Study Finds New COVID-19 Treatment The Government Will Never Tell You About

COVID-19 Treatment

Last Sunday I drove to the farmers market to get my raw milk.

I couldn't be bothered to cycle because it's freezin' freakin cold.

Lockdown totally sucks, but one positive is the roads are empty, so I could wiz to the farmers market and back in 2 thirds of the time.

When I got there, the usual friendly couple at the stall weren't there. The guy who replaced them told me one of them got covid.

It's scary how this thing has affected so many people.

But regardless of how bad it seems, I want you to always remember that YOU are still in control.


Because covid affects unhealthy diseased people far more than it does healthy people.

Sure, we're hearing now more reports of young, “fit'n healthy” people dying of this virus.

But who defines what “fit'n healthy” means?

Just because someone is young, skinny, and doesn't have any of the major diseases that are known to make you prone to covid (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer), doesn't necessarily mean that person is “fit'n healthy”.

9 out of 10 people in the West are living on JUNK FOOD and do no exercise.

They are diseased inside and have no immune system to protect them against covid.

More and more studies are coming out that show us looking after our health by exercising and eating healthy, can protect us against covid.

For example, there are 17 different studies that show us high vitamin D levels protect us against covid. That's likely an important reason why covid affects black and south asian people more – because they naturally have lower vitamin D levels.

And it's not just vitamin D.

Other studies are emerging that highlight the beneficial effects of other healthful natural substances that can help protect us against covid.

Curcumin from turmeric for example, has been shown in studies to prevent entry of coronavirus into cells, as well as prevent viral replication. Curcumin is also known to be one of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

We know that in COVID-19, the over-activation of the immune system and resulting inflammatory storm are the key suspects of the disease that lead to lung damage and death.

So what better way to treat it than with a powerful anti-inflammatory agent like curcumin?

And we now have evidence that curcumin works on ACTUAL COVID-19 patients.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the gold standard, highest quality form of scientific study) published this October in the journal, International Immunopharmacology, researchers took 40 actual COVID-19 patients, and randomized them into two groups of 20 patients each: one group received curcumin, the other group received a placebo.

By the end of the study, not only did they find that the group treated with curcumin had significantly lower inflammatory markers in their blood than the placebo group, but the curcumin treated group also had statistically significant improvement in almost all the clinical manifestations that were measured, including fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

Also, where 8 out of 20 patients died in the placebo group, only 4 out of 20 patients died in the curcumin group.

The world needs to wake up.

It isn't the vaccine that's going to save us, it's good nutrition, exercise, and looking after our health in general.

If everyone was eating a healthy, natural diet, and living a natural lifestyle, coronavirus would not have taken hold in the way it has, it probably would never have left China.

The government is giving us the wrong message – it's telling us to stay home, wear masks, wash our hands, and wait for us all to be vaccinated, while keeping takeaway restaurants open so we can continue to eat junk food.

What it SHOULD be doing to save us from this crisis, is banning cigarette smoking, shutting down fast food outlets, banning the sale of artificial packaged foods, and encouraging us to eat natural whole foods, to exercise, and to look after our psychological wellbeing.

That one study, combined with what we already know about turmeric, is enough to convince me that I should be taking turmeric DAILY to protect myself from coronavirus.

But from the way the SYSTEM works in the West, you will not for the next CENTURY, hear a call from a government body or from the medical establishment, that you should be taking turmeric to save you from this or any other virus.

Throughout my life, from lessons I've learned from a young age, I have discovered that you can NOT leave your health solely in the hands of the government or even your doctor.

When you do your own research, you'll discover that there's so much MORE you can do that will make you safer and healthier than all of the other SHEEPLE in this world who think their medical establishment and doctor know it all.

So here are 2 (among many other) things you should be doing starting today:

While the sun is in hiding, take a good vitamin D3 supplement (cholecalciferol). Make sure it's a good high dose, at least 2,000 international units (IU).

Also, add turmeric to your diet in every way that you can – take turmeric coffee, add turmeric to your cooking, and take a turmeric supplement. Whole turmeric root is best, it lasts for MONTHS in the fridge (if you keep it dry), you just take it out and grate it when you need it. If you can't get hold of that, then the powder works well too (but you have to find one that's good).

Regardless of how much turmeric you get in your diet, I always recommend you take a good turmeric supplement too, to ensure you've got a steady level of protective curcumin in your blood at all times.

I've tried countless different turmeric supplements in my day (I'm still experimenting with new ones), and thus far the best one I've found is the one by Hewis & Selby Supplements.

I know this particular turmeric supplement is effective, because of how good it is at helping to shrink my puffy nipples and man boobs, and how good it is at keeping aches at bay from previous injuries, and keeping away colds and the flu.

You can get it here.

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