Shocking Your Body Into Losing Man Boobs And Growing More Muscle

Whatever diet you are on, whatever method of training you are using, there’s a 9/10 chance you are destined to never reach your goals no matter how hard you try… UNLESS you use the special technique I’m about to reveal to you today.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before, or tried to lose man boobs, or grow some muscle, you’ll know that after a while your body just stops responding to your efforts.

No matter how hard you run, how hard you push those weights, or how much you starve yourself, the fat on your chest stays put, fat elsewhere on your body doesn’t go anywhere, you stop getting stronger, and your muscles stop growing.

If you’ve started lifting weights Chest Sculpting Blueprint-style, then I guarantee there will come a day when you can no longer add a single OUNCE of weight to the bar.

You’ll go on pushing that same weight for weeks, months, or even YEARS, and see little or no further gains in muscle mass, and little loss of body fat from your training.

Imagine doing all that hard work, to only grow a little-bit of muscle that no-one can see. Imagine doing all that hard work to only lose a little-bit of body fat and a little-bit of chest fat. Despite all the hard work from your training, at the end of the day, you’re still fat, you still don’t have any muscles to show off with, and you still have man boobs. You’ll still be embarrassed of wearing a t-shirt, still be embarrassed of taking your top off in the bedroom or on the beach, and your friends will still tease you.

What Makes The Difference Between Getting Mediocre Results, And FULLY Losing Those Man Boobs & Getting That Beach-Body You Dream About?

What I have to tell you today, will make the difference between seeing mediocre success, and finally getting that beach-body you envision in your dreams – with chiseled sculpted pecs, ZERO man boobs, no puffy nipples, a flat tummy (with abs if you want), and a great overall physique.

The secret lies in knowing how to SHOCK your body into new levels of muscle growth and SHOCK your body into new levels of fat loss, every time you get stuck.

What do you do if you are stuck on one lift, say the bench press, even though your chest muscles are still puny, and you still have man boobs? No matter how hard you try, you still can’t increase the weight without cheating to finish your reps.

The answer is to use something called “periodization”, where you change your routine up to SHOCK your muscles into new growth.

Using Periodization To Shock Your Muscles Into New Growth, And Shock Your Body Into Mobilizing More Stored Fat

See, the trouble is that your body is always seeking balance or “homeostasis”. Where you are trying to burn fat and grow muscle, your body reacts by adapting so it can counteract the stressor that is burning your stored fat and forcing your muscles to grow.

When it comes to muscle growth, your muscles are wrapped tightly inside an interconnected network of tough fibrous connective tissue known as fascia. This fascia limits the amount of space your muscles have to grow.

As you train, not only do your muscles get stronger, but so do the connective tissue and fascia surrounding your muscles. It gets to the point where the connective tissue gets so strong, that your muscles can no longer grow, no matter how hard you push yourself. Homeostasis achieved! Your body is happy that your muscles can no longer grow.

But you and I are far from happy.

We want big muscles and almost zero fat. We want to look good on the beach, and couldn’t give a toss about the body’s need for homeostasis.

What WE want is to find a way to override the body’s homeostatic mechanisms for preventing muscle growth and fat loss. We need to find a way to make that fascia as loose and flexible as when we first started training. We need to decondition that fascia, so our muscles can grow.

But how do we do this?

The secret is with periodization.

According to Davis’s law, fascia will remodel itself (becoming stiffer and denser) along lines of stress. When we practice a movement repetitively, soft tissue will remodel itself in the direction of the desired movement so that the tissue becomes stronger at dealing with the forces in that particular direction.

With periodization, we can attack that fascia along different lines of stress that it hasn’t yet adapted for. When you do this, you’ll find that your muscle continues to grow, and your strength continues to increase.

How To Use Periodization In Your Training

When your body is no longer responding to one exercise (Exercise A), it often helps to change to a different, yet related exercise (Exercise B) for a few weeks. If you do it right, when you come back to Exercise A after a few weeks, you’ll find your body is suddenly able to lift heavier weights, and your muscles start growing again, and you start to lose more fat.

Regularly changing your exercises this way will not only help you to transform your body faster and with less effort, but it will also stimulate your mind by making your workouts more fun, enjoyable and refreshing, so you start looking forward to your workouts.

As opposed to doing the same boring routine over and over again for years on end, periodization is more engaging for the mind, it’s exciting, it gets you doing new and different things, from handstand pushups to military presses, one-arm hand-stands and walking around the house on your hands! From doing leg-presses to jump-squats, one-legged frog-jumps and kettlebell swings! The list is endless.

Here’s What To Do Now

Get started on the Chest Sculpting 12 Week Beginner’s Program. You’re most likely to get stuck first on either the shoulder press, or the bent-over barbell row. When you do, change to a different exercise for a week (e.g. dumbbells instead of a barbell for the shoulders; pullups instead of bent-over barbell rows for the back), then come back to the original exercise and see if you can’t do better.

If that doesn’t work, then you’ll be happy to know that I’ve dedicated an entire 22-page issue of the Advanced Chest Sculpting Series to the topic of Periodization. There, I reveal…

  • 10 Different methods of periodization that will help you blast past those plateaus, so you can grow as much muscle as you want, burn off that chest fat, and look great on the beach just a few weeks from now.
  • How often you need to change things around. Use periodization too frequently, and your muscles won’t get a chance to grow. Use it too infrequently, and you’ll end up slowing down your progress. When you use periodization the right way, your muscles will grow so quick, your friends and family might even accuse you of taking steroids!
  • How to anticipate the plateau, so you can change things up before your progress stalls.

… and more.

Click the link below to learn more about periodization in the Advanced Chest Sculpting Series:

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