Disgusting Bodybuilders

I'm not a big social media person, but I do occasionally go on Facebook, where I saw this picture of these bodybuilding competition finalists, check it out:

What do you think?

Do they look impressive?

Is that a look you hope to achieve one day?

Do you think the girls would be hopelessly attracted to you for looking like this?

My immediate reaction when I saw this was, omg, these guys look disgusting.

There was a time when I thought that look was cool.

I remember watching Ronnie Coleman work out back in the days and thinking to myself that the size of his muscles was a direct indication of how hard he could push himself in his training.

I thought to myself that if I could push myself that hard, then I could get that big too.

But I later realized that in order to get that way, I'd need the right genes (which I don't have), and I'd need to use anabolic steroids, which F up your health and even cut your lifespan short.

Oh, and I also thought back in the day that muscle SIZE was directly related to STRENGTH.

Now, strength is a worthwhile pursuit that is worth working toward.

But strength is NOT directly related to muscle SIZE.

If it were, then the very same bodybuilders in that pic would also be the world's STRONGEST men, but truth is they're so weak, they wouldn't even be allowed to ENTER those competitions.

So those big muscles are just for show.

Big muscles like that are not attractive to normal people.

Why work so hard toward something that's of no use?

I've played that game before (the game where you train hard just go grow bigger muscles and get lean so you look muscular), and it really sucks.

Most guys who go to the gym play that game.

A huge reason why most guys fail to get any results at the gym is because they're playing the wrong game.

They're playing the game of wanting to grow bigger muscles to merely LOOK better.

Sure, we ALL want to LOOK better, there's nothing wrong in wanting to LOOK better, but merely wanting to LOOK better is a shallow goal, and a shallow goal like this is not motivating enough FOR MOST GUYS to get us through all those tough days at the gym when doubt creeps in and asks you, “Why the F am I doing all this?” “Is having a nicer looking body really worth all this pain?”

The majority of us give up because we realize that merely LOOKING nice isn't worth all the pain, misery, and hardship of training and dieting all those long hours.

I got much better results when I decided that I would put wanting-to-LOOK-better in the back of my mind, while I put my main focus on wanting to PERFORM better with my body.

Ironically, when I focused less on wanting to LOOK better, and focused more on wanting to get stronger, faster, more agile, more able to move my body, live longer, be healthier, have more energy, I then started to look better than I ever had done before!

It's much easier for me to eat healthy because I want to maximize my health, than it is to eat healthy because I want to lose man boobs, lose weight, or grow muscle.

It's much easier for me to train hard because I want to be strong and able to take care of myself and my loved ones, than it is for me to train hard just because I want bigger muscles, a smaller belly, or be man boob free.

Those grotesque guys in that pic may have been the few who win that game, but what the F did they achieve?

P.S. Though you CAN use weight training to achieve the kind of thing I'm talking about in this post, it's much easier to achieve this using bodyweight training, which I tell you about here:


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