Milk & Dairy For Guys With Man Boobs

Does Dairy Cause Man Boobs

Milk comes with many of the same problems as meat does.

In 1993, the FDA approved recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to be injected into dairy cows. rBGH is a synthetic cow hormone that increases milk production in cows by around 15%.

Though rBGH has little proven effect on the human body, studies have found that milk from cows treated with rBGH contains up to 10 times higher levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

Studies suggest that estrogen acts together with IGF-1 to promote breast development. Estrogen can't promote breast development at all on its own. So increasing your blood levels of IGF-1 by drinking rBGH-treated milk, can most definitely give you man boobs. And if you're trying to lose man boobs, drinking rBGH-treated milk will make this notoriously difficult.

Higher blood levels of IGF-1 have also been directly associated with an increased risk of breast, prostate, and other cancers. In a 2004 study, patients with above-average IGF-1 levels had a nearly 50% higher risk of prostate cancer and 65% higher risk of hormone-dependent premenopausal breast cancer than people with below-average levels.

Studies have found that the estrogen content in non-organic and organic milk is the same. However, it's common knowledge that women who suffer from breast tenderness and fullness while drinking non-organic milk, become free of symptoms when they switch to organic milk. The difference is likely due to IGF-1. Note that anything that elicits symptoms of breast tenderness and fullness in women, is likely to also cause gynecomastia in men.

Is Organic Milk OK?

Though organic milk is a lot better than non-organic milk, if you suffer from man boobs, I suggest you avoid milk altogether.

Studies have found that both skimmed and whole milk cause a huge insulin response that you wouldn’t predict from looking at their carb and protein contents. Cream and butter on the other hand, do not cause such a big insulin response.

One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found milk to be more insulinogenic than even white bread!

What Forms of Dairy Are OK For Man Boob Sufferers?

So what's the bottom line here? As a guy with man boobs, and/or excess body fat, what form of dairy should and should you not be having?

Well for starters, you should avoid all forms of dairy from hormone-treated animals. Elevated IGF-1 levels are something you can definitely do without.

The huge dose of insulin you get from skimmed, semi-skimmed and normal whole-milk means these should be avoided as well.

So this leaves us with full-fat cream (the more fat the better), full-fat yogurt, cheese and butter. Remember though that it's just as important to get these high fat forms of dairy from organically raised grass-fed animals.

If for whatever reason you are unable to go organic, then follow the same pathway as I advised earlier with meat. Get your dairy from local sources where they don't use hormones. rBGH is quite expensive, so it's mostly used by big commercial dairy cattle owners. If you can't do this either, then here's what I suggest…

Cream, yogurt, butter, cheese

Cream, yogurt, butter and cheese are the better forms of dairy for man boob sufferers

Discontinue ALL dairy products for a few weeks. Evaluate how your man boobs respond to this. Then slowly re-introduce dairy into your diet, with one type of dairy at a time. Start with the lowest offenders (i.e. high fat dairy – cream, full fat yogurt, cheese, butter). Consider leaving out milk permanently. Whether organic or not, I've seen a common trend in my clients being unable to lose weight or lose man boobs unless they come off milk. This is most likely due to the insulin response as mentioned earlier. But hey, it's always up to you in the end. You can always experiment with it, try re-introducing milk into your diet and see how it goes.

If your diet contains full-fat cream, yogurt, cheese and/or butter from organic sources, and you're still finding it difficult to lose those man boobs, then consider following the above pathway of eliminating these from your diet as well for a few weeks. This is because organic or not, the estrogen content in all dairy can vary considerably depending on where you get the dairy from, and how dairy farming is carried out in your particular area.

In my personal experience, the high fat forms of dairy – cream, cheese, full-fat yoghurt and butter have rarely posed a problem. Now I'm only going on my own experience here, I haven't yet found any scientific evidence to suggest this is true. I think it may be because the increase in your own body's natural testosterone levels from the high saturated fat-content of these forms of dairy, offsets and more-than compensates for any increase in estrogen you may get.

No Milk? But Don't I Need Milk For My Bones???

If you do your research you'll find that the whole thing about milk being good for your bones and teeth is a lie promoted by the dairy industry.

Think about it. America has the highest per capita consumption of milk and yet has the highest rate of osteoporosis. American women drink thirty times as much cow's milk as New Guinean women, yet American women suffer forty-seven times as many broken hips from osteoporosis. In fact, a multi-country analysis found that milk consumption has a high statistical association with higher rates of hip fractures. So the more milk you drink, the more likely you are to break a bone!

