Dip Those Man Boobs Away

I was reading this article about this dude Kumal Nanjiani, apparently he's playing the role of some Indian Marvel character.

Are they making more Marvel movies? I thought the death of Iron Man would be the end of it? That guy was the star of the show, man those first Iron Man movies were the best.

Anyways, so this Nanjiani guy built himself quite the impressive physique, and when asked what his favorite exercise was, he said:

“Dips. I like the feeling of holding up my body and how the exercise focuses on my pecs. it just feels like i’ve been doing something.”

Man, I so resonated with that.

I had a hard time with dips at first, but once I managed to do my first dip, I fell in love with the exercise.

It makes you feel so powerful knowing that you possess the strength of your LEGS in your arms.

And the best part of it is the way dips transform your chest.

I transformed my chest with dips in a way I never could do with the bench press, no matter how hard I tried.

When you first start doing dips and you can't do a single rep, it feels like the exercise is breaking up the bones in your chest to completely overhaul and transform the structure of your chest.

People HAVE been known to fracture their breastbone while doing dips.

Here are some articles I've written about dips:


You'll find in those articles, exactly how to do dips, and also how you can do dips at home without any equipment.

But for losing man boobs, you need more than just one exercise, you need a whole-body system, which you'll find in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint:


So get to doing them dips, combine 'em with a whole-body training regimen and the right diet, and those man boobs will soon be a thing of the past.

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