Fat Shits

Fat Folk Eating Junk Carbs

So there's this instagram couple that my girlfriend follows, it's by this couple who are obsessed about cooking, so they put what they eat on instagram.

In previous posts I've told you how I can tell you if someone is fat or not by looking at the contents of their shopping trolley.

My brother Shaun worked as a supermarket delivery driver for a while, and he'd always tell me how fat people are always ordering multiple large bottles of sodas, big bags of potato chips, cakes, cookies, deserts, ice cream, and candies.

I see the same time and time again at the supermarket, with lean people buying far more fruit, veggies, eggs, meat, and fish. The fatter the shopper, the fewer veggies they have in their shopping trolly.

Renowned writer, Brillat-Savarin, once said, “Tell me what you eat, and I shall tell you what you are.”

Here are some of the pics of the dishes this no doubt humongously obese couple post on instagram.

Now, these fatsos have the audacity to claim they're not fat, lol.

People ask them if they’re fat, and they say, “no, we're not fat, we just love food”.

I'm sorry, but if you are eating shit like this every day, then you being slim is as likely as a bird's shit sliding off your car without leaving a mark.

If you're eating so much junk carbs on a daily basis, you will be a fat piece of shit, and you will remain a fat piece of shit for the rest of your life, unless you throw that shit out and start eating some REAL food with healthful micronutrients that help you dissolve fat, boost your health, and shrink your man boobs.

Heck, my girlfriend heard the dude laugh once (they don't show themselves, lol) and it sounded like a chubby guy's laugh.

If you are fat, or if you have man boobs, the last thing you should do is become obsessed with baking or cooking dishes containing pasta or rice or other junk empty carbs. If you can't let go of your obsession with food, then obsess over cooking stuff that helps you SHRINK your belly and man boobs.

A good start would be to check out my 5 grain substitute recipes for losing man boobs.

Stop obsessing over tantalizing your taste buds, and start obsessing over your health, and over your physical capabilities.

Update: Shoot, lol I was just laughing with my girlfriend about one of the pics where you can see a chubby hand in the background. She told me that was one of the KIDS!

That just goes to show that if you cook like this as a FAMILY, then your whole FAMILY will be fat.

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