A New Model Of The World For Training Success In 2020 And Beyond

Today I want to give you a model of the world that you can use–to your benefit–for the rest of 2020, and hopefully for the rest of your life.

It's this model of the world that helps me easily get back on track if I ever miss a workout.

If you adopt this model of the world, it will serve you well. It will see to it that you lose your man boobs, lose any excess body fat you might have, grow some muscle, and finally build (and easily maintain) that dream physique you've always wanted.

Here it is…

Imagine you were NOT living in the modern world where we have TV's, computers, laptops, phones, cars, supermarkets, Amazon Prime, and everything else that makes our lives convenient.

Imagine instead that you were living in a harsh world where you had to fight to survive. You know, like in those caveman days where our genetically near-identical ancestor, Grok, had to hunt for his food, lift heavy things to build shelter, lift his own bodyweight to get out of danger, and fight rival tribes to survive.

Put yourself in Grok's shoes for a moment.

Grok didn't work out because he wanted a great body or because he wanted to reduce body fat.

Grok worked out because he had to in order to survive.

In the modern day, every time you and I decide to exercise, we do it because we want to look better, feel better, or perform better. So each time we have to make that decision to work out.

Grok on the other hand, never had to make that decision

With Grok, something would happen to him FIRST, and exercise would result as a side-effect.

  • Grok would get hungry, so he would go hunt down an animal for food (hunting=exercise).
  • A strong wind might blow the roof off his home just before a storm, so he would have to get out there in the cold and secure a new roof. This would involve lifting heavy things (=exercise).
  • Grok might get chased by a saber-toothed tiger, in which case he would have to RUN or climb a tree (running=exercise).
  • He might get attacked by a rival tribesman, forcing him to fight back (fighting=exercise).

Exercise is something that just happened to Grok, but it rarely just happens to us in the modern day, which means we have to do something differently.

See, anthropologists say that Grok was the most robust form of the human species. They say the average Paleolithic man had the same strength, speed, and lean muscular build as today's most elite Olympic athletes.

One important reason why Grok had such a great build is because he had to exercise no matter what. If he didn't exercise, he would die.

No matter how lazy he was feeling one morning, no matter how busy he was with his day, even when he was sick, if he heard a lion growling just around the corner, he would get off his butt and RUN. Exercise would just happen. It would happen no matter what.

But alas, we don't live in the prehistoric era. Exercise doesn't happen to us the way it happened to Grok (except maybe if road rage forces you out of your car and you get into a fight with a fellow road raged driver).

In the modern day, exercise is a choice. Most of the time in the modern day, we have to make exercise happen. And that's a BIG REASON why SO MANY people in the modern day are obese, overweight, or have man boobs.

We have to CHOOSE to exercise. Most people choose NOT to exercise. Most people who do choose to exercise, aren't consistent with it. They'll exercise for a few weeks, get bored, and stop because they're not seeing any results in their body. A lot of people stop exercising when life gets stressful.

But here's the thing.

Anthropologists and geneticists say that our bodies are no different from how they were back in the prehistoric era. Genetically, we are 99.998% the same as our Paleolithic ancestor over 10,000 years ago.

In fact, our genes were BUILT in the Paleolithic era, which lasted for over 2 million years. What this means is our bodies today were designed to live in the Paleolithic era. We are designed to exercise, we are designed to physically fight for our survival on a regular basis.

When you don't live the way your body was DESIGNED to live…

When you don't live the way your body was DESIGNED to live, guess what happens? Your body gets weak and frail, you suffer from disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more), and you get fat, obese, and grow man boobs.

Your body EXPECTS to exercise. It EXPECTS exercise to happen regularly. It EXPECTS exercise to be INTENSE.

A great body, athletic fitness, and good health, all come from aligning your body with nature, giving your body the kind of lifestyle it was DESIGNED to follow, the kind of lifestyle Grok lived.

So next time you get up in the morning and feel like you just can't be BOTHERED to exercise, ask yourself, “what would Grok do?” Grok wouldn't have a choice BUT to exercise.

The model of the world I want to give you today, is that you should PRETEND that you're a caveman living in the Paleolithic era. PRETEND that exercise is not a choice. PRETEND that your life depends on you exercising.

Take CHOICE out of the equation. Don't ask yourself, “Do I feel like exercising today?” No, just do it because you have to. Do it because your body EXPECTS you to exercise.

Any time I'm facing a particularly tough exercise, like the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise, I have this chant in my head: “don't think just do, don't think just do, don't think just do”.

If you think and try to rationalize–in the moment just before exercise–whether you can handle this workout, whether you feel like doing it right now, your mind will find a way to talk you out of it. Don't think. Don't let your mind in the moment have a say. Just do it, and you'll find you can handle it just fine.

You will feel great after the workout, and you will thank yourself for just doing it. If instead you listen to your mind in the moment and skip the workout, you'll feel like crap for letting yourself down.

Make exercise something you HAVE to do.

Make exercise a part of your routine, just the way Olympic athletes do. If you read up on successful Olympic athletes, the likes of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, you'll see that exercise is somewhat of a ritual for them, it's a routine they follow no matter what, no matter how under-the-weather they feel, they don't think about it, they just get in there and DO IT.

If you want a great body, if you want to lose your man boobs, THAT'S what you have to do:

Exercise as though your life depends on it.

And let me tell you something else–your life DOES depend on it.

