTER at burning fat, it gets easier and easier to burn fat over time.

“Focus not on burning fat, but on transforming your body into a fat-burning machine”

…Garry Davidson

Yeh, I just quoted myself right there :p

So what would you rather do?

Would you rather do an hour of cardio every day, see great results at first, then ZERO results after a couple of weeks?

Or would you rather try something different that doesn't transform you in the first couple of weeks, but the results get gradually better and better the longer you do it?

If you prefer the latter, then you'll be happy to know that's exactly what I show you in Paleolithic HIIT.

With Paleolithic HIIT, you do these short sprint bursts that don't burn nearly as many calories as doing long distance cardio.

But it boosts testosterone; it boosts your metabolism so you're burning more fat throughout the day while you're resting, even in your sleep; and it builds muscle.

Compare that with cardio, where studies show testosterone levels go down with time, you burn muscle, and your metabolism goes down.

With Paleolithic HIIT, you won't notice much fat loss at first, but you WILL notice you feel much better, with more energy and alertness throughout the day, this is a sign of increased testosterone levels and an increased metabolism.

If you carry on with it, without getting stressed out about why you're not losing a ton of weight from the get-go, there will soon be a time when you start to notice the fat dropping off – from both your belly AND chest.

And once you first START noticing the fat dropping off, the results just keep getting better and better.

One thing about high intensity training, is that studies show you get bigger and bigger testosterone boosts over time as you get better and better at the exercise.

This means your body gets better and better at burning fat and especially at getting rid of man boobs.

So if what you've tried so far hasn't worked, and you've still got man boobs or excess weight, try making this shift:

Stop trying to burn fat and start focusing on building your fat burning machinery.

Paleolithic HIIT is the best training method for building your fat burning machinery, you can get it here:

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