If you want strong bones, stick to green leafy vegetables. The darker the better. Cooked collard greens, kale and spinach are especially good. These not only contain more calcium than milk, but the calcium is more easily absorbed by the body and retained.

According to natural health expert Dr. Mercola

“Milk and refined sugar make two of the largest contributions to food induced ill health in our country.”

Is Avoiding Milk Enough To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs?

No way! Avoiding milk is definitely important, but your man boobs won't magically shrink away as soon as you stop drinking the stuff.

To lose man boobs, you need to avoid a whole bunch of other foods. You have to know what to eat to help burn that chest fat, and it also helps if you exercise in the right way for losing man boobs.

To learn about all these methods, click the link below to watch a free video on how to lose man boobs naturally:

30 thoughts on “Milk & Dairy For Guys With Man Boobs”

  1. Hi, I consume a significant amount of whey protein isolate sourced from grass fed cows and not denatured. Because I don’t eat a lot of meat for health reasons, this whey makes up for may protein needs, especially when I’m lifting weights. Could this whey protein isolate be causing my man boobs and possibly low T levels?

    • Hi Sean

      Whey protein isolate is an excellent pre and post-workout shake. If you have low testosterone and man boobs, then whey protein isolate is unlikely to be the culprit. There can be an untold number of other factors, but one glaringly obvious one you have mentioned in your comment, is the fact that you don’t eat meat. Studies show that vegetarians have lower testosterone levels than people who eat meat.

  2. Dr Mercola is the biggest nut on the net. And yes, I’m including the guy who claims the British Royal family are lizard people and all the illuminati proponents.

    • Oops. I was thinking of Dr. Leonard Coldwell not Mercola. Mercola’s OK. I guess he’s talking about that weird hormone in US milk that’s illegal in Europe which increases milk production.

    • Hi Michael. Whey protein does help to build muscle, especially when taken before, during and after your workouts. I would suggest taking whey protein isolate, as this contains less milk residue than the cheaper whey protein concentrate.

  3. Hey, what about Kefir? Kefir is lactose-free, and has billions of probiotic beneficial bacteria. Are these okay for man boob sufferers?

    • Yes, kefir is good for you, especially if it’s kefir made from raw milk. You might also consider having coconut milk kefir.

    • Hey Robert. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If all you’re looking for is muscle growth, then the milk residues from whey protein concentrate are likely help you more with your muscle growth endeavors, especially if it’s from organic grass-fed cows.

      However, seeing as pasteurized milk boosts estrogen more than testsoterone, if you’re trying to lose man boobs, then I would still stick to isolate.

  4. Hi, I’m thinking of coconut milk as a replacement to regular dairy milk. is this a good alternative? Also, I’m reading that soy milk increases the estrogen hormones. should I stay away from it?

    • Hi Ahmed. Coconut milk is fine. There’s no scientific link between soy milk consumption and elevated estrogen levels.

      Studies that have shown soy increases estrogen, have used isolated isoflavones, like genistein. Soy taken as a whole food actually helps reduce the influence of estrogens in your body.

      Try to avoid processed, GMO and non-organic soy. When it comes to soy milk, stick to the organic and unsweetened non-GMO variety.

  5. Hey Garry if man boobs are gone can a person return to normal (of course healthy organic ) diet and will he regrow man boobs ?

    • It depends what you mean by “normal”. For some people, “normal” means eating junk and loadsa carbs. Just like with weight loss, going back to your old ways will likely mean your man boobs will grow back.

      Saying that, there is some leeway, in that it takes more effort to get rid of man boobs than it does to maintain your results.

      Once you’ve lost your man boobs, you can try re-introducing some of your favorite stuff and see how your body responds. I for example, eat donner kebab every now and then, though I stopped completely while I was trying to lose my man boobs.

  6. Can I have eggs (like 6 a day) if I have moobs? Thing is I need proteins as I’m hittin the gym regularly. Is 6 too much by any means?

    • Hi Anirudh, not at all, eggs are very good for you, have however many you want. The great Vince Gironda was reported to have eaten as many as 36 eggs a day. Make sure your eggs are from pasture-raised organic hens.

