Puffy Nipple Success Story With 2 Months Of Turmeric Tea

So earlier today an Uday M. (surname shortened in case he doesn't want to be identified) from India got in touch and said:

I'm drinking turmeric tea from 2 months and can see a slight change.My puffy nipple are not gone but the lump of mass behind it has reduced.Should i drink the turmeric water 2 times a day for better changes”

Wow, so Uday's glands are shrinking – the very thing doctors tell us is impossible to shrink and can only be removed by surgery.

And he's seeing results in as early as just 2 months.

His glands shrinking is the first step. Uday is likely to his nipples tightening over time, as long as he continues to further shrink his glands (and man boobs if he has them).

Anyway, here's my reply:

“Hi Uday,

Yes, with turmeric, more is generally better. However, be sure to take an amount that you will be able to keep up with long term. Making turmeric tea/water is hassle and drinking it isn't something most people look forward to. If you start drinking 2 cups a day today, you might get fed up in a week and just give up altogether.

If you're sure you can stick to taking 2 cups a day, then go for it, but I'd advise you take the turmeric tea say in the morning, and a good turmeric supplement in the evening.”

So what are you waiting for?

If you have puffy nipples or man boobs or both, and you're not taking turmeric, then start taking it right away.

Fresh whole turmeric root is the best, but it's a lot of hassle to work with.

Turmeric powder and supplements are much more convenient and CAN be really powerful too, but you have to be careful where you get it from.

Some sources of turmeric powder have been known to contain lead, which is added in to give the powder more color.

I saw this study once where an organic turmeric powder INCREASED the effects of estrogen in the body, because of estrogenic chemicals in the powder.

I haven't experimented with any turmeric powders, but I do know of a turmeric supplement that brings results for me and has done so for so many of my clients. You can get it here:


Or search “hewis and selby turmeric” on Amazon.

I've noticed these guys don't have fake review on their products, unlike so many other sellers on Amazon (I don't trust most reviews on Amazon any more).

They've been selling their supplement for several years now and have so few reviews, so be sure to leave them a review to help them out and keep them in business so we can keep benefiting from their supplement.

Why Are Man Boobs So Common In India?

A lot of guys believe man boobs are down to bad genes or bad luck, but you only have to look at somewhere like India, where Uday is from, to know this isn't true.

See, man boobs are frightfully common in India, because there is so little regulation against chemical use, and estrogenic chemicals are being used EVERYWHERE.

That's why something like turmeric comes in so handy:- it protects your body from the effects of chemicals, especially from man boob growing estrogenic chemicals.

That's why I recommend EVERY guy with man boobs to take some form of turmeric every day, even if it doesn't SEEM to be working.

If it doesn't SEEM to be working on its own, then it will at the very least, make it easier for OTHER methods to work.

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