Is Raw Milk Dangerous?

Is Raw Milk Dangerous?

In my last article, I told you why raw milk is good for you, and how it can help you lose your man boobs by boosting your testosterone levels and providing a good source of progesterone.

But there's a lot of scaremongering going on when it comes to raw milk.

The dairy industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was some big scheme designed to keep us drinking that sorry excuse for milk that you get at the grocery store – pasteurized, homogenized, pumped with hormones and antibiotics, devoid of micronutrients… the list goes on.

I have a couple of friends who are doctors, and when I first mentioned raw milk to them, they pounced on me and exclaimed how dangerous raw milk was, how it could contain harmful microbes that can kill.

But on further examination, it turned out neither of them had done any extensive research on raw milk, they had both heard a brief passing mention that it was dangerous back in medical school.

Doctors are not experts in nutrition.

They form strong opinions about things they know very little about, because they are expected by society to know EVERYTHING about the human body, and they try hard to meet that standard.

Raw milk is not dangerous, just because it's raw.

It CAN be dangerous.

Raw milk can be dangerous if cows are milked to a low hygienic standard, where cow feces and/or cow urine is mixed into the milk.

So don't buy your raw milk from just ANYONE.

Get it from a reputable, regulated supplier.

No raw milk supplier would be in business for long if he didn't uphold the strictest of hygiene standards.

I recently came across this UK forum post, where some idiot parroted the same scaremongering crap about raw milk that is taught to the public in general. I found the reply to this idiot to be particularly enlightening.

Here's the convo:

[Someone else talks about how raw milk has helped them]


A very happy dose of some nasty disease to you. You are a fantasist. There is no benefit in raw milk. All there is from it is the risk of a long list of diseases. Some of them fatal. I don't just say this. Science does. You may as well be encouraging the eating of cow dung and urine, which is to be found in unpasteurised form in all raw milk.


Ha Ha, I can't stop laughing at the uninformed rant from boroughbloke.

Pasteurisation and more importantly homogenisation are what has been proven to kill all bacteria in milk, however our bodies have survived on exactly that type of bacteria for millennia.

I've been drinking raw milk for years, on average 2 litres a day. I'm actually drinking a glass now and I'm searching in vain for the cow dung and urine.

I'm 48, have no health problems, never have had, do Ironman racing, long distance cycling and martial arts, I'm the same weight as I was at 21.

I don't follow government guidelines for nutrition because I see the results all around me. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, alzeimers and cancers, all increased even with all the government expertise.

Any food that's processed is not gonna be as good for you as natural food, and virtually all processed food is actually detrimental to your health.

Shop milk won't be detrimental but it's processed so much it's not worth drinking for it's nutrient value.

It's gonna get worse when the government brings in the TTIP, when the higher standards that Europe demand will be swept away by the American food industry.

By the way for your information, the government doesn't have the same health and safety procedures for checking farms that are licensed to sell raw milk as farms that sell pasteurised, they have a far more stringent procedure!

It show's how much as a society we've been brainwashed when people think there's cow dung in milk, obviously not many cows in the borough and I'm not a trained vet but I'm sure the milk doesn't come out of a cow's arse!!


Wow, johnmolloy said a lot of powerful things.

I've been drinking raw milk for years too, and I'm yet to experience any stomach problems.

I've started a LOT of other people on raw milk, and the only time they sometimes experience stomach problems is a little discomfort in the beginning, as the stomach learns to deal with the new helpful bacteria. But this discomfort totally disappears when they continue to drink raw milk.

johnmolloy doesn't follow government nutritional guidelines, which advises you get some 70% of your nutrition from carbohydrates. And yet he is disease-free and as lean at 48 when he was at 21, yet people around him are fat, have heart disease, diabetes, etc.

He says natural food is better for you than processed food – totally true.

The only thing I disagree with is he says “Shop milk won't be detrimental”, I say shop milk IS detrimental, it gave me man boobs, it may have given YOU man boobs, and it's caused cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and a long list of other problems in an untold number of other people.

So stop drinking store-bought milk, and find yourself a reputable supplier of raw milk.

Because of all the scaremongering around raw milk, it's unfortunately BANNED in several states. It can be very difficult to get hold of. If you can't get it where you live, then there's no need to despair.

We don't NEED milk in our diet for optimal health, we can get by just fine without it.

Sure, raw milk helps balance the bacteria in our gut and helps improve your hormone profile, but you can achieve the same with a natural diet of eggs, meat, fish, raw veggies, nuts and seeds.

One thing raw milk provides you with, is progesterone.

You get progesterone in store-bought milk too, but its effects are offset by high levels of estrogen.

See, estrogen is a female hormone that makes men develop feminine traits, like man boobs, high body fat, and reduced muscle mass.

Progesterone’s role on the other hand, is to counteract the effects of estrogen.

If you’ve got too much estrogen in your system, progesterone is the ideal hormone to counteract it.

Raw milk is a great source of progesterone.

But because of all the estrogens we are exposed to in the modern world, boosting progesterone through diet alone may not be enough.

That’s why I recommend using a good all-natural progesterone cream.

When you balance those high estrogens in your body with the right amount of progesterone, you may even be shocked at how easy it is to get rid of your man boobs.

When you balance your hormones using natural methods, it also gets easier to lose weight, build muscle, and, well, to be more of a man.

So try some raw milk first. You should notice more energy, good fat reduction, more muscle, and your man boobs may even go down a little.

If you then want the man boobs to go down further, add in a progesterone cream for that supplemental boost.

Here’s a good progesterone cream that’s working for my clients:

Interesting Fact
I’m watching Cosmos 2014, a documentary about space.

I’ve always been fascinated by space. I would spend hours gazing at the stars back when I was a kid.

Did you know that stars are born in clusters, a “litter” of stars, forming a constellation in the sky?

Over time they drift apart, never to meet again.

How similar is this to the lives of humans and animals on earth?

We are born into a family with siblings, as we grow older we drift apart, keeping in touch less and less as we grow older.

The Pleiades cluster, 100 million year old “toddlers”

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  1. Hi Gary.

    Tell that guy from me that he is an idiot.

    I grew up with cow, goat and buffalo milk when I was young in my country, Romania, holding the cup right under the cow’s tits and my grandfather milking directly into it.

    The best milk ever. And besides I have never seen any feces or urine in it. My grandparents only boiled the milk to be able to keep it longer and only the next day. Early in the morning, before they boiled the milk, they collected the cream that developed on top of the milk and would make butter with it, in a bottle. Those were the best years of my life and I grew healthy and strong. The trouble started when I got in touch with chemicals or eat foods that are strongly estrogenic.




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