What You MUST Know Before Having Gynecomastia Surgery

I was just going through a scientific paper published by a surgeon who has many years of experience treating men with gynecomastia.

He said something that caught my attention:

“In patients with low fat content, care was taken to remove all of the glandular tissue. Bodybuilders’ fat content is negligible compared with patients who have a high fat content where the surgeon may have to leave more of the glandular tissue.”

You can read the rest of the paper here:


This eludes to something I've been telling my clients for a long time.

If you're going to undergo surgery, it's crucial that you FIRST reduce your body fat levels right down, and reduce your man boobs via NATURAL methods as much as possible.

The less fat in your man boobs when you go under the knife, the EASIER the job of the surgeon.

I've got doctors who are close friends of mine, and I've spoken to a lot of breast surgeons who work with gynecomastia patients, and they always tell me how much of a pain body fat is when they are trying to perform surgery.

Surgery is easier for the surgeon when he is operating on a THIN patient. As a result, the surgeon does a better job. Thin patients also recover FASTER from surgery than do fat patients.

I get the occasional guy tell me he won't bother with my methods for losing man boobs naturally, that he's just going to go ahead and have surgery.

I always tell these guys that they should reduce their man boobs naturally FIRST.

9 times out of 10, guys who use my natural methods no longer end up NEEDING surgery.

And the few times when they still DO want surgery, they end up with MUCH better results from their surgery, because they are lean and have less fat on their man boobs after using my methods.

Notice how the surgeon in the above quote said that with fat patients, “the surgeon may have to leave more of the glandular tissue.”

This is something you definitely DON'T want.

Glandular tissue is the one most important thing you want to get rid of during surgery.

Not removing enough glandular tissue is the main reason why so many guys have told me that they've had surgery and their man boobs and puffy nipples are still there.

Another common problem is the experience level of the surgeon. If you read the above article, you'll understand how a surgeon with more experience is better able to remove more of the glandular tissue without damaging surrounding tissues.

So when you're looking for a surgeon, make sure you find out about how many years he has been performing this particular surgery, and how many patients he has performed the surgery on.

So what this all means is my methods of natural male breast reduction are just as important whether you plan on having surgery or not.

You can get started on my methods here:


One supplement I've found to be particularly effective at shrinking man boobs is progesterone. You can learn more about how progesterone can help get rid of man boobs here:


And I recently wrote about the best progesterone cream for getting rid of man boobs here:


Keep in mind that though I've seen some guys get great results doing nothing but using a good progesterone cream, for most guys, a supplement like progesterone will only work when combined with a good lifestyle regimen for losing man boobs, the way I outline in here, and in more detail in my program.

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