Paleolithic man exercised because his life was IMMEDIATELY threatened. YOU must exercise because your life is threatened in the long-run. Here's why…

If you don't exercise as though YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY DEPENDS ON IT, you may not be torn apart by a saber-toothed tiger, but…

  • you WILL more likely be struck down by disease in the future,
  • you WILL live a more mediocre life of being overweight and shy of the world because of your man boobs,
  • you WILL lose the possibility of living that IDEAL life where you look and feel great and don't have man boobs,
  • you WILL more likely lose that one fight you get into in the future because you don't exercise and keep fit so can't handle yourself in a fight.

So the key to living a great life, being free of disease, being fit, healthy, strong, great-looking, and without man boobs, is to exercise as though your life depends on it.

Don't exercise as though your long-term life depends on it. Exercise as though your IMMEDIATE life depends on it. Exercise as though if you don't exercise right now, you will die.

Adopt this mindset, and it's only a matter of time before you have that great body and great health you've always wanted.

Oh, and HOW you exercise is important too. For the best results, especially for losing man boobs, exercise the way Paleolithic man did. I'll let Raf tell you about this here:


8 thoughts on “A New Model Of The World For Training Success In 2020 And Beyond”

  1. Hello Garry. I have bought all of your three programs. I have started incorporating many changes in my diet and lifestyle as specified in how to loose man boobs naturally.

    Garry i have been diagnosed with cervical and lumbar spondylytis and thoracic scoliosis.. Garry i really want to train with weights but my doc said to forget about weights ..Garry can i never lift weights again.. i have bought all equipments also.. whatever you suggested in your chest sculpting blueprint book.. but i feel so dejected :( :'(
    I just want to train and get rid of these moobs but my back stops me.
    Garry i request you to please help me as to how to go about..

    • Hi Sagar

      Sorry to hear of your diagnoses.

      Not being able to train with weights doesn’t mean you can no longer lose your man boobs. Weight training is just one tool out of countless others. If you can’t do weighted back squats, you can do high rep bodyweight squats, pistol squats, or leg presses. You just have to get creative, do your own research, and find different ways to boost testosterone through exercise.

      Without seeing you, I can’t advise you on what exercises are safe for you, this is something you’ll have to work out by yourself and by seeking help from professionals who can see you and examine you in person.

      Also, remember that diet and other lifestyle changes are important too. Diet is far more important than exercise.

      Countless people have been told they can’t do things by their doctor, yet they’ve gone ahead, done their own research, and found a way to achieve their goal. I’m not saying to ignore your doctor’s advice and do weight training anyway. What I am saying is one doctor’s advice isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all. I’ve known many doctors, and one thing I know is doctors LOVE to come across as though they know EVERYTHING about the human body, but the truth is they know very little compared to all the knowledge that’s out there. See a doctor who has an interest in health and fitness. Work with a physical therapist or personal trainer who has worked with people with similar diagnoses as yours. See a chiropractor and see what they can do for your back.

      And hey, you can still apply the principles in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint to bodyweight exercises that don’t use weights.

      Heck, you know what Sagar, just because you wrote in, I’m going to start writing a short report right now on bodyweight exercises you can do at home for losing man boobs. I’ll let you know when it’s out, I promise it won’t be long.

      • Garry thank you so much. I just don’t have words to express my gratitude to you.
        Really looking forward to the report.
        Have a wish to meet you once in lifetime.
        I wish you were in India..things would have been so much easier.

        Thank you once again for everything, Garry.

  2. Hello Gary, you sent out an email months ago speaking about using calcium d-glucarate with DIM to help get rid of estrogen, what were the dosage for these. I tried looking for the email you sent out on this but the link doesn’t work anymore. By the way, i’ve bought all your books and love what you do. I’m ready to take all of your recommendations to finally get rid of these moobs.

  3. Hey Garry,
    I purchased all three of your products but was not able to do them because I can’t afford the gym or weight sets. Also, it is too cold for me to sprint outside. I was wanting to know if there were any bodyweight alternatives to sprinting that I can do the same way. I would highly appreciate any sort of advice. I was thinking that I could do burpees or jumprope or high knees in place of the sprinting. I just need some alternative.

    Thank you with humble revernce,
    John G.

    Thank you so much. You gave me hope for my life.

    • Hi John, thanks for getting in touch.

      Burpees and high knees won’t get your heart rate up high enough. The Jump rope is a good one though, and I recommend this in my Paleolithic HIIT program. I see you have a copy of Paleolithic HIIT. In Chapter 8 (p124), I list 10 different Paleolithic HIIT exercises. 8 of these exercises you can do at home. 2 of these you can do with minimal or no equipment–the jump rope, and a variation on heavy back training, which is to shadow-box without a bag. I don’t mention shadow boxing in the book, but it’s definitely one that’ll get your heart rate up high enough.

      There aren’t more equipment-free at-home Paleolithic HIIT exercises, because, well, I’ve experimented with a whole load of tough exercises using a heart monitor, and none of these calisthenics exercises, even high-rep air squats, seem to be able to get your heart rate up high enough to contend with outdoor sprints, cycling, or swimming.

  4. Hello Garry. I am doing all the exercises that you asked me to do and I have been able to reduce my man boobs to a great extent. But I am not able to reduce my puffy nipples. I would be grateful to you if you kindly send me some ways to reduce puffy nipple through e-mail. I will never forget your help. Thank you.


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