One Tweak And He Instantly Looks Better In A T-Shirt

My client Guy just told me about how he made one little tweak that made his man boobs disappear beneath a tight t-shirt.

How did he do it?

He wore a compression shirt.

Guy was reluctant to wear a compression shirt at first because he was determined to lose his man boobs and was afraid a compression shirt would make him lazy.

But he finally took the plunge and picked one up when I told him a compression shirt could actually help him LOSE his man boobs.

Here's what he said in his email:

“Garry, I decided to wear it every day whenever I went out, and within a few days I totally got used to it. It's actually got to the point where I don't realize I'm wearing a compression shirt any more. There's no discomfort, it actually makes my body feel tight and keeps everything together, those jiggly bits aren't jiggly any more and I feel like a tank!

I'm at a stage now where I look half-decent with a t-shirt on, but not all the time. I kind of feel fat after I've eaten too much and only look good when I haven't eaten for a while or just after a workout. With this compression shirt, I look 100% decent ALL THE TIME! It's such a good feeling when you know 100% that you look great, people really do treat you differently.

I admit, I feel like a bit of a fraud at times, I know a lot of these people would probably laugh at my jiggly bits if they saw me topless, but it helps knowing that I'm also taking your advice and I'm on my way to looking this decent without my compression shirt.

And you're right, it's actually motivating me to eat better and stick to my workouts. I can't WAIT to start looking like this WITHOUT a compression shirt.

But meanwhile, this thing has totally changed my life, it's like Christmas came early. So thanks for that tip Garry, this is maybe one of the best pieces of advice you've given me so far, it's really changed my life.


Guy bought the following compression shirt, it's the same one I recommend to my clients:

You can read what's so good about it here:

If you haven't tried a compression shirt before, I highly recommend you get one and give it a go. The confidence boost you get from wearing one can change your life, trust me, I've seen it happen time and time again.

Just don't fall into the trap some other guys fall into when they buy compression shirts: don't give up on your diet and training just because you can look decent wearing your compression shirt when you go out.

Looking good in a compression shirt is nothing compared to looking good without one.

Use a compression shirt to look great NOW, but carry on with my methods on natural man boob reduction to improve your physique in the long-run, so you no longer need a compression shirt to look great.

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