The Importance Of Preparation When It Comes To Weight Loss And Losing Man Boobs

I remember the day I got my first car. I was so happy that I wanted to celebrate my newfound freedom by going on a road trip. I called my cousin Pete and we both headed off for an 80-mile trip to the beach in anticipation of sun, sea, sand and babes.

It was a spur of the moment thing – I drove off in my car within MINUTES of making the decision to go.

As soon as we arrived, things started to go wrong.

We underestimated how long it would take us to get there, and it was dark by the time we arrived. The beach was empty – no sun and no babes.

Since we had gone through so much trouble to get there, we decided to stay the night in a hotel and enjoy the beach in the morning.

We must have tried at least 7 or 8 hotels, and none of them had a room available. As I walked toward the entrance of the final hotel, I noticed a couple walking out – a guy with his extremely drunk girlfriend. Out of no-where, the girl spat in my face and screamed “It's all your fault! You ugly prick”, then threw up on the floor.

I stood there for a second wiping my face, and dumb-founded. I called her a “dumb bitch” and walked on, my ego partly smashed by the fact that a hot (albeit drunk) girl called me “ugly”.

After not finding any rooms in this hotel, I got in my car and proceeded to reverse out of the parking lot. Despite twisting my body all the way round to get a good look through the rear window, I managed to hit something really hard. I got out to see my new car's right-sided rear lights smashed by a small post.

I was heartbroken about my car, but we still had to carry on, we had to survive the night. I was too tired to drive back home and we still had to find a hotel. In the end, we resorted to sleeping in the car.

The night was freezing cold. We had no jackets and no blankets. I'd turn the car on a while to heat the car up, then turn it back off so the battery wouldn't die. Every time I turned the engine off, it would be less than 10 minutes before the car was freezing cold again.

We barely got any sleep, and come sunrise we went to the beach and it was still freezing cold. There wouldn't be any babes all day, and there was no getting in the water at THIS temperature. So we decided to get back in the car and head back home.

Pete and I still had a good laugh, but logistically, the entire trip was a disaster, and it was all because there was no planning involved whatsoever.

We didn't check the weather, we didn't check to see how long it would take for us to get there, we didn't book any hotels in advance, and we didn't take any blankets in case we had to sleep in the car.

If you ever want to achieve something in life, say losing your man boobs, you have to have a decent plan of attack before you begin.

As they say, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Pete and I tried very hard to find a hotel so we could rescue the road-trip by at least spending the night in comfort. Despite our efforts, we failed. I've seen countless guys who have tried and tried with every method they could think of to try and lose their man boobs, but they all failed because they never had a well thought-out plan of attack.

So if you are trying something that you think might help you lose your man boobs, stop right now and sit down and develop a well thought-out plan. Make sure you at least know WHY you are using a certain method before you use it.

If you don't want the hassle of creating your own plan, and you're not prepared to spend the next few years using trial and error to see what works, then how about a step-by-step plan that's already been prepared FOR you?

In my program, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, I give you a well-structured workout plan that you can follow step-by-step to get you the flat chest that you want.

My new program on Paleolithic HIIT, also has a step-by-step plan that will help you get rid of your man boobs.

Talking about HIIT, I received an email today from Shaarif. I thought you might find my reply helpful.

Shaarif asked me if the following HIIT program was any good:

Jump rope – 30 seconds
Mountain climbers – 30 seconds
Burpees (Squat thrust with pushup) – 30 seconds
Jumping jacks – 30 seconds
Repeat whole circuit 3 times with 30 sec rest in between sets or at the end.

I told Shaarif that out of all the exercises he mentioned, I only recommend using the jumping rope as a HIIT exercise. Other exercises you can use include running, swimming, cycling, heavy bag training, and going on the elliptical machine, stepping machine, or rowing machine.

Though an exercise like burpees can give you an excellent whole-body workout, the trouble is, that if you used a heart rate monitor, you would find that burpees are unable to get your heart rate up nearly as high as a good old fashioned running sprint.

With burpees, you are too limited by your speed of movement to be able to shock your body's systems to the same extent I get you to do in my new Paleolithic HIIT program. You can't use burpees, you can't use mountain climbers, you can't use jumping jacks, you can't even use squats or kettlebell swings.

Shaarif would be better off just jump roping really fast for 30 seconds, resting for 1-2 minutes, then jump roping again, and so on for 2-3 sets, then increasing the number of sets as he got better at dong jump-rope sprints.

But this is just one static protocol. In my new program on Paleolithic HIIT, I show you how you can implement strategic progression by mixing up performance training (with longer reps and shorter rest intervals) with physique training (with shorter much faster reps and longer rest intervals), and by using undulating periodization, flow training and other unique and powerful methods.

Learn more about Paleolithic HIIT here

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