    • Our daily Protein requirement is 50g. From the list I have posted below you can see that it’s not difficult to obtain that much amount from food. So, you don’t need to only rely on eggs for protein. Eat more peanuts, beans like kidney or soya.
      – Soya Beans – 72%
      – Peanuts – 52%
      – Kidney Beans – 48%
      – Wheat – 28%
      – Lentils (boiled) – 18%
      – Eggs – 26%
      – Paneer – 22%
      – Cow milk – 6%
      [The percentage is out of 100g of the food type]

  7. Hi Gary I have been on a low calorie diet for a while now. I have finally reached my goals (not any weight in particular but just by appearance I have reached my goals:). So Yay… But I have been researching the process of working back up to my normal matinance calories (going from my low calorie diet to a normal one). And have discovered that their is a risk of getting gynocamastia when doing this due to hormonal imbalance (I think) from the sudden change in calorie intake per day going from low to normal. I am currently working my way back up to a normal caloric intake (slowly) adding only 100 calories per day for each week. This way their won’t be such a drastic change in calories for example going from 600 cal to 1600 cal I am instead trying to go from 800 cal first week (7 days) to 900 cal the next week. My hope is that by doing this (with a healthy diet of coarse) my body won’t go through any massive hormonal changes or gain any weight. What do you think? Have you ever heard of getting gynocamastia this way? Is dairy something I should avoid in this process (along with the other junk food)? I would help me out so much if you would respond. (Ps if it matters I am still a teen 15 years old 97 pounds 5foot 1in)

    • Hey Tyler

      Congratulations for reaching your appearance goals!

      I don’t advise going on a low calorie diet in the first place for either losing body fat or losing man boobs. Since you’re already on a low calorie diet, if you want to increase your intake of food, so long as you eat HEALTHY food, the kind of food I recommend here on my website and in my programs, there’s no reason why your man boobs should grow back, or why you should put on any additional body fat.

  8. What about consuming milk/dairy products in small amounts. Such as milk fat being listed in an ingredients list (not in large quantities) if this is not organic would such a low dose still be enough to raise estrogen. I have a pretty healthy diet with lots of cruciferous vegetables and citrus fruits wich lower estrogen. But I still try to avoid some of my favorite products because they have one or two ingredients that contain milk. Would it be ok to eat them in moderation?

    • Hi Josh

      I doubt small quantities here and there would be a big deal. It’s only people with full-blown milk ALLERGIES that need to avoid small amounts of milk in the ingredients list of a processed food item.

      Generally though, do try to keep your consumption of processed food to a minimum. Natural whole-foods with one ingredient are best.

  9. Of course, if you’re not in America or Australia then you’re already at a great advantage – dodgy growth hormones pumped into cows that make them look like Arnie are banned across the UK and the whole of the EU – mainly because they aren’t safe. But the FDA wouldn’t let a small factor like that bother them. This is what will always happen when an agency responsible for drugs is just down the hallway from an agency responsible for food.

  10. Great post.
    Hey Gary but what about non fat Greek yogurt?
    It has no fat, very low in carbs , high in protein and low on calories?
    What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Tyler,

      I can think of worse foods to eat.

      Low fat dairy is better than NO dairy, especially yogurt, because it’s fermented.

      All in all the studies seem to show low fat yogurt is good for you.

      But full fat yogurt is even better. The latest studies show that dairy fat taken with dairy in its whole unadulterated form, does not in any way raise your risk of heart disease. If there were two fats that I would recommend to my own parents if they had heart disease, it would be coconut oil and full fat dairy.

      If it’s weight gain you’re worried about, the studies show full fat dairy does not make you gain weight. In fact, they show that full fat dairy is more satiating than low fat dairy, even if the energy intake is the same.

      To further boost the health gains you get from yogurt, make sure it’s organic and from grass-fed cows.

      Oh, and I just noticed you mentioned about low fat yogurt being lower in calories. Forcefully reducing calories in your diet doesn’t help with anything, not with weight loss, not with losing man boobs.

      Think of being overweight or having man boobs as a disease process that has been started as a result of chemicals and foods that are not right for your body, and this disease process makes your body crave more calories.

      The solution here is not to force your body to take in fewer calories, this is the game 99% of people wanting to lose weight play, and the vast majority fail at it. Focus instead on curing that disease by avoiding chemicals and eating natural foods that help your body heal. Once the fat accumulating disease is cured, your body will naturally want to take in less calories, and the weight will come off over time without you constantly having to fight against that urge to take in more calories.

      So there’s no point eating low fat yogurt because it’s low in calories. If it’s low in calories, you’ll just eat more of it. Better to eat full fat yogurt for the health benefits in the fat – conjugated linoleic acid, fat soluble vitamins, blunted insulin response, etc.


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