A Milk Alternative That Can Help You Lose Man Boobs

Spring is around the corner, and the weather has been great where I'm at. Still a bit chilly, but the sun shining does make a big difference!

It's getting to that time of year when you can no longer wear a jacket to hide those man boobs. If you want to be comfortable in a t-shirt this summer, then now is the best time to get started on flattening out your chest.

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In How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I talk about how milk is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to man boobs. Dairy farmers commonly use estrogen to make their cattle produce more milk.

I remember once reading about this woman who went cycling around europe. She was very fond of milk at the time, and would try out the milk in every country she visited. She found that in certain countries (i.e. in the ones where the use of steroid hormones on livestock is allowed), drinking milk gave her symptoms of breast fullness and tenderness.

The very triggers that gave this woman breast fullness and tenderness, are the ones that cause men to grow man boobs, and make LOSING man boobs an impossible task.

If you drink milk, you should only ever go for raw organic milk from grass-fed animals. More on this here:


Just a few days ago, I rejoiced when I finally found an excellent substitute for milk – one that I could drink from a glass, and blends perfectly in with my tea (i.e. doesn't curdle). It tastes great, and there's so much you can do with it. The type of milk I discovered is coconut milk.

Coconut milk contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA's), which are notoriously good for helping you to reduce body fat by stimulating your body's metabolism.

Human studies have shown that MCFA's increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis. Men who consume a diet rich in MCFA's, have actually been found to lose more body fat than when they eat a diet rich in LONG chain fatty acids from olive oil.

So you know those ads they show on TV of how people in the Mediterranean live long healthy lives because of a diet rich in olive oil? Well coconut products like coconut water, coconut oil, and coconut milk, are even better!

A good brand of coconut milk I have found is this one:


There are a whole bunch of different brands you can try though, and they are all slightly different in taste from one another, and in the way they mix with your tea. I advise you to give a range of different brands a try, and discover for yourself, which you like best.

Do get back to me when you find one that works well for you.

Also, just changing your milk alone isn't enough for you to lose your man boobs by this summer. You've got to incorporate a whole system of man boob reduction methods into your daily regimen. To discover the best methods that can ensure you are flat-chested and beach-ready by this summer (which is just around the corner by the way), pick up a copy of How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:


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