How Shaun From Australia Lost 3.5cm Off His Chest In 2 Weeks

Way back in 2013, a Shaun Catchpole from Australia got in touch with me about how my program was helping him to lose his man boobs.

In his first email (see below) he gave a brief overview of what happened, then in his second email he goes into a lot of detail that will help you on your own journey to losing your man boobs.

Shaun's story is the perfect motivation to help you lose your man boobs in time to enjoy the coming summer of 2019.

Shaun's Email #1:

“Not sure if it's just coincidence or what, but I was not losing any CM's off my chest the past 4 weeks, last week I focused on Carbs, Weight Exercises as you recommended, and HIIT exercise and I lost 2 cms off my chest, so was very impressed.”

So I asked Shaun for a more detailed account of the methods he used to start losing his man boobs, and here's what he wrote me. I left no details out, so you can fully benefit from the method he used:

Shaun's Email #2:

“G'day Gary

As follows, feel free to edit as much as you like to fit into a testimonial but this is all factual information for how I am going so far.

I have had moobs my whole life, even as a teenager. As explained earlier I decided to do something about it with Cardio, keeping an eye on my calories and losing a bit of weight.

I came across your website while I was wondering why my moobs were not getting any smaller, even though I was losing a fair amount of weight.

I was eating a balance diet, below the number of calories that was recommended, and what I believe to be doing all the right things. My measurements were as follows:

Waist 130 cms, Hip 127 cms, Chest 124 cms.

After 4 weeks of hard work I had them down to the following measurements:

Waist 120 cms, Hip 120 cms and yet my Chest was remaining at 124 cms.

I then seeked advice from yourself, you mentioned what I was doing was not going to completely benefit losing my moobs. I read stringently your program and decided to give it a go.

I removed grain and dairy from my diet, I included a good serving of cruciferous vegetables in almost every meal, topped with a sprinkle of flaxseed.

I still completed my cardio, as my body is still not accustomed to High Interval Intensity Training, but I did a slight modification, walking for 2 minutes, jogging for a minute, then sprinting for 10 seconds. Although the intervals differ, the principles are the same and you can feel ya body working harder than it ever has. again, this for the situation I was in, not quite ready for this type of training.

I moved to weight training, being reasonably new to this, and my fitness level not being where it's supposed to be, I asked the Gym Instructor on any mods I could make to a couple of them. The dead lift was turned into a goblet lift until I was able to perform the training you advised properly.

I ordered organic personal hygiene products, I was skeptical of this at first to be honest, but decided to follow the plan anyway, the products do the same thing as the chemical infused products so I was happy taking this step.

I only eat grass fed free range eggs, grass fed beef and organic chickens. I use turmeric and black pepper in almost all of my cooking, and keep a close eye on the serving sizes for all my meats.

I use Fibre on my soy milk covered all bran, and this to me, other than giving up grains and dairy, is probably one of the key steps. Not to go into too much information, but bowel movements run like clockwork, I feel better than I have before, and this is only the beginning.

So after 2 weeks of trialing the system my measurements are as follows:

Waist 116 cms, Hip 116 cms and Chest 120.5 cms. 3.5 cms off my chest in 2 weeks.

If you are like me and have been doing something similar, and not seeing any downsize of your chest I would definitely recommend this system. I am actually more confident, then other system I have tried, to lose the weight and most importantly my moobs. I honestly can't wait to see the progress in 3 months time.


Now, the only one of my programs Shaun purchased was How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, more info on this program here:

Here's the direct order link:

One addition I would make to Shaun's regimen above, is as well as add turmeric to your food, I would recommend taking a good turmeric supplement that contains a concentrated form of turmeric's most active component, curcumin. Here's a good one:

Why a supplement?

Because turmeric is bitter as hell, and it will ruin any dish you sprinkle it onto. Do learn to cook with it by all means, but the easiest way you'll get a good dose of man boob shrinking curcumin in your diet, is with the right type of turmeric supplement.

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