How To Transform Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine

The hormone testosterone is arguably the BEST fat burner out there. Testosterone is even MORE important when it comes to losing man boobs, since low testosterone levels are what CAUSE man boobs in the first place.

Studies show that traditional weight loss exercises like cardio, REDUCE your testosterone levels over time, which is why, with cardio, it gets harder and harder to continue losing body fat over time.

On the other hand, in one study for example, young men in their 30s, as well as elderly men in their 60s, had a greater testosterone response to exercise after 10 weeks of high intensity training.

There are plenty of other studies that show strength trained athletes are able to achieve greater testosterone boosts with their workouts.

So what this means is that unlike with traditional cardio, where you end up hitting a plateau after a few weeks; with high intensity training, your progress and the transformation of your body ACCELERATE over time!

So rather than just focus on trying to burn what fat you can with cardio, your focus should AT FIRST be on building strength, speed, and power with high intensity training.

A great example of athletes who do this is…

Powerlifers Who Later Turn Into Bodybuilders

The greatest bodybuilders have always been the guys who started out as powerlifters.

Powerlifters only focus on building strength. They don't care about body fat. They lift EXTREMELY heavy weights but only do a few reps, which builds strength but doesn't burn any fat.

When they then use this strength to do fat burning bodybuilding workouts (where they lift MODERATELY heavy weights through a greater number of repetitions), they both build muscle like crazy and burn fat like crazy.

And get this, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is far better at burning fat than powerlifting/bodybuilding.

This is because HIIT stimulates both your neuromuscular system AND your cardiovascular system, while weight training predominantly stimulates your neuromuscular system.

This means HIIT results in greater metabolic changes, and it's those metabolic changes that signal your body to burn fat.

Paleolithic HIIT is a specialized HIIT protocol that focuses on first improving your body's ability to burn fat by increasing the strength, speed, size_and power of your muscles, and then using that strength, speed, size_and power to blast away body fat in short order.

Some of my Paleolithic HIIT clients complain, AT FIRST, that their training makes them FEEL great, but they're not seeing any change in their body.

What I tell these guys is to focus on the good feelings, and the body transformation will follow, because those good feelings of increased energy, alertness, and strength, are an indication that your body is transforming internally, and the external transformation will soon follow.

With Paleolithic HIIT, by the time you start to see that first bit of change in your physique, the rest of the journey becomes almost too easy, because your body has already undergone many of the changes that make it BETTER at boosting testosterone, BETTER at burning fat, and GREAT at blasting away man boobs.

So, if you have just started on my Paleolithic HIIT program, focus on the performance for now, and in just a couple of weeks, you'll start to notice slight changes in your physique – changes that just keep getting better and better over time.

You can learn more about getting started on Paleolithic HIIT here:

Whether you want to look great for that upcoming socially distanced party or get-together, or you want to look great for the rest of the summer, the best way to go about it is to condition your body to get BETTER at burning fat. One of the best ways I know how to do this is through paleolithic high intensity interval training:

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