A Powerful Man Boob Busting Snack Idea – Raw Spinach & Cheese

In my last post, I told you about how raw spinach can give you a serious training boost.

I've also previously told you about how spinach can help you burn fat, grow muscle, boost testosterone, and get rid of man boobs.

Last night I discovered a powerful new way to include raw spinach in your diet, without it feeling like you're eating something disgusting.

In fact, if you like cheese, then you may actually enjoy eating spinach this way.

See, in my first big article on spinach, I mentioned that the secret to eating raw spinach is to chow it down with another piece of food that has a strong flavor you enjoy.

In that article I gave you the example of eating raw spinach with fried chicken wings.

Today I discovered a far healthier food with a strong flavor – full-flavored mature cheddar cheese.

I ended up adding a LOT more spinach than this.

I've always enjoyed eating cheddar, but I find the mature stuff a little too strong to be eating on its own.

That's where the spinach comes in.

See, when you take a bite of cheddar, then stuff in a handful of spinach, the spinach waters down the strong taste of the cheddar, and the cheddar totally gets rid of the disgusting flavor of the spinach.

So you end up with a mouthful of food that tastes better than spinach and tastes better than cheddar cheese on its own.

Now I'm no expert on cheese, I've never got round to acquiring a taste for all those moldy blue, green and purple cheeses. But if you're into your cheese, feel free to substitute cheddar for your favorite type of cheese.

What's really powerful here, is the cheese does far more than just make spinach more palatable.

The fats in the cheese helps your body better absorb the healthful micronutrients in the spinach.

Not only that, but high fat dairy is known to help reduce body fat.

High fat dairy is also a good source of cholesterol. Healthy sources of dietary cholesterol are known to boost testosterone, and boosting testosterone is an important step to getting rid of man boobs.

You can learn more about getting rid of man boobs here:


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  1. In your earlier posts, you have mentioned that we need to completely stop dairy products. Having cheese with spinach is contradicting this. Can you pls give me more clarity?


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