Lose Weight At Home In Just 10 Minutes A Day (New Study)

Lose Weight At Home In Just 10 Minutes A Day
here new study shows that losing weight at home may be easier than once thought. The exercise suggested by the study is so simple, you can do it in your bedroom without any equipment, and best of all, it's over in just a couple of minutes. Even better though, is the fact that you don't even break a sweat! So you save even more time by not having to shower or change your clothes.

I've personally gotten great results with this exercise. One powerful tip not mentioned in the video, is that the best time to do the exercise is just before a meal to open those Glut4 insulin-regulated glucose transporters in your muscle cells, so the carbs from your meal go in to feed your muscles, rather than to be stored as fat. For added effect, combine this with another quick set 90 minutes after a meal, when your post-meal glucose levels are at their highest